News: Al Gore, Manatee, Shirtless Matt Lauer

road.jpg TIME poll: Not-running Al Gore trails Hillary Clinton by five points for Democratic nomination.

Lauer_shirtlessroad.jpg Shirtless Matt Lauer photo has tongues wagging across the internet.

road.jpg Most New Yorkers support gay marriage, but not by a clear majority: “When you talk about Democrats who vote in New York’s primaries, you’re talking about a very liberal subset of the general population so for gay marriage not to muster a majority among these liberal voters is significant.”

road.jpg Are the struggle for gay rights and the black civil rights movement comparable struggles? One USA Today contributor thinks so: “The fight for gay rights is like our civil rights struggle, however, and it’s hypocritical for groups that have had to fight long and hard to win their own constitutional rights to turn around and try to deny them to the next group. We’re seeing this in the descendants of immigrant groups that were despised and vilified during their early days in this country, and that now want to deny recent immigrants the means to become lawful citizens. This hypocrisy was apparent to me as I was growing up in a black Baptist church. I routinely heard ministers condemn gays from the pulpit, even though half the male choir members, the choir director, the flower arranger and plenty of other male church members were obviously gay. The church would have had difficulty functioning without them.”

Manatee_rhodeislandroad.jpg More manatees…now one spotted off Rhode Island!

road.jpg Oz gays ask, why do we want Ian Thorpe to be gay? ” Maybe because we need have a need for some good, solid gay role models. Young gay people have a very limited range of international celebrities who are out and who model to them what it means to be same sex attracted. They have Elton John, tired, old, flambouyant and grumpy with a hair transplant, they have George Michael, who says random toilet sex is ok even though he is in a “committed” relationship. Darren Hayes recently came out and he certainly does make a good role model for young guys who have ambitions of becoming pop stars, what about those who don’t relate to that?”


  1. Wayne says

    I remember Matt in the JLo dress for Halloween, and the following year he was Roy, of Sigfreid and Roy, and displayed his chest and ab’s (along with a hot cod piece) so he’s certainly not afraid to show it off…WOOF! The Today show needs to do a series live from the beach! What a hottie!

  2. Brian says

    OMG Matt Lauer… who knew?

    I love guys like that… the ones with muscular athletic bodies who don’t feel the need to show it off all the time. Finding a bod like that underneath a relatively modest shirt is like opening a present on Christmas morning.

  3. Leland says

    The late, great Mel Boozer summed it up best when he addressed the 1980 Democratic National Convention as the first out gay to be nominated (however symbolically) for Vice President:

    “Would you ask me how I dare compare the civil rights struggle with the struggle for lesbian and gay rights? I can compare them and I do compare them, because I know what it means to be called a ‘nigger’ and I know what it means to be called a ‘faggot’, and I understand the difference in the marrow of my bones. And I can sum up that difference on one word: none.”

  4. Leland says

    Here is a link to his full, eloquent speech (withdrawing his nomination which was simply a well-planned device to get him the right to address the convention:

    My mailbox is overflowing with e-mails debating the recent compromize by the DNC regarding not adding LGBTs to their 2008 delegate selection “affirmative action” rules (we’re on the “Inclusion” list instead). Some Black committee members torpedoed the full recognition, ostensibly because they feared it would dilute their own number of delegates, but I can’t help but believe, as in the Episcopal Church debate, that homophobia is not also a major factor. It’s also probably safe to imagine that no one reminded them of Mel Boozer (and countless others then and now) who was both Black AND gay! Perhaps someone should send them a copy of his 1980 speech.

  5. JT says

    Leland: Indeed, Bayard Ruskin had to make a choice to be either black OR gay. The fact that he tried to be both is what helped drive a wedge between him and the civil rights movement. I don’t know anything about Mr. Boozer, but by your quote of him, I think I need to do some reading. Thank you!

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