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Report: Santorum's Communications Director is "Openly Gay"

RtPageOneQ is reporting that Robert Traynham, communications director for U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, has told them he is "an out gay man who completely supports the Senator."

From PageOneQ:

"When asked how a gay man could speak for one of the nation's most notorious homophobes, Traynham, left, protested that has 'been with the Senator for eight years.' Traynham went on to say 'Senator Santorum is a man of principle, he is a man who sticks up for what he believes in, I strongly do support Senator Santorum.'"

Santorum equated homosexuality with bestiality in an April 2003 interview: "Every society in the history of man has upheld the institution of marriage as a bond between a man and a woman. Why? Because society is based on one thing: that society is based on the future of the society. And that's what? Children. Monogamous relationships. In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That's not to pick on homosexuality. It's not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be."

Santorum has been a strong supporter of the Federal Marriage Amendment and believes that gays and lesbians should not be able to express physical love towards one another: "I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts."

In the past week, Santorum has come under fire for his comments regarding the child sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church, suggesting that Boston's "basic liberal attitude" fostered an environment where these kinds of abuses could occur.

Yet, if PageOneQ's allegations are true, we have a gay man supporting Senator Santorum at the highest levels. And we wonder why achieving equality is so difficult!

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  1. Mitch is right in giving Dick credit where it is due. But with the exception of FMA, he does seem to support policies and judicial nominations that are inherently anti-gay.

    As a very close political associate of Karl Rove (and openly gay man) told me, Cheney and Bush use the "gay card" to win elections -- now that they don't have the communist threat. Basically, they are willing to sacrifice the gays to win broader battles.

    Posted by: sportyjoe | Jul 15, 2005 10:59:17 PM

  2. Dick Cheney is not the President. I seriously doubt there would have been a statement of support for FMA if he were.

    Posted by: Matt | Jul 15, 2005 11:09:16 PM

  3. Another right-wing gay quisling comes out -- from under his rock.

    Posted by: rudysdad | Jul 16, 2005 3:33:33 AM

  4. RudysDad: You are probably so far to the Left that a political moderate like me LOOKS like a right-winger. I have not had kind things to say about Santorum on my website (at least, not the proper noun version of it).

    Posted by: Matt | Jul 16, 2005 6:09:50 PM

  5. BTW, rudysdad, I hope you've heard of Godwin's Law: The first one to invoke a Nazi analogy always loses a debate. So congratulations, loser!

    Posted by: Matt | Jul 16, 2005 6:24:49 PM

  6. Eu amaria ver seu crotch. Você tem um pinga grande ou apenas um weenie do teenie? Pode você disparar em uma carga grossa agradável ou você justo dribble?

    Posted by: Joe Mama | Jul 16, 2005 8:43:35 PM

  7. Re-reading these recent posts (including my own)remind me of the far-ranging political views within the gay community. I think we need the political voices of both matt and rudysdad, especially with upcoming Supreme Court nominations. Matt, I will take responsibility for the Nazi analogy (fresh on my mind because I recently saw "Truimph of the Will")because I am truly afraid of the Christian coalition and far-right extreme. These people have little appreciation and respect for the Constitution; instead, they believe in winning at all costs.

    Posted by: sportyjoe | Jul 16, 2005 8:58:58 PM

  8. When he isn't firing up the fog machine of obfuscation, Matt does a pretty good fan dance, too. Like the great burlesque artistes of yore, he knows how to tease without revealing the goods. Just when it seems like he's finally going to name one of the many confidential sources he knows, or disclose a piece of insider information which, if only we knew it, would cinch whatever point he's making, he sidesteps, retreats, reminds us that this is a clean show, not like that thuggish Rogers blog. We have to accept as true his assertion, for example, that there exist unidentified gay staffers who've positively influenced the unspecified policies of unnamed Republican office-holders. Well, that may be so, but if so, it's doubtful that Traynham ranks among those unsung agents of change. He wholeheartedly supports Santorum, even when the Senator utters claptrap like, "I have no problem with homosexuality. I have a problem with homosexual acts". It's awfully big of lil' Ricky not to be troubled by a fact of life like homosexuality, isn't it? Unfortunately, his second statement cancels out his first. If you have a problem with homosexual acts, you have a problem with homosexuality. And a problem with homosexuality is, ultimately, a problem with homosexuals themselves.

    Curiously, the Senator can't even say for certain if his Communications Director, an eight-year veteran of his staff, shares his opposition to gay marriage, one of Santorum's signature issues, but he assumes so (correctly) because " ... his (Traynham's) job ... is to represent me ... on how I feel about things". Either Traynham feels the same way as his boss, which makes him a study in pathology, or --- a hypocrite and an opportunist --- he disagrees but still finds it worth his while to peddle Santorum's bigotry. The offense, regardless, is rank.

    Posted by: rudysdad | Jul 20, 2005 8:12:43 AM

  9. Matt, you big silly.
    Two dictionaries consulted at random (American Heritage and the OED) define 'quisling' in the sense I meant it, i.e. as a collaborator, a traitor. No Nazi analogy intended, but nice try.

    Posted by: rudysdad | Jul 20, 2005 9:34:04 AM

  10. Matt, just out of curiousity, did you "serve" in the military? (I'm assuming of course that your a U.S. citizen).

    Posted by: Seth_in_Vermont | Aug 24, 2005 8:07:43 AM

  11. Hey matt and all my friends here at the towleroad...

    good to hear a moderate on this thread. Let re-cap... Santorum in his quote specifically says...That's not to pick on homosexuality. It's not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be." he is NOT equating homosexuality with bestiality, he is making the point that it is DIFFERENT then pedophilia and bestiality. GRANTED (and its a big grant) Any compare and contrast using homosexuality and bestiality together isn't cool, you are bound to convey the wrong intent.

    Santorum has done a lot of very good work for the poor in America. he is a hawk on the WOT. Those two points alone trump his "homophobia" in my mind. Especially when i hear that he employs gay staffers. Come on, how homophobic can you be if you hire and work side by side with homosexuals. Similarity, in a recent thread, Andy pointed out that Sean Hannity has men seeking men on his "hannidate" website. Again, i ask, how homophobic can one be if your helping gays hook-up on your site? I am glad to see Santorum out of office, i was know big fan of his, but the only way to have constructive political dialog is to see the nuances in peoples beliefs, respect each others nuances, and work together on a compromise. Calling them all NAZI's ain't gonna win over the hearts and minds of the American people.

    Feel free to bash away boys... ad hominem attacks to follow...

    Posted by: mark | Dec 6, 2006 4:31:50 PM

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    Posted by: LuMMumbA | Jun 27, 2007 9:23:17 PM

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  19. ANYONE who works for or with Santorum is absolutely or straight.

    The guy doesn't have principles. He's a liar, an opportunist and a jackass.

    I'm from Pennsylvania, and the people I have known who supported him in his campaigns were generally loathesome cretins.

    Posted by: paul c | Apr 8, 2009 6:42:13 PM

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