road.jpg AIDS virus said to be weakening: “What appears to be happening is that by the time HIV passes from one person to another, it has already toned down some of its most pathogenic effects in response to its host’s immune system. So the virus that is passed on is less ‘fit’ each time. This would suggest that over several generations, HIV could become less harmful to its human hosts. However, we are still far from that point – HIV is still a life-threatening infection.”

road.jpg Scotland: more gay men engaged in “risky” sex.


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    I have watched this plague evolve from Gay Cancer to Gay Pneumonia to Gay Related Immune Disorder (GRID) to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and finally to the point that we can divide AIDS sufferers into two categories: Those who are HIV positive or those who have fully developed AIDS.

    I’ve watched the disease change from a quick and certain death sentence, to a prolonged illness, to a chronic, but rarely fatal disease.

    The most frightening thing I see today is that this disease is being treated as if it were any other STD. “So what if I get it? Big deal! They make a pill for it.”

    The word has to continue to go out that this disease, especially if left untreated, is still a killer. Unprotected sex is a game of Russian Roulette. Even if you find out you’re infected before you get sick, anti-viral drugs are not effective for everyone.

    Maybe the virus is weakening, but we know it’s always mutating. The more people who are on drug cocktails and continue to engage in risky behaviour, the more the virus is exposed to anti-viral drugs, and as a result, it becomes increasingly possible for the virus to build a drug resistance.

    AIDS IS A KILLER. No matter how many treatments are developed, we must never stop treating it like it’s a horrible deadly disease.

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