News: Tropical Storm Debby, Nude Portraits, Rigged Polls

road.jpg Over 40% of HIV-infected gay men are unaware of their status: “One in eight of the gay men in London (12.3%; 95% CI, 10.7%-14.1%) who agreed to anonymous HIV antibody testing were HIV-infected. However, worringly, London had the second-highest percentage of HIV-infected men unaware of their positive status, at 44.1%.”

Debbyroad.jpg Debby downer: Tropical depression forms in the Atlantic. Hurricane chief issues warning: “People think we have seen the worst. We haven’t. I think the day is coming. I think eventually we’re going to have a very powerful hurricane in a major metropolitan area worse than what we saw in Katrina and it’s going to be a mega-disaster. With lots of lost lives. I don’t know whether that’s going to be this year or five years from now or a hundred years from now. But as long as we continue to develop the coastline like we are, we’re setting up for disaster.”

road.jpg Jude Law plays a bit of shirtless cricket.

road.jpg Poll: Lamont and Lieberman in dead heat in Connecticut Senate race.

road.jpg Massive exhibition of naked portraits to go on display in Scotland in an effort to rid the National Portrait Gallery of its stuffy image.

road.jpg REPORT: Next Survivor season, tribes will be separated by race. “There have been persistent rumors, supported by photographs of challenges, that there will be four tribes at the start of the game. However, those won’t necessarily be dissolved immediately: instead, they’ll be split in brand-new way, ‘divided up into 4 groups by race, 5 white, 5 black, 5 hispanic, and 5 asian.'”

Leslieroad.jpg Beverly Leslie’s advice on combating homophobia: “Being an openly gay actor, I’ve always felt there are two ways we can combat homophobia. The first is through humor. I learned that in junior high school during dodge ball. Here was this queer who had to keep sashaying to keep from getting creamed! The second is to put a face on it. America welcomed the Will & Grace characters into their homes. We laughed and we loved — and progress was made. I’m so honored to have been a part of that.”

road.jpg Naked men run amok at Croatian seaside resort gay week. Organizer: “The person who walked naked outside the cathedral has nothing to do with our group. Many of us are Catholics who will never do such a thing.”

road.jpg Zogby Poll: 92% of Americans believe that “citizens have the right to view and obtain information about how election officials count votes.” No more f*$king Ohios.


  1. sam says

    I loved the interview with Leslie Jordan. I saw him in a one-man show called When you Swish Upon a Star, which was a precursor to Like Dogs on Linoleum, and he was brilliant. He was hysterical and deeply moving. He’s not afraid to be who he is and put himself out there.

  2. jimmyboyo says

    1 in 8 gay men in london is HIV positive

    YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! with almost 1/2 of those 44.1% not even knowing they are positive


  3. MikeProv1 says

    Congratulations to Leslie Jordan for winning an Emmy this week for “Best Guest Actor in A Comedy.”

  4. Larry says

    Why is it that whenever gays go on vacation they go around naked? You never here about naked straights visiting cathedrals or whatever. Pathetic.

  5. hoya86 says

    I think “Beverly Leslie” is awesome! My all-time favorite Will & Grace line comes from him…”Karen Walker. Why I thought I smelled Gin and regret.”

    Cracks me up everytime I hear it.

  6. Homoscedasticity says

    you included a confidence interval in your post.
    i love you.
    the research is troubling, but your epidemiologic geekery brings me joy.

  7. Tread says

    Larry, it sounds to me that there was a streaking incident and it got blamed on the gay tourists. Knowing that Croatia (as well as the whole of former Yugoslavia) is virulently homophobic, I can see this as an overreaction of the locals on Hvar.

    Guess what, dumbass local, you just shot yourself in the foot when it comes to making money. I’ll encourage everyone I know not to travel to Hvar because gays aren’t welcome there. I’ll tell them all to head to Dubrovnik, a much cleaner and gay-friendly city.

  8. says

    I love Leslie Jordan. The first I’ve seen him was in Southern Baptist Sissies and he stole the show… the funny thing is I just recently found out that we live in the same neighborhood (the same street even). I’ve seen him at my local coffee shop and it was his Southern accent that made me recognize him before I even looked up…