Brandon Routh: Man of Steel vs Man of Wax

Superman ReturnsBrandon Routh sized up a wax figure of himself at Madame Tussaud’s in New York yesterday, and made sure to check it up and down…

“No worries in that department.”

“I’m a leeetle concerned about those eyebrows though. Are you sure this isn’t Christopher Reeve?”

“I am so not letting this wax dude steal my thunder.”

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  1. Sean H. says

    I’d have to agree with Eddie. Brandon has zero personality. As an actor, you would hope that he could atleast charm an audience.

    While I’m sure his film will be a SUPER hit, my guess is that this actor is a one-hit-wonder. Hope he kept the tights clean.

  2. Robert Alan says

    With Brandon Routh as the new Superhunk no one brings up his tv/filmography. Like his boytoy to Hal Linden’s sugar daddy on Will & Grace and his rapist role on One Life To Live.
    He is an actor and most actors will play the part they are given.
    Why all the hush hush? His publicist is great at defelction.

  3. patrick nyc says

    I have to say I agree felix. As I posted earlier I had little hope for the film based on Routh’s interviews, but he and Singer did a great job. It’s fun fantasy for a summer escape.

    The only downside was Kevin Spacey, I kept on being pulled out of the story by both his being miscast and the fact that he’s an asshole closet case. Very much like seeing Katie Holms in Batman last year, they both take you out of the film, due to their sorry ass personal lives.

  4. georgie says

    people out there…can’t you do something useful instead of spreading useless rumors about brandon…why can’t you accept the fact that he is not a gay…maybe you’re only enveyed him alot because he done well in superman and hes really a good looking guy..

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