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A few “found” tunes for your weekend:

“Cool” (Richard X Remix) — Gwen Stefani (via fluxblog)
One of my favorite tracks off Love Angel Music Baby, just too damn pretty.

Goin’ to New Orleans (via bedazzled)
Bob Dylan singin’ about the Big Easy.

“Sunny” — Boogie Pimps (via Copy, Right?) Originally written by Bobby Hebb as a tribute to JFK and his brother, Cher recorded it in the 60’s. This is a fine electronic version by the Boogie Pimps.

“Jealousy Rides With Me” — Death Cab for Cutie (via Arjan)


  1. alan says

    THAT is one hot pic. I have a photo of the photographer at that very moment that I’m prepared to post on Ebay.

  2. says

    I can’t get Sunny out of my head… great find. Thanks!

    Actually I happened to be listening to that song today when I popped into the local bookstore. I picked up a copy of DNA and HEY – there’s Andy! Great interview, BTW!

  3. Adam says

    I hate how OUT magazine and the Advocate always show ads for HIV/AIDS medicines. The ads always show healthy looking men, men that look fit and are clean. It gives off the impression that you can just go around and fuck with people, and if you get HIV, you can take the medicine for it and be healthy. No, the medicine just helps to prolong your life. You will definitely die at a younger age. People think if they get HIV, they can take this medicine and it will make them better. And you will look like the healthy men in the ads. It’s not like that, it’s scary. Pay the fuck attention. It can be scary, and just because you think you wouldn’t be the one to catch anything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be safe.

    Another complaint about gay people I have is that you see all these “boys” who are big into making a difference in gay rights. Well, what is gay rights? Gay rights is marriage, discrimination, and adoption. There might be more to it, but it pretty much has to do with those three. Honestly, how can you ask for same sex marriage when you give off the impression of having promiscuous sex? Not even the impression of doing it, but actually doing it. Yeah, heterosexuals have promiscuous sex too, but they aren’t asking for the right to marry. They are given the right to marry. Yeah it’s not fair, but sympathy is not going to win us anything. Gay people must fight for their right, and it’s hard to win an argument over marriage when you are sucking off the guy you met at the club last night.