The Gyllenhaal McConaughey Armstrong Trio


One more shot from the ESPYs. These three just can’t stand being away from each other. It’s not like the BFFs spent all day together

At the ESPYs, Armstrong poked fun at the speculation surrounding the BFFs: “The actors, who’ve been photographed recently clad in Spandex and biking with Armstrong, were in the audience at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre. Armstrong, in a reference to Gyllenhaal’s Brokeback Mountain role, asked why Gyllenhaal was sitting in the front when Armstrong thought he preferred to be ‘in the rear … of the theater.’ Then, referring to McConaughey’s recent PEOPLE honor, Armstrong said, ‘The Sexiest Man Alive is here, Matthew McConaughey. We don’t all have to turn and look – we all know what he looks like. Jake, eyes up here!'”