Hayden Christensen and the Gay Aesthetic


As a follow-up to last week’s Hayden Christensen quote about folks speculating that he’s gay, I thought I’d print the entire quote, just for the record.

Hayden tells Vman, when asked about why there’s so much speculation about his sexuality: “To be honest, I think it’s because I encourage it.”

“Because it’s fun, entertaining, and a bit of a joke. Because, who cares what people think? And because I think it’s sort of cool. You see pictures of Bowie wearing eyeliner and looking a little effeminate—to me masculinity is the ability to flirt with the effeminate. I will do things that are a little less masculine. There’s plenty of rumors about every actor everywhere being gay. When people catch a picture of Sienna [Miller] and me, they can speculate, and I don’t do anything to dismiss the speculations because rumors are more fun than reality. The less people know about you as you, the more they believe you as a character. And I guess I was sort of setting myself up with Star Wars, as far as people not accepting me as other things, so I made a point of not doing much press, not letting people know much, just because it helps me as an actor. The people I catually relate to know what I am. I think eventually people will clue in because there’s less I will be able to keep private, but I’ve been pretty good at it so far. So if they want to speculate that I’m gay, let them. Honestly, I enjoy it more when people speculate.”

I also like this shot, taken from the balcony of one of the three Richard Meier residences on Manhattan’s west side. I’m not sure what the chrome barbells signify, but perhaps the mysterious Jedi is pumping up for a walk down to the Christopher Street pier, New York’s infamous (though much less seedy than it used to be) cruising spot. Pure speculation, for his enjoyment of course.


  1. Jethro says

    Sorry for going off topic guys but this is somewhat related – It’s supposedly the answer to the riddle of Tom & Katie’s baby. Please don’t shoot the messenger! I’m not necessarily saying I believe it. Just telling you what somebody’s just e mailed to me. Here goes:

    …..I finally found out why Katie Holmes agreed to this charade with Tom Cruise. Here’s the story : It all started when Katie was engaged to Chris Klein. Apparently, he is the father (just wait, listen to the evidence). So, Chris Klein broke off the engagement and has been pretty cold ever since. Katie was either already pregnant or became pregnant during their break-up and get back together phase (it’s unclear). Katie was basically heart
    broken and pregnant with a baby whose father wanted nothing to do with

    In comes Tom Cruise. It was the perfect situation: Tom is gay and needs to be married to cover his image and Katie was in need (and Tom paid Katie to enter into this contract). Katie and Tom began their whirlwind romance right after Katie’s engagement was called off. They had to make
    it intense right off the bat because she didn’t have a big window to “get pregnant”.
    Hence the couch jumping and other ridiculous acts that were done to
    make the public believe that they were so in love that they just wanted to have a baby right away.

    Fast forward. Remember how quickly Katie got big and how big she was for so long??? She actually delivered the baby well before they announced the delivery, AND that’s why they’ve kept the baby in hiding
    for 4 months. It’s easy to tell that a 2 month old could not possibly be 3 weeks old, but there’s not a huge difference between a 4 month old and a 5 month


  2. Greg says

    “I don’t do anything to dismiss the speculations because rumors are more fun than reality.”…Hey guys have you heard the one about Hayden Christiansen being caught molesting a 3year old child and how he had to bribe his way out of jailtime?…”rumors are more fun than reality” careful what you say.

  3. Anon says

    The kid looks a lot like TC though.

    There are some stories out today indicating that upwards of 10% of married NYC men were MSM. Ouch! How can we make this trend go away? These guys need help. TC is not alone!

    HC sounds like he’s laughing on the outside and crying on the inside.

  4. pbnyc59 says

    Hayden Christiansen did a great job in the film Life is a House. While he did not look great, he played a young confused druggie whose parents were divorced who was doing tricks on the side. His pimp was the hottie who was killed off in Lost, Ian Somerhalder.

    The best flick Hayden has done is Shattered Glass, the story of Stephen Glass and his fabricaating stories for The New Republic.

    He’s cute and does not feed into the I’m not going to say yes or no, isn’t that what I hear over and over on this site, that we want people to say?

    I came out at a very early age to a conservative family here in NYC in the early ’80’s and paid a very heavy price, no regrets. But people in the public eye have a much higher price to pay. I’d rather they take his note than the “I’m not Gay” one.

  5. says

    I think what Hayden said sounds pretty reasonable. There is a bit of truth to the statement that the less you know about an actor, the more believeable the performance. But to be clear, I don’t mean that actors should stay closeted for the sake of acting! But the offscreen antics of gay and straight celebrities can overshadow their creative works. Witness the Bennifer debacle.

  6. Hadassah says

    Well, I guess Hayden is more up-front about this than Andy’s main man-crush Jakey G. However, according to the gossips a few seasons past, wasn’t H.C. spotted in Cannes hand-holding Kevin Spacey?

  7. says

    eww Kevin Spacey???

    Seriously, who cares if he’s gay? I know there’s that “role model” mumbo jumbo but does that qualify us to automatically expect every ‘mo in a movie to come out? I used to hate the fact that I didn’t have a gay role model growing up, but I didn’t. It is what it is. Alot of people don’t. Besides, isn’t it rather unhealthy to look to complete strangers for a role model, anyways?

    I think HC is being cute. I like it. I mean, we all know the man is gay, gay, gay. But who says he has to wrap himself in a rainbow flag to be gay? there are alot of celebs past and present out there who’ve bent over backwards to hide their sexuality *cough-Travolta-cough*, but then there are those few, like HC, who are just like “f*ck it, speculate all you want. I’m neither denying or confirming.” It keeps the gaydar-lacking peeps guessing while the rest of us recognize our own.

    …I mean, gettin’ mantimate in public at Cannes? HC is obviously someone who doesn’t hide.

  8. devilgirl says

    “There are a lot of celebs past and present out there who’ve bent over backwards to hide their sexuality *cough-Travolta-cough*, but then there are those few, like HC, who are just like “f*ck it, speculate all you want. I’m neither denying or confirming.” It keeps the gaydar-lacking peeps guessing while the rest of us recognize our own.”

    Absolutely. That’s why I like how Keanu, Jake, etc. have handled the rumours, b’c although speculation is fun, it truly is none of our business. But these guys have handled it with humour, class and discretion. Amen, boys.

  9. Lee says

    I see no problem with Hayden admitting he is as entertained by the gossip speculations over his private life as we are entertained by speculating. When it comes down to it it is pretty silly so no harm no foul, and I give him credit for keeping it in perspective and being able to laugh about it.

  10. Jes says

    Hayden is brave! If he is gay he could simply have lied and told the magazine that he was straight just to get people off his back; in his position that would have been such an easy road to take. Instead he left it open. He’s certainly earned my admiration…

  11. travis says

    Gay or straight, I don’t care. He’s at the top of my personal hottest celebrity list and he seems like a very chill guy. Decent actor too but he’s forever gonna get crap about his Vader portrayal.

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