Dieux du Stade: Tricks and Treats


Francois Rousseau is a photographer whose work I have admired for a while, but I had yet to see these photos of the French Rugby team.

I published a piece on Rousseau written by Lewis Payton in a gay magazine I edited last year. Rousseau has done a few stunning series of male photographs centered around beauty and the water entitled Eden and Belle Etoile.

Since then he’s been busy with two new series, Habibi and Kabuto. He’s certainly a talent with amazing things on the way and I look forward to what he’ll do in the future.

Rousseau said to Payton, "I am fascinated by the male body and want to capture its eroticism. Increasingly, I am drawn to shoot real people. And while Eden was very gentle and the guys were young and innocent, now I look more for strong, very masculine faces."

I’d say it doesn’t get stronger and more masculine than this. Get a load of those lips on the first guy. Apparently there’s a calendar available. If anyone knows where to get it, let me know.

ADDENDUM: I’ve been informed you can order the calendar on Amazon France.