Behind the Scenes: Dieux du Stade 2005

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Nothing like a little behind-the-scenes action to whet your appetite for the naked French rugby players steaming up the pages of next year’s calendar. Over at Fleshbot they’ll direct you to a full gallery of 92 color shots taken during the shooting of the 2005 Dieux du Stade calendar.

Locker Room Nudes: Dieux du Stade The French National Rugby Team [amazon]

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    Something tells me that not only are you accustomed to seeing a lot of beautiful male flesh around, you probably expect it?

    Ah, life is sweet for the privileged few…

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    There might be a g0d afterall! No, several of them!!! I so gotta order this video, now, just doing it, right now! There, feel MUCH better, thanks!

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    The 2005 pics were certainly among the best.
    The 2007 calendar was too risqué and got the team into controversies.
    I blog about the calendar and my informers have told me that the 2008 edition should be sexy but not trashy.