Eric McCormack Dogged by Will Truman

MccormackEric McCormack tells The Observer he can’t get an acting job because he’s been typecast as gay:

“I have this big pink cross to bear. I absolutely loved playing Will. There was nothing hard about it. It was wonderful. But the only downside is the aftermath. I meet all these film executives who tell me how much they loved Will and Grace and say they never missed an episode. Then they say, “so what can we do for you?” What they could do for me is hire me to play someone else.”

A big pink cross to bear and millions of dollars in residuals.


  1. rjp3 says

    What an creep … he never did a real love scene like Jake and Heath did … and they seem to have NO PROBLEM finding work.

    Maybe the problem is was lucky and found a job with great performers playing great characters like GRACE and JACK and KAREN.

    Those three actors could never have been replaced … but honestly who would have cared if half way through the run of W&G if WILL had been recast …

    The problem is not his boo hoo pink cross … the problem is his lack of talent.

  2. chris says

    oh shut it people. some people act because it’s what they love to do. If he really can’t get any roles except to play “will,” then that does suck for him.

    Amazingly, some people do things because they like them, and money doesn’t make it easy to stop doing it if you love it.

    And to RJP, only Jack and Karen couldn’t have been replaced. Grace and will were simple characters, but having seen some of his other work, he’s better than Debra.

    He’s been nothing but supportive of the community and now he’s just letting it be known that he’d like to play something else.

    damn! bitter queens.

  3. psmike says

    Maybe the concept of work as one of our defining characteristics just hasn’t registered yet. Or maybe it’s just automatic to be condescending in gay culture.

  4. says

    He’s not the most likeable guy in interviews. He’s got such a chip on his shoulder all the time. Maybe he should try being a little more friendly and less of an arrogant prick and those execs would be more receptive.

    But personally I’m all for him not working anymore.

  5. bd says

    Geez CHRIS, take a pill!

    McCormack has done enough press for his other work during the Will & Grace run that he knows very well better than to be so whiney about not having a job and then trotting out the gay card to add insult to injury.

    Very few actors from long running network shows get their next job immediately after their run. He hasn’t demonstrated during the Will & Grace run that he was capable of much more and so he’s being type cast. If that’s a problem, then get better management.

    I’ve been gay my whole stinkin’ life and been turned away from jobs with an angry glare and a curled lip. You don’t see me thowin’ a pitty party for myself.

    So boo hoo McCormack. Shut up and do a couple of indie films to show off your acting repertoire.

  6. ric says

    hmmmm….so some people here think he sucks as an actor and some think he’s a good actor but not great. He’s an arrogant prick or not very likeable. So the thing is, can any of you say that after having played a “simple” character (that is perhaps maybe nothing like you as a person) for 8 years and have the entire country come to recognize you AS that character, had to go out and now find someone to hire you to play something different when all anyone associates you with is a gay guy you played on TV? I don’t think so. Doesn’t sound to me like he’s bitter about it, but if what he likes to do is act and can’t get work because of the typecast, then that would suck and he has the right to say so. Certainly doesn’t seem to me like he’s dissing “Will” or the gay community or anything like that. Seems to me like he’s actually owed some gratitude for brining a gay character to life and playing him for as long as he did, whether you liked him or not. So stop being so sensitive. Geez!

  7. Cory says

    Stand Ric. Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better. It always disappoints me when I see gay men criticize and judge others, seemingly taking offense in a non-personal matter. Sad…

  8. says

    Well I think the problem is with his “big pink cross” comment. Gay men are going to find it hard to empathize with a straight guy complaining about homophobia. But that wasn’t my problem. I just think he seems like a jerk in interviews. Maybe he’s not, but that’s how I feel about him when I see him outside of W&G. And how does he know it’s typecasting, anyway? Isn’t it hard for all actors to find work?

  9. David says

    He’s also not the first sitcom star to find problems with typecasting…see the cast of Friends, minus Lisa Kudrow of course. It has nothing to do with playing gay, it has to do with playing the same character for 8 years.

  10. Nellie says

    I’m really not annoyed with eric’s remarks.All he did was point out the difficulty in getting roles.He does’nt regret doing Will truman and he recognizes the importance of that show.If you want a homophobic remark,try Willie Garson who remarked a long time ago that playing Carrie’s gay best friend in “Sex in the City” was a mistake and that he can’t get roles or ladies because of that.

    Now,I’ve seen eric’s work and he’s not a very good actor.And he’s not very good looking.Even on the show,he was the least accomplished.debra managed to outshine him every time.

  11. GBM says

    I think David is more on target. Think about Bob Saget or Elizabeth Berkeley or even most of Seinfeld’s cast. It’s just tough for audiences (or TV execs) to move beyond a familiar sitcom character. I bet Sean Hayes finds work before Mr. McCorrmick.

  12. doug says

    he does have a big pink cross to bear as the lead star of one of televisions most success comedies about an openly gay man,. it is similiar to professionals who are openly gay in corporate america and have “gay crosses to bear” whenever a company wishes to market to gays. They pull in the companies “openly gay guy in the office” and ask him questions. I think his comment is probably taken out of context of a larger conversation and probably edited down. In my knowledge of the man’s commitment to the community, he helped many GBLT organizations raise millions of dollars through public appearances and wasnt self-righteous then.

  13. ric says

    Yes, it is hard for actors to find work (especially if you’re not some big name) but I don’t think it’s about him not being able to find work, it really is him just gripping about the fact that he can’t get anyone to see him as anything other than “Will”. It’s a legitimate complaint. As for the pink cross statement, yeah it sounds like he’s being a bit of a baby and I don’t really feel sorry for him, but looking at it from an actors point of view, wanting to work (and seeing as how he’s kind of a big name now) it really has to suck that he can’t find any. That’s all.

