Belarus Broadcasts Gay Porn Over State TV


A hidden camera in the home of a Latvian diplomat under investigation for disseminating porn in Belarus revealed gay porn to be among the official’s inventory.

This discovery should not sit well for authorities in Belarus where porn is illegal, or the diplomat’s home country, where violence surrounding a gay rights march resulted in state sympathy for not the gays, but the police.

However, the footage of two men having sex, which Belarus quickly took the opportunity to broadcast over the state TV network, made for the most exciting afternoon at the old folks’ home in years.

Belarus State TV Broadcasts Diplomat’s Homosexual Sex Tape [mosnews]


  1. Brian says

    Nah, it’s decent flesh tones. Sometimes in cheap porn the skin tones are washed out, making the “models” appear sallow and listless. These at least make them look like they’ve seen the sun (or a tanning booth) in the last 3 weeks or so. I would guess Bel Ami.

  2. pointer165 says

    I got such a laugh out of the picture of the elderly woman in front of that TV..I mean what is she thinking?..she’s the person we need to interview..too funny!

  3. Zeke says

    Someone get the address of this place and give it to my son. This is my kind of “Shady Pines”. What a way to spent one’s twilight years! Puree of jello and gay porn; who could ask for more?

  4. Kevin says

    Nice try, Andy. I’m not falling for that – I need the name!
    Besides I was gonna suggest that the price be a Towleroad t-shirt – donated by you! :)

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