1. Brian says

    I hope when I’m a “gentleman of a certain age” that I’ll be able to have scorchingly hot men trailing after me… who cares if they’re on the payroll? Good for Karl. You go, Miss Lagerfeld! Work that fan!

  2. JT says

    His name is Sebastian and he looks like that and you’re saying he’s straight? C’mon!

  3. Donald says

    Europeans sometimes throw off my Gaydar. I can tell an American fag from a 1/2 a bar away but those French can be tricky.

  4. says

    Mmmm… a definate case of ‘A hubba hubba yum yum’…. There was a brilliant series on BBC4 recently on The house of Chanel, and shows Karl et al getting ready for the annual show, over six episodes. I think we see the same chap in that too… so if BBC merica shows the programme, make sure you watch it.
    Take care, my fellow American fucksocks…

  5. Rad says

    Of course! Karl is just doing what every affluent, gay, older male would do! If you don’t have the body you want, you hire it!

  6. Chad Hanging says

    I wouldn’t throw him out of bed. However, if I saw that thing on the left coming towards me I’d probably turn into a pillar of salt.

  7. says

    late response to Donald (see above)
    So French are tricky?gorgeous cliche..chinese cheating,Italians thieves,and German short-minded..Just tell me Donald,is it possible to be gay AND xenophobic?

  8. JT says

    Pierre: I know Donald would never have intended that comment to imply that the French are tricky, but that the very nature of the Gallic culture impedes Gaydar. In fact, if my memory serves me I believe Donald wrote a scholarly article about how our term “metrosexual” is traced to the Parisians calling their subway the “Metro.” I recall his conclusion being that the term applying to the ambiguous sexuality of so many gorgeous men is a result of the Metro being equally welcome to people of both sexes and available for hopping on and off freely, so the term would appropriate apply to men like this. Of course I didn’t have any coffee this morning, so I could be wrong.

  9. Ian says

    Alot of straight French guys look gay to me to. Much more than American or British straights. I’m sure it’s a cultural thing, but my gaydar breaks down in Paris.

  10. Donald says

    I am aorry if I offended Pierre, I did not mean tricky in the way you took it. Gay men are often stylish, well groomed and keen on the fashion of the day. The French often are the leaders of style and fashion and often ahead of the curve. So it is tricky for me to sometimes set my gaydar on track with the French not that the French are tricky.

    No xenophobia intended or implied perhaps the writing could have been clearer.

    Thanks JT – Yes I did my Senior paper on that very subject back in 1986, I am so glad you were able to google me and find it. It the academic highlight of the year for Penn State.

  11. Donald says

    Pierre – I must say I have never heard of the Chinese cheating, Italian thieves, German short minded before. French tricky I have heard but never quite understood, I thought tricky was clever and if that is an insult please insult me that way.

  12. JT says

    Donald: I trust that Pierre is busy having a coffee and smoking a colored cigarette since France is ahead of us…as far as time goes…so it may be a while before he responds. The national stereotypes include boorish and xenophobic Americans. That’s a stereotype that is so fucking offensive, I’d love to just bomb the shit out of the effete dumb-assed countries that say that dog vomit. It’s no wonder that no one except America can win wars, topple governments or defend its borders against terrorists anymore.

  13. says

    to Donald:
    if you plan to fly to Paris on day, it would be my pleasure to invit you to share some points of view and Champagne(french) of course.Take care.
    PS I’m not SO fashionable to-day.Wearing on a Marlborough Classics shirt.

  14. jon says

    I’d be willing to be that Pierre is really named David and lives in Chelsea or West Hollywood. Au revoir!

  15. Hal says

    Europeans dress so much better than Americans. So that alone throws off a Gaydar. Oh, and they’re not as fat either. Another Gaydar chaff.

    Anyways, he’s f**king hot, Sebastian!

  16. Raymond says

    However Sebastien guards the body of Karl L. is certainly contractually agreed upon.

    I find no difference in the mores of the gay glitterati than those of their straight counterparts, or those who often skirt both sides of the street (pun intended).

    In Europe, francophile Canada and many parts of Latin America, the psychosexual appetite is less low-carb but high protein. They exiled most of their theocrats to the western hemisphere beginning half a millenium ago.

  17. says

    sorry to report and burst the rumor mill – but first his name is not Sebastian but it does start with a “S”. He’s not french and nor is Karl Lagerfeld……and “Yes, he is Karl’s body guard and he does have a Girlfriend!, his Gay Friendly but loves the women!”.

  18. Damien says

    Pierre, it’s so tiring to read overly-PC dribble coming out of your mouth! Donald’s post was in no way aggressive, demeaning or xenophobic; it was mildly amusing. But yours was pompous and self-righteous, which is exclusive to no race.

  19. Davide says

    Whoever thinks that gay men are stylish are barking up the wrong tree anyway. Cliched yes, stylish, hardly.

  20. says

    I think as americans we have that ignorance of every pretty mael is g a. Until i started listening to the stokes, the horrors, went to france, read vogue i too thought like that. Gay is ones behavior genetic or not. Attractiveness is genetic and “affliction’ of it does not depict your orientation.Style is instinct not just allocated to gays. The three ar not directly related.