Pinkjakeroad.jpg The gray lady this weekend discovered the genius behind pretty in pink Trent Vanegas and his daily cocktail of photos, Pink is the New Blog. No doubt bigger things are in store for you, friend.

road.jpg One of Scotland’s most famous unsolved murders was staged to make it look as if some sort of homosexual act was involved, police say. The victim, Robert Higgins, was discovered semi-naked in a quarry ten years ago.

road.jpg Hearing to be held in Massachusetts on bait-and-switch tactics used by anti-gay groups in marriage signature collecting: “Shoppers at supermarkets and stores such as Wal-Mart say that after signing a separate petition to allow beer and wine sales in grocery stores, they were asked to sign the gay-marriage measure with little or sometimes no explanation.

road.jpg You can’t make this stuff up. When Brazil’s President Lula da Silva showed George W. Bush a map of his country over the weekend, Bush’s response was, “Wow! Brazil is big.”


  1. says

    I live in Boston, and just last week I was walking to get lunch when this person who hardly spoke English approached me asking me to sign a petition about gay marriage. I leaned in to read the rest of the clipboard only to see it was a petition to make gay marriage illegal. My first thought was that this person was getting paid to get these signatures and couldn’t care less about what they were doing. So, I yelled “GET A REAL JOB!”, and ripped the clipboard from their hands, throwing it into the street. It was very unlike me, but I was so effing pissed at the stupid bitch.

  2. Marcus says

    I’m so saddened by the success of pinkis… I find the blog to be depressingly shallow and horribly moralistic.

  3. jason says

    yeah, can’t help but agree with Marcus. There’s definitely a disconnect with Trents’ site; can’t help but find it a bit vacuous and lacking any soul.
    Reminds me of the kid that didn’t get any attention growing up and then BINGES on every ounce to make up for the formative years…