Hayden Christensen: Gay Rumors are “Fun”

HaydencMysterious Jedi Hayden Christensen tells Vman magazine that it’s “fun” hearing about the rumors that suggest he is gay:

“‘To me, masculinity is the ability to flirt with the effeminate.’ Christensen also says rumours don’t bother him ‘because it’s fun, entertaining and a bit of a joke.’ He refused to divulge his sexual orientation and ambiguously said: ‘People I relate to know who I am. When people catch a picture of Sienna [Miller] and me, they can speculate, and I don’t do anything. Rumours are more fun than reality.'”

Well, here you go then, Hayden. Have a blast!


  1. Rad says

    I won’t give this a second thought… unless he announces that he ALSO likes to have sex in airport restrooms…

  2. Anon says

    Did GL write his quotes for him? “…flirt with the effeminate”? “People I relate to know who I am.”? He’s trying awfully hard to not lie, which is part of the fun of course. He just wants to keep the rumors flowing! The Internet is relentless, one of these young actors is going to crack under the pressure…

  3. Scott A says

    “People I relate to know who I am.” — Thanks for stating the obvious. He just needs a few years (or fingers) to loosen. But, I guess it’s true after all, there were two queens in Star Wars: Episode 1, can you spot the second?

  4. Scott A says

    “Gayden”…now that’s hot, heheh. Oh wow, I didn’t think of JarJar. I guess there was atleast 3 then haha..

  5. Zeke says

    Ugh…Here we go again with the relation of homosexuality with effeminacy. This is why people (even gay people) always assume that masculine gay men are straight and feminine straight men are gay.

    People are always shocked when I take serious offense to them telling me that I don’t “look or act gay”. I tell them, “Of course I look and act gay. I AM GAY, so however I look and however I act is how A gay person looks and acts.” They seem completely surprised that I don’t take it as a compliment.

    For the record, one of my best friends is the biggest screaming queen (his words not mine) you could imagine. Though most people don’t believe him, I happen to know that he is very straight. He is also one of the greatest MEN I’ve ever known.

    Homosexuality does not equal effeminacy and Heterosexuality does not equal masculinity. A gay person who says that he “looks and acts straight” means only one of four things: 1) he looks and acts like he is sexually attracted to women; key word ACTS; 2) he doesn’t know the difference between the words “straight” and “masculine”; 3) he is under the mistaken impression that all masculine people are straight; except for himself of course or; 4) he ignorantly and arrogantly thinks that he and a select FEW other homos are the rare exceptions to the effeminate gay standard.

    It’s really absurd and it really gets under my skin when some ignorant prick uses the phrase. It’s especially irritating when the person saying it makes Miss America look like a lumberjack.

  6. Alan says

    Two things:

    “Here ya go” Hayden! Yup!


    Get over the effeminate/masculine thing, please, people.

    I’m so tired of hearing about effeminate straight guys, and masculine gay guys. SHEESH!

    Most of gay men people see in public and recognize as gay are, to one extent or another, a little effeminate. Or, they are “effeminate” in the way that men can be. You know, they speak with odd sibilants, and all that.

    It isn’t a BAD thing, you know. (Although, as a gay man, I’ve never been interested in effeminate-acting men, just in gently masculine-acting gay men.

    Anyway, back to point #1. I wonder if Hayden thinks he’s fooling anyone? Maybe he’s just saying: “I’m gay!” without saying the words, so he can, perhaps, hope to keep from being ostracized in Hollywood.

    ….or something.


  7. Anon says

    So Zeke, do you want us to put all our gaydars away? I will say that I’ve met many stereotypical gay men (and there are several stereotypes to begin with) and non-stereotypical gay men and they don’t actually act like any women I know for the most part, so it’s something else. Me? I come across as a complete geek, skinny and pale and probably not gay, and that’s what gay men tell me. Technically, you can’t say you look and act “gay” simply because you are gay, because you would be excluding all other appearances and behavior modes other than your own. Rather, you’d have to say that “gayness does not necessarily relate to outward appearance or modes of behavior” or “gayness includes non-obvious forms”. However, you famously cannot say “gayness includes non-gay forms”, which you were sort of implying. Ah, set theory…

  8. Quadee says

    Zeke I understand where you are coming from with masculinity of gay men and straight men, but not the effeminacy of straight men. I have never met a feminine straight man in my life. If a feminine man said he was straight, sooner or later we all found out he was not.

    The reason why most people associate gays with effeminacy is because most of the gay men that are out are feminine. We “sissys” and “punks” didn’t have the luxury of being masculine and fitting in with the boys, so most of us made the decision to come out and embrace each other in this struggle to feel welcomed and accepted. With that being said if you want that stigma to change you need to talk to all these “masculine gay men” to let there sexuality be known and stop hiding behind there masculinity.