  14. says

    Instead of hiring Mr. McCormack, who by all accounts I’ve heard is a nice guy in person who makes the prefunctory number of appearances at the appropriate charities around town, perhaps an openly gay or lesbian actor could get hired. Mr. McCormack was on television longer than some of the most well known icons in television history, for which he was duly compensated. Many actors who ended their run in the public eye with far leaner wallets have gone on to start or support countless theatres, schools and charities. There are thousands of actors who have no insurance, no nest egg, to see them comfortably through the rest of their lives. We would be led to believe that the worst sin in Hollywood is NOT to never have the opportunity to be discovered and work at all, but to disappear from the public eye and be forgotten. Perhaps he should talk to a few former Olympic athletes whose star briefly ascended, then vanished.

  15. says

    Don’t you have to be able to act to get acting jobs.

    Personally, I never watched “Will and Grace” because of Will and Grace. I watched it for Karen and Jack. Will & Grace were boring….

  16. John says

    I never found Messing nor McCormack to be all that and a bag of chips. I had never seen the show until about three years into its run when an office mate asked if I watched it. Then I did. I fell in love with Karen and Jack but always found myslf going to the batroom or fixing a snack when the spot light was on Will whining and being anal or Grace being just— nothing. Talk about staid characters. As far as Mr. McCormack’s personality is concerned, when I first saw him in an interview (and subsequent ones) he seemed like an arrogant ass who, when other cast members were present, constantly tried to upstage them with a not so sharp wit. Poor thingy. And then I thought, “Yeah– if he’s straight I’m going straight to hell..” Who really cares what he is, though? His work should speak for itself.

  17. says

    He’s just voicing his opinion on the world of acting.

    But, he has to remember that even though he is a more visable actor, he isn’t the only one out there.

    There are plenty of non-working actors (only 10% of SAG members work full-time) who want to work, so he should call himself lucky that he can find other jobs (even if they’re not as “high profile” as W&G).

  18. Wayne says

    He can’t act, but he CAN produce… Lovespring International anyone?? Have you seen this show? It’s hysterical! He should stop complaining about his acting potential and go make more shows like this one!

  19. says

    It’s been said here already: the problem is typecasting in general, not “gay” specific type casting. Elizabeth Berkeley had to go the Showgirls route to escape Saved By The Bell and none of the cast members from Seinfeld have been able to break their type. However, if some people are offended by his “blaming” the gay aspect of his role for his inability to break type, then I can understand that. But the guy’s just voicing his frustration, really. I don’t think he’s being openly offensive on purpose.

  20. Tom Connors says

    Hmmm…I always gave Eric alot of credit for his roles. If this was such a concern of his, maybe he should have thought twice about some of his choices. Take for example his fabulous version of “Sweet Transvestite” performed for The Rocky Horror Picture Show 25th Anniversary. It was the best act of the show, and his legs looked HOT in fishnet. If anyone has the video, it would be worth posting here.

  21. Cadence says

    Mabe it’s Eric’s acting ability (inability) that is keeping him from getting jobs. Playing a caricature for years hasn’t stopped S. Hayes from getting a variety of jobs.

  22. JT says

    I guess I’m a bit confused about why anyone thinks Mr. McCormack is complaining or in the slightest bitter. Reading a single comment out of context is sort of odd. If one reads the entire article in the Observer, it does not appear that he is at all unhappy. He is simply stating reality. I can’t comment on his acting ability, or lack thereof, since I’ve only seen the TV show two or three times and was a few sheets to the wind when I did so.

  23. Tread says

    What about the guy who played Will’s boyfriend, Vince, in the last two seasons of W&G, Bobby Cannavale? He has played a large amount of gay characters on television and in movies, yet he’s not complaining about it. McCormack just needs to accept the fact that he’s going to be cast in gay roles until he has his chance to break out of them.

    Cannavale, who is not hard on the eyes, is straight, as well.

  24. says

    It’s very simple: he needs to take roles in small indie films– extreme roles like playing a drug adict or a mad genius. If he can pull it off in a “breakout” role then he instantly has new credibility, if not then he shouldn’t be complaining.

  25. patrick nyc says

    The comment about having a “big pink cross to bear” is an obvious analogy to Christ bearing his cross. It is not just lame, it is an insult to the people who have to actually bear the cross of homophobia or real problems. Very few actors find the kind of success in their lives, though many without talent do, like any of the many reality shows or people like Tim Allen, Ray Ramono or Tom Arnold to name a few.

    From the very start it was clear that neither Will or Grace were the real meat of the show, after Jack and Karen’s taking on equal story lines and plots after the first few shows. They were the reason to watch the show.

    McCormack comes across the same on talk shows as he did on the show. Not funny and not gay, more like Grace, shrill and clueless.

  26. says

    Why does he “need” to do anything? He just finished working for 8 years and one wouldn’t think financially there’d be a need…so soon after such a series. Why can’t those in his shoes just take it easy for a while? Do we need to see him in another role so soon? :) If it were me I’d take some time off to enjoy life.

  27. Jon says

    Uh, as I recall back in 1998, NBC had doubts about hiring Mr McCormack to play Will Truman because he had only played thugs and criminals on TV before, in some episodic TV and on Another World for several years…during which time he date raped his girlfriend, had a baby out of wedlock and tried to murder his girlfriends Mother. And NOW he’s saying that the reason that he can’t find a job is because he played one of the most inoffensive gay characters on TV in its history? Okay, pardon me if I don’t have any sympathy. Get off the couch dunderhead and audition for MacBeth – and spare me the whining.


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