1. seth says

    I am so tired of all this celebrity worship…he’s just another fucking actor who does not warrant all this attention…
    (OK, the guy’s got a dick, duh…)

  2. Javier says

    It’s one thing for porn blogs to obsess about these type of pics, but Towleroad too? Jake G is a male, which means he has a penis, which at times is revealed through his clothing. That is anatomy, and is quite frankly, rather mundane. Why make a news item out of a natural part of the male anatomy outlined in clothing in a non-obscene manner? This is part of life, mundane, boring, everyday life. I don’t get this obsession with men’s “bulges” on the gay blogs. It really makes gays look juvenile and prurient. You really debase yourself with such stories.

  3. chris says

    Actually, there is probably more sex talk and ogling of female nipple slips and camel toes on mainstream blogs than ever goes on here.

    I like the balance on this site of serious topics and completely juvenile ones. Keep it up.

  4. Brian says

    The best blogs are a combination of the sublime, the serious, the sexy, and the silly. I think that’s why Towleroad has been so successful.

    Love the basket. Love the Jake. Love everything. Keep it comin’.

  5. rudy says

    Keep up the good work Andy. If someone does not want to read a particular post, let them skip it. Most of us appreciate the mix of serious, silly, political, sensuous, provacative and mundane. Why are those who object to some posts even taking the time to comment? Scroll down and move on.

  6. Glenn says

    I love the high dudgeon some queens can get into over a little detour into the delightfully frivolous. Y’know, last I checked, this was Andy Towle’s blog. You want a bulge-free blog? One that never strays from the Very Important and Serious Matters? Here’s an idea: go write one.

  7. me likey says

    Methink RB might have been a frustrated First Wave lesbian Feminist from days of yore trapped in the body of a post-Millennium man of indeterminate sexuality. Hence the inability to either see humour or fun or allure in such puctures. Just sayin…

  8. Ian says

    Andy’s obviously a fan of bulge/package sightings. And so are many of us visitors to this blog. I find this site to be a perfectly wonderful balance of social & news items, along with this lighter side. As both a Jake and bulge aficionado, I find this post to be particularly interesting.

    Keep up the awesome site Andy!!!

  9. Sean says

    Wow – Javier must have wrote that post a minute before hanging himself or something. Beautiful Jake out in the wild with a suggestive bulge in his pants is EXACTLY what makes life not just “mundane, boring, everyday life” for many of us. It’s these little things that are the spice of life and make us smile everyday. Thanks Andy :)

  10. Mike in the Tundra says

    “I don’t get this obsession with men’s “bulges” on the gay blogs. It really makes gays look juvenile and prurient. You really debase yourself with such stories.”

    Listen honey, if straight guys can check out boobs, we can check out baskets. Of course, I won’t be able to drag my partner away from the computer today.

  11. chrisnyc says

    america…where talking about sex and sex-related things still is considered juvenile and prurient. this isn’t a political action blog. it’s an entertainment blog with homosexual tendencies. Jake is hot. Many, including Andy me thinks, on this site find pics of him quite rewarding. If you get offended by something “unserious” or “sexual” go read the economist or something.

    there’s a weird “self-hating” vibe to it all. A “i don’t wanna be associated with gays if this is what they do.” You’re your own person, who cares what andy posts on here.

    and yes, as others said, go to any other entertainment related “straight” blog and see how many pics of lohan’s panty-less crotch you find.

  12. Bobby says

    I love all you comformists who think because we love looking at a crotch or a hairy chest that we are doing something wrong.

    Why not just give up being gay if you’re going to “act” straight?

    Be yourself, not what THEY want you to be.

  13. UCLA KID says

    Dang It… If you like this pic of Jake… Check out the cover of Josh Grobans new CD “AWAKE”… Now he is not only hahahahahaHOT, but has a nice “basket” as well.

    Yumm… like Colonel Sanders Chicken… “Finger Lickin GOOD.”

  14. JT says

    Andy: Thank you. I can’t help notice, though, that Mr. G. appears to be packing on more weight. The last shirtless pic you had of him (09/07/06) shows a bit more pooch than when he was in Jarhead.

    I’m not complaining, mind you, I just noticed. I also noticed that that’s a mighty fine swing he’s got.

