Over the Borderline?


You may have been reading about the scandal going down at Virginia Military Institute. Recently, some photos of their Halloween party were posted on a website. Above is one of the images, and some of the others, which included fairy drag, Nazis, and tribal blackface can be found at 601am. The photos have inspired an investigation at the school (which issued this message) after being discovered on the Internet. As in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, however, the military is insisting that the costumes involved “a small number” of cadets.

We all know that Halloween was never meant to be a tasteful affair. The question at the heart of this matter is — in what hands does tastelessness become dangerous?

To get a sense of just how inflamed and distorted some of the opinions on this topic are, read some the VMI message boards:

Fag Logic

Fag Soldiers re: Fag Logic


  1. FJ says

    I can see why people would get mad at the Nazi and African stuff…but the gay pix?? I’ve seen gay guys wear worse on Santa Monica Blvd. during Halloween! And how many times have we worn military uniforms during parties? (Well, I have anyways!) But I suppose, in regards to the VMI issue, you can’t be mad at some of the stuff and not the others…

  2. Robby says

    I’m glad to read the above comments by other gays, since I also do not understand how gays could be outraged about this. Just imagine if the mainstream media were to get ahold of photos taken at one of our private halloween parties.

  3. says

    I don’t really mind the pics, I agree that i’ve seen far worse at the Holloween Parade in the Village. What i really really mind and am frustrated by are the comments on the message board, that is outragous.

  4. Brian says

    Good freaking lord. I try to not let it get to me, but whenever my good judgement lapses and I read a message board where kids, protected by anonymity and driven by freaked out teenage angst, start ranting about gays…I’ll admit it – it freaks me our a bit. I KNOW these are just stupid kids. I’ve gone into boards and tried to “debate” them and it quickly becomes obvious that you’re sparring with a 15 year old. I just hope that when they grow up, they’ll remember what assholes they were in high school.

    And, about the pictures of the costumes, tacky and in extremely bad taste. But deserving more to be disdainfully ignored than gotten upset about. I guess it’s just getting harder for white boys to be shocking these days.

  5. P says

    The pictures only worry me because of the Nazi and racism issues… because that’s messed up. So what if some guys dressed in faerie costumes for Halloween? Their problem, not mine.

    But those message boards are just bullshit. It makes me really sick to think that freedom of speech protects that propagandist homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist trash anywhere.

    And of course, the idiots who say things like that should know better in this day and age. But that’s the military for you, I guess.

  6. Hank says

    Im a practicing homo and a VMI grad – the cadets in (bad) drag .. and some cute ones in Navy uniforms were part of VMIGALA … no homophobia there … a couple of cadets had recentl.y been to NYC and seen The Producers .. thats where the psuedo Nazi jerky stuff came from; the caucasian in grease paint was done up by an African-American cadet … it all happened INSIDE the cadets “home” their barracks .. and no outsiders were present – including the press. Its all a lot of nothin … Hank Thomas

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