VMAN: Josh Hartnett Piles on the Glam


Josh Hartnett goes from gender-bending glamazon to street tough in these hot new photos by Mario Testino from the latest issue of Vman, which imho is the best-produced men’s fashion magazine in the U.S..


Rough, sexy, Josh never looked better. I think that lipstick shade is just right for him.

Josh_hartnett_d2 Josh_hartnett_d

But wait, there’s more. In his new movie, Lucky Number Slevin, he gets the crap beaten out of him by a number of people and spends a lot of time in a towel.







It’s about time we saw more of Josh Hartnett.

V Like It [tr]
VMan V.2 [tr]
Ben and Josh, Sittin’ in a Tree [tr]


  1. John~in~LA says

    Might be wise to with-hold comments on Josh’s acting abilities until you’ve seen the movie. I have and he’s more than just a pretty face in this one.

  2. maryqueenofmanhattan says

    “Weren’t Josh’s 15 minutes up some time ago?”

    At least Josh made it on the radar screen, and apparently continues to do so. If Josh is only deserving of fifteen minutes of fame — such a tired and unimaginative and knee-jerk cliche to which Rocco resorts — then how do we measure the enduring worth of Rocco? Is such a neglible measurable time unit even available for someone like Rocco? Ahh, Rocco’s bitterness at not being born beautiful is so palpable!

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