  15. says

    I can’t believe people are actually using ‘straight guys oggle camel toes and cleavage’ as a defense for this. Because those guys come off as so classy…

    I hate to be a prude on this, but I’m with the ‘he has a dick, so what?’ crowd.

  16. gay is the new straight says

    Jake looks like he is wearing those shoes that have the roller skates in the heel and he is schwinging in the main lane, just schwinging in the main lane.

  17. DG in NY says

    Hmmm. Though I usually do appreciate the mix of stuff on Towleroad, my intial reaction to this was “really!?” Sorry, but it strikes me as far more PinkIsTheNewBlog or, god help us, Perez than Towleroad. It’s sort of the difference between LA and New York, where we give the celebs some much deserved breathing room, I always thought.
    Anyway, it’s easy to criticize, so I’ll just say thanks for all the really good posts. Keep up the good work.

  18. erikzed says

    Nice baskets, gay guys almost always look to see if a guy coming down the sidewalk towards him with tight pants is “special” and . . . . also . . . having known a LOT of women who’ve shared their personal “views” on the topic, in their early 20s up to their late 50s with me in casual conversations surprised me when they opened up and told me they enjoy checking the males of the species as well, and will sometimes judge a guy by the size of the bulge!!

    And straight men? They’re MUCH MORE LIKELY to check a guy’s equipment out in a men’s room (or gym showers) where the urinals (or their naked body) aren’t shielded from other guy’s eyes than a gay man in a similar setting (something remembered from an actual university study which I had almost forgotten about until this display of afew perturbed readers expressing fake shock.

    Ever occur to anyone that Jake may have made sure he was going to show a nice buldge when he walked out the door, to make other guys jelous (or very interested suddenly) and likewise with women?
    I still fondly remember the “dress” code from the 70s when jeans were TIGHT, and those with bell bottoms had VERY tight crotches cut to show off the male package — what a loss that guys today are almost too up tight to show off what they’ve got. DISAPPOINTING!!!!!

  19. RB says

    “Why not just give up being gay if you’re going to “act” straight?”…Because I am GAY Bobby! There is no act. I am what I am and make no apologies. I simply thought this belonged elsewhere and not on towleroad. That’s all.

  20. Sean says

    RB – sorry Towleroad isn’t what you want it to be. But it is how Andy wants it to be and judging by his hit counters, lots of people are quite happy with that. Perhaps you can start your own blog?

  21. Robert In WeHo says

    Come on people, embrace your homosexuality. You like dick and Jake’s got a nice one that he apparently wanted to show off so we could all get a peek and a cheap thrill from what he’s sporting between his legs. Good for him and good for all of us. A little basket ogling never hurt anyone especially if it’s on a cutie (like Jake). Leave all the self-loathing and the homophobic “straight-acting”ism’s for the gay Republicans. This blog is for real homosexuals, not wanna-be’s.

  22. KJ says

    Good grief, the never-ending and tiresome “self-loathing” charges when there is a point of view expressed that is not perceived to be “gay correct”. I suppose it allows the user to not have to think beyond the application of the label. I believe that the anti-mos use the same strategy.

    Of course it’s Andy’s blog and he can do as he wishes. To his credit, he does not censure the comments with which he might not be in agreement.

    There’s no “shock” expressed in this thread, fake or otherwise. There is, however, an attempt to make a distinction between admiring male beauty, at which Towleroad excels (Do you notice any negative comments regarding the Brady Quinn post?) and the middle school body part watch with which some blogs are obsessed. Of course, during middle school we had to engage in that so covertly or were required to feign excitement when we saw a girls nips that perhaps some of us continue to enjoy it (Looking for bulges, not nips!) more than others as adults. Please proceed and enjoy, but understand that it doesn’t make you any more or less gay than anyone else.

  23. RB says


    “Leave all the self-loathing and the homophobic “straight-acting”ism’s for the gay Republicans”…I AM A GAY REPUBLICAN AND I AM NOT SELF-LOATHING OR HOMOPHOBIC…”This blog is for real homosexuals, not wanna-be’s.” I AM A REAL HOMOSEXUAL!

    What more do you want to hear people? What do I have to do to get the “gay” population to get the fact that I am gay too?! This is totally ridiculous!

  24. Malcolm J says

    “I can’t believe people are actually using ‘straight guys oggle camel toes and cleavage’ as a defense for this. Because those guys come off as so classy…”

    Thank you. Just because other people do classless or ridiculous stuff, doesn’t mean we should too. It just makes both groups of you wrong in this case. As for looking at Lindsey Lohan’s genitalia, I think most men responded with an “ew” rather than an “ooh.”
    Jake’s a guy, and guy’s have penises. It’s one thing to admire a guy’s muscles, face, or physique, but to act like junior high kids and talk incessantly about a run of the mill bulge in his pants is stupid. Act your age, men.

  25. zachg says

    Some of my friends are into bulge watching, and I just don’t get it. I love looking at guys on the street who have muscular bodies, good looking faces, nice butts, but I don’t get looking at a guy’s bulge. It seems so desperate and over-hungry. Maybe it’s because I mostly attracted to a man’s face, muscles, butt; his penis just comes along with the rest. Some of you claim that embracing gayness means embracing an obsession with “dick,” but perhaps you are the one being myopic. Perhaps, not all gay guys are as crazy as you about dick. Perhaps, some bisexual or gay guys are all into the male face, the male musculature, but not into the dick so much. Everyone is different, but this one I just don’t get.

  26. el polacko says

    sheesh ! who ARE all these prudish ‘gay’ men who don’t like looking at dick ?!
    i’m with erikzed, bring back the 70’s fashion of showing a huge, clearly defined package .. those were the days !

  27. JT says

    RB, I don’t think you’re necessarily the target. Now that you mention it, though, I am amazed that a guy who seems so level-headed and nice is actually one of “them.” I guess it just goes to show you…your kind really is everywhere.

  28. ZachG says

    “sheesh ! who ARE all these prudish ‘gay’ men who don’t like looking at dick ?!
    i’m with erikzed, bring back the 70’s fashion of showing a huge, clearly defined package .. those were the days !”

    Dude, it’s 2006. Not 1976. Your notion of bisexual and gay men is outdated.

  29. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    I wonder what kind of sunglasses those are…

    Love ’em.

    What? Oh come on now. It’s fun to look. I have to agree with Brian: “The best blogs are a combination of the sublime, the serious, the sexy, and the silly. I think that’s why Towleroad has been so successful.” Kudos, man. Thanks Andy!

    And if you think this is something, you should one of the guys I work with…

  30. Jamal says

    I think people recoil at the “bulge reports” because they perceive this type of body gawking as the most girly or “faggy” of behavior. There is more tolerance for people gawking at a guy’s hot muscles, eyes, or even butt than penis because “bulge watching” expresses a desire to be penetrated. In contrast, there is no such desire inherit in gawking at a dude’s big chest, bulging biceps, ripped abs, or nice face. In fact, a guy or girl can masculinely talk about a guy’s hot ass because it suggests that he/she has an interest in being manly, pentrating that bubble. Of course, that implicates the whole stigma on being penetrating versus penetrating for men who have sex with men.

  31. says

    This is Andy’s blog, and he is free to print whatever he chooses. But as a somewhat influential gay tastemaker and media maven, his choices certainly merit comment and critique from the community that reads him on occassion. and this clearly falls into the category of juvenile tittering at body parts in middle school. it’s not erotic, or sexy, or even cute. it’s just childish. and for those who defend snickering at crotch shots as somehow “proudly gay”, and lust hopelessly after someone clearly out of their league in so many respects (even if he is gay), what opinion do you suppose jake would have of you if he knew? a rather dim one, you can be sure.

  32. Jason H. says

    Andy- I usually enjoy your blog as a terrific source for queer-related politics and fun and frivolous celebrity fair. This in depth Jake bulge analysis is gratuitous, however, and makes me consider replacing your web bookmark with one of your contemporaries.

  33. devilgirl says

    Jake is the only man who can keep my girlfriend and I from going completely gay. He’s gorgeous and if these aren’t photoshopped, then he’s gorgeous EVERYWHERE.

    As for the raging debate, let’s all calm down. I too remember the 70s and 80s, where rock stars wore pants so tight you could tell what religion the guy was. ANd let’s remember too that we all look, we just don’t all look at the same parts of the package. Sometimes it’s