    If anyone wants to argue my point, please give me your decription on how a feminine man gay or straight acts. Then read it back to yourself because I want you to realize how ridiculous the notion of a feminine straight man is.

  9. Zeke says

    ANON, my friend, you misstated what I said.

    You stated,

    “…you can’t say you look and act “gay” simply because you are gay, because you would be excluding all other appearances and behavior modes other than your own.”

    Whereas I said, and I quote,

    “Of course I look and act gay. I AM GAY, so however I look and however I act is how A gay person looks and acts.”

    Did you notice I capitalized the word “A” in “how A gay PERSON looks and acts” rather than “how gay PEOPLE look and act”? That was intended to mean “I” as an “individual”.

    I intended to make the point that gay people are INDIVIDUALS who look and act as many different ways as there are gay individuals.

    I’m not making a judgment on how people look and act, anyone who knows me knows that I celebrate everyone just as they are. My circle of friends is a clear display of that.
    I just think stereotypes are tired and ignorant, even when they’re gay stereotypes by gay people.

    Quadee, your statement is a great example of my original point. First you say that you’ve never met a feminine straight man and then you say that any feminine man who says he’s straight is really just a closeted gay man. That is a circular argument and is simply not true.

  10. Zeke says

    One more thing ANON: I most certainly was not saying OR implying “gayness includes non-gay forms” because, first of all, that statement makes absolutely no sense to me and, second of all, I would never use the word “gayness” because that is a term that I don’t understand and I suspect that it is a misnomer used by people with a poor command of language and expression like people who interchange “straight” and “masculine”.

    What do you mean by gayness? The state of being gay? If so I don’t know how that fits into your “gayness includes nongay forms” statement.

    If you define “gayness” as “being feminine” or “exhibiting gay stereotypes”, I think I’ve made it clear where I stand on that. Even still I don’t understand how even this definition would fit into your statement.

    I guess the bottom line is, I have no idea what you mean by the statement that you claim I was implying and I certainly don’t understand why you would think I was implying it.

  11. mark m says

    Good points by everyone. It’s true that the feminine stereotype exists because so many out gay men are unable to consistently “hide” their orientation, so the visible becomes the standard. But as others have pointed out, there are all kinds of gay men and women.

    I know so many gay men that shatter stereotypes that I just prescribe to the notion that ANYONE can be gay.

    My gaydar goes berzerk around traditionally masculine archetypes like body builders, athletes, boxers, military types, etc because I have personally met or know many of those men who are gay.

  12. Quadee says


    What I was stating in my post was that the feminine men I knew that claimed they were straight weren’t because it was later revealed that they are gay. Thats why I said I never met a “feminine straight man” in my life.

    Then again my definition of feminine male behavior may be different from yours. If you would kindly insight me on your definition then I could see where you are coming from.

  13. Scott A says

    What about stereotypes? I mean they wouldn’t be stereotypes if there wasn’t a little truth in them right? I’m not saying to judge people by stereotypes but generally speaking they serve for humans as a quick way to process and understand a given topic, an estimate of what to expect on average. On average, if it sounds like a queen, it’s a queen; no disrespect in making an uninformed assumption, but recognize it for what it is, a decision made off of a stereotype, not necessarily the truth or end decision.

  14. mark m says

    It couldn’t have been padme because she was a Senator in Episode II.

    Maybe those bisexual rumors about Obi Wan??

  15. Sean R says

    Unwanted flirting with effeminate gay men, (cos its fun) is no better than bullying/ teasing/ toying with the emotions of other people.

    If he was doing this (in an unwanted way) with a woman, he’d be a sex pest. When we really need to see more gay men come out and to also see more gay men’s roles in Hollyweird, it simply doesn’t help to have this wink/wink, nod/nod tired old game.

    Let’s not get into defining the “types” of real gay men. Or gossiping about who is or who is not. What matters is how people live and their ability to come out in their own way (or not) and have wonderful lives. But I certainly DO NOT wish to be defined by the need for titillation of a Hollywood celebrity.

    So come out, stay in the closet, become bisexual, get married or join a seminary Christian. If you’re any of these, its cool, if you want to be an ally for gay rights, even better. But don’t take the piss out of gay men by suggesting that its ok to make us into your poodles. Get a dog for fun.

  16. magdalene says

    I really don’t know if Hayden is straight, gay, bisexual, or even threesexual!!
    He can be what he wants to be, but…
    He has twentyfive, yeah.
    And except a kiss with Sienna and a nearly surely feigned photo shoots with a girl in Barbados…I’m sorry but I’m wondering a lot of things and you?

  17. Jon S says

    If Hayden ever wanted to declare himself ‘gay’, I would run my ass up to Toronto to exchange vows with him without blinking an eye…

    Hayden, if you read this message, just go with the flow and enjoy whatever form of love enters your life…we should be so fortunate to have passionate deep love in our lifetime!