Ho Ho Hos: Boston’s Santa Speedo Run


No, this is not some kind of crazy promotion for Jarhead, although Jake Gyllenhaal may have been hard to spot among all these semi-naked Santas.

It’s the annual Santa Speedo Run which took place in Boston on Saturday. We couldn’t make it this year or last year, but Towleroad correspondent Patrick L sent us some exclusive photos of the event to share with you.

I strongly recommend that every city take up this tradition.

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  1. says

    Well thank you Seth from VH1’s Kept, he and his buddies created this event…

    And it looks sooo gay friendly. I don’t see Seth there this year though, in the pictures that is… I adore Seth’s charming smile and rude behaviour. Don’t you?

  2. says

    >>semi-naked Santas

    Some things ought to be “Banned in Boston”.

    As your photo layout proves, Speedos are rarely worn in public, and there’s a very good reason for that. Hardly any man looks good in one. Of course, to be fair, they were designed for speed in the water, not as a fashion statement.

    Not coincidentally, the guys who look good in them would look good naked, fully dressed, or coated in white chocolate and rolled in toffee bits.

    Since it’s a fundraiser for Breast Cancer, it’s definitely a praise-worthy effort, and I guess we should be able to tolerate a few overstuffed bikinis for a good cause. Still, this is decidedly an example of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Bravo to the brave souls who participated.

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