The Gyllenhaal McConaughey Armstrong Trio


One more shot from the ESPYs. These three just can’t stand being away from each other. It’s not like the BFFs spent all day together

At the ESPYs, Armstrong poked fun at the speculation surrounding the BFFs: “The actors, who’ve been photographed recently clad in Spandex and biking with Armstrong, were in the audience at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre. Armstrong, in a reference to Gyllenhaal’s Brokeback Mountain role, asked why Gyllenhaal was sitting in the front when Armstrong thought he preferred to be ‘in the rear … of the theater.’ Then, referring to McConaughey’s recent PEOPLE honor, Armstrong said, ‘The Sexiest Man Alive is here, Matthew McConaughey. We don’t all have to turn and look – we all know what he looks like. Jake, eyes up here!'”


  1. ric says

    okay, is it just me or does it seem like Matthew has bitten off a little too much crazy lately? I mean, I know about the whole “naked congas” thing but really lately he just seems big old fashioned freak. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. ams says

    How long will Jake have to endure those stupid Brokeback jokes at his expense? More importantly, he had to know they were in the script, so why was he willing to participate in it? Just to be seen presenting at the ESPY’s? Does he want the publicity between his film lull that badly? Frankly, Lance and McBongo don’t seem like the best influence. Just some thoughts!

  3. ca says

    Yes, this whole “speculation” about the three has been a bit fun but also a bit silly…still the way this was handled was so much better than them all three having separate press conferences stating “I’m not gay”, then making sure they are seen soon after cuddling with some nubile blond.

  4. EricW says

    I think they’ve spent enough time together that we can coin a phrase along with Brangelina or Spederline. How about McGylStrong or something along those lines.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Very funny ERICW. And I agree with you 100% CA, you never hear any comment from Jake about I’m not gay shit. I think after his next big flick comes out the press will die down a bit, but he and Ledger will always be tagged with BBM.

  6. Cory says

    “Matthew always looks like he needs to be tick-dipped”

    Seriously lol. Not to be trite, but he doesn’t do a thing for me (not that I am all that). Half the time I just want to bath him *not literally*. The fact he doesn’t wear deodorant just solidifies my opinion…

    As for the jokes, I thought it was rather funny. I don’t really think he was being homophobic or insensitive; c’mon guys, have we gotten this far gone we’ve lost our own senses of humor?

  7. Joe says

    Never forget that Matthew–despite all of his Hollywood stardom–is really nothing more than a flip-flop wearing, Pearl beer-swilling, bong sucking, Lake Travis skinnydipping, 6th Street-lovin’ Austin hippie.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  8. tom says

    I could really go a long time without having to deal with Lance…his victories in the TDF were a joke…his attitude..arrogant and assholic…and we’re all supposed to admire his accomplishments because he rides a bike with one ball…

  9. peterparker says

    Jay…where did you hear that Lance was fundraising for the Texas GOP? Do you have a link? If so, I’d love to see it.

    I’ve always been under the impression that Lance is a Democrat. He has stated that he is ‘not keen on guns’, pro-choice, against the war in Iraq, and ‘against mixing up State and Church’…all of which sound very much like a Democrat. And yet, there’s that odd ‘friendship’ with George W.

    Lance was one of my heroes…but his politics might very well knock him off his pedestal for me.

    Again…if you have any other info, I’d love to see it. Thanks!

  10. Rad says

    Gylarmaghey bedamned, I REALLY cannot stand Lance Armstrong. And after he and Cheryl split… he gets cancer in his balls, and we gotta listen, ad neausum, about how aware we gotta be; support each other, be positive. She get cancer, he’s outta there. That fucker. I never DID like him, ever. Always thought he was too arrogant.

  11. Kevin says

    That’s cool, Cory. I’m rather impressed that you DIDN’T know the intimate details of their lives :).

    p.s. just noticed you study/work at Columbia. any lab jobs you could hook me up with? 😉

  12. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    If only Jake and Lance could get Matt to groom…ocassionally? There they are…the three hotties…two are sharply turned-out, crisp shirts and sport coats, and Matt looks like he just changed the oil in the truck…and got thirsty.

    I see that Cary and Randolph’s “bachelor pad” is on the market….one can at-least imagine….

  13. JT says

    Hmm, Kevin: You came up with a great idea for Andy to pop on the blog (and maybe serve as a revenue generator instead of the annoying pop-up thingee): a gay employment networking section.

  14. jon luddite says

    Lance and Sheryl broke up before she found out she had cancer. They discussed getting back together, but she decided that her diagnosis shouldn’t be the cause for their reconciliation. And they’re still friends. At lease this is what I heard her say on TV the other day.

  15. devilgirl says

    Gay, straight, bi– who cares? Personally I think Jake might be leaning on the fence a bit, but it’s HIS business. Besides, it just makes him hotter to me. He’s gorgeous. Although I did laugh at the MM “tick-dipped” comment.
    More pics, please, of all three. Hopefully together–nekkid, ‘banging their bongos’. I’ll even fire up the bongs for them.
    And I vote “McGyllestrong.”

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