Wayne Rooney for Nike: The Living St. George Cross


Keep your hands on the wheel. England footballer Wayne Rooney celebrates while painted with the St. George Cross in a new Nike billboard that went up next to the M4 motorway in Britain yesterday. The billboard is part of a £5million endorsement deal signed with Nike two years ago.


  1. Brian says

    Hunny Chil’…

    St. George’s Cross is a red cross on a white background, and has been the national flag of England for the last 700 years. St. George is the patron saint of England, and the St. George’s Cross is used to express allegiance to England rather than to the UK as a whole. Although it started during the Crusades, it’s not really considered a religious symbol anymore. It’s a nationalistic symbol associated with England.

  2. brian nyc says

    Don’t worry, AFA and their lobbyists won’t say anything about this sacrilege…AFA and Nike are too busy making sure that the Chinese who make the shoes don’t make more than twenty cents a day…Same lobbyists, so of course, the right wing can piss all over the cross, but Robert Mapplethorpe can’t point it out and say how wrong it is in art.

  3. vallery says

    Personally I like it, to me it shows Wayne Rooneys’ love for the , and we all know he does love the game. Hes an amazing player and i hope he playes well this season for Manchester United, when he gets back from his 3 game ban starting today, of course. Best of luck to him and United.

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