1. says

    The boy is cute. I just wish the old ‘Men on Film’ guys from ‘In Living Color’ didn’t pop into my head whenever I see his name:

    “Next week, we’ll be talkin’ about the manly menses of tennis, like that Andy ROD DICK.”

    “My, yes, he handles them ballses in such a MANLY way…”

  2. fi says

    i dunno. does the guy not resemble Woodstock? large beak, beady, close-set eyes. not to mention the creepy frat-boy personna. marat safin makes for a much finer tennis fix.

  3. R. ALEX says

    Andy Roddick is a major homophobe. I had a run-in with him at this year’s Davis Cup in La Jolla. He is an egocentrical prick. The package may be pretty, but his attitude stinks. He couldn’t care less about his gay fans.

  4. R. Alex says

    My previous posting was an exaggerated misunderstanding. There was no “run-in.” I do not know Andy Roddick and have never met him; therefore, I cannot make judgements on his personality. I apologize sincerely for misleading anyone and for potentially tarnishing Andy’s reputation. I remain a die-hard fan of both Andy Roddick and the sport of tennis in general. Please do not contact me regarding this matter. Thank you.

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