Exclusive: Summer Solstice — A DNA Preview


Fresh from the recent publication of his limited edition set of prints, 10, Lewis Payton presents a new shoot in the issue of DNA which just hit newsstands. I've got a stunning exclusive preview of the issue for you today.

This time, Lewis features Craig, a newcomer to modeling, though he already comes off as a seasoned pro. Enjoy the shots (click for larger versions) and be sure to follow the jump for a special bonus (NSFW) image...

Lewis writes:

"This was Craig's first major modeling shoot and he was so excited to do it. Unfortunately for him, the shoot was in the middle of winter and I don't think he was prepared for how cold he got! But the end result is beautiful and something a little different than I've shot before for DNA. Craig's a champion gymnast whose career was unfortunately cut short by a major knee injury. Last week, Craig signed up to the US Marines and he leaves for basic training in a couple of weeks. We were all a little dismayed to hear the news, as it's not exactly the best time to be a Marine. I hope he stays safe and keeps well out of harm's way."



Click through for a special bonus (NSFW) pic, and if you missed last week's interview with Lewis, be sure to check it out as well.


Thanks to Lewis and DNA (one of Towleroad’s sponsors) for the shots.

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