1. dr. theopolis says

    he can shake his bon-bon… AND point too!

    what the hell is he doing there? if one wanted to “shine light on the plight” in southeast asia dontcha someone who’s star is shining brighter than his would be there, someone of the calibre of, say, Tara Reid or Paris Hilton?

  2. says

    I just wish he would build the fucking school without turning his “aid” into a massive publicity stunt. I mean, even wearing a T-Shirt with his name written in Thai smacks of maturbatory PR.

    I’m glad more help is coming, but I’d respect if more if the manner of delivery were more selfless.

  3. stan says

    I’m sure Ricky tried to do this as low key as possible. I blame the evil, celebrity crazed media and their audience…

    Does anyone know when his new album drops? 😉

  4. says

    Low key does not require the prep of silkscreening your translated name onto shirts, and alerting the media.

  5. Victor Victoria says

    So what if he gets some publicity out of it. He IS helping. What have you bitches done to help?