Letting it all Hang Out

Vman_weber2_1Picked up the new issue of Vman yesterday — the best deal you can get on the newsstand for $4.95. This one’s chock full of hotness, and the best Bruce Weber bathing trunk scrap book I’ve seen in a while.

>> Of note also are two interviews, one with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who featured brilliantly in the film adaptation last year of Scott Heim’s Mysterious Skin. When asked if he was worried about playing a gay character, Gorden-Levitt replied:

“Oh come on! The Rock played gay! No one’s worried about that anymore. I’m about to do two studio movies, and none of the directors or studio people were like, ‘I don’t know…I think the kids think he’s gay!’ Plus to me, gay is a normal person who likes people of the same sex. The character I played in Mysterious Skin had a very damaged, unhealthy sexuality, whether he was with women or men.”

>> A few pages later Brandon Routh is confronted with the question of whether or not he feels comfortable that Superman is a gay icon. His reply?

“He’s a heterosexual icon as well. Females lust after him just like males. I think even heterosexual men look up to him and think, Wow, he’s a handsome man. I’d like to be like that. If they don’t, we’re doing something wrong, I suppose.”

Way to dodge that question! And on the other hand, I was never aware that Superman qualified as a gay icon. The new Clark Kent also confides that he wasn’t required to remove his shirt for director Bryan Singer in order to get the part. Said Routh: “They could tell I was big enough and they could train me.” Indeed.

Sigh. [turns page] On to something a bit more revealing…


Josh Hartnett Piles on the Glam [tr]


  1. RP says

    Ok… if I can just lament for one second. I have a subscription to this quarterly magazine, and this is the second time I haven’t recieved my issue. I don’t know if I am being paranoid, but I think my gay neighbors above me are stealing my issues.

  2. huh@huh.com says

    Is this just too obvious, but Brandon refers to heterosexual men as “they” not “we.”


    “I think even heterosexual men look up to him and think, Wow, he’s a handsome man. I’d like to be like that. If they don’t, we’re doing something wrong, I suppose.”

  3. pandora spocks says

    I do so appreciate some of the content of your page; nonetheless, you have fallen into the same scenario as that of all the faggotry— talk, talk, talk. Let’s candy coat everything and make the world a better place for all “gays”. Shame on the editors of this page. No wonder the religious right think we are all into nudity and public sex. Some of the content obviously panders to pornography and a bunch of stinky teens (or teen-minded)people who never have read your posting some time back of the speech that Larry Kramer gave.

  4. Derrick says

    I’m a big lover of (men’s) fashion magazines but why, why, why can’t I find it, even in LA!!!! I ended up subscribing but how long will it take and will my neighbor steal my copy too??? Sigh…

  5. Raymond says


    Psychosexual orientation, of whatever hue or stripe is a “broadly painted canvas.” This is true for all….

    There is no doubt that certain groups cater to minority needs….bars, pornography, prostitution, etc… for over a generation.
    At one time, it was clear that organised crime had a “gay wing” who operated all major gay and lesbian public venues.

    However, it was these individuals, ironically, who gave Troy Perry his first free advertisements and support in building MCC that eventually won Canadian same-sex marriage rights three and more decades later.

    I read Larry’s words. Larry is a well-trained, informed and aware septuagenarian. ACT UP has transmogrified into an international organisational web of angry activism. Larry is never about gentrification or diversity of the message.

    IMHO, we cannot silence any voice in support of human and civil rights. ” My way or the highway” neglects to inform one that the road has upteen lanes coming and going.

  6. Raymond says

    My first exposure to Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in LATTER DAYS since I do not watch American “sitcoms”. They just don’t often culturally translate for me.

    The man has breadth of expression, especially when his character is able to find that compassion and help the two main characters connect at SLC airport.

    I will try to obtain a copy of the production in order to enjoy his performance.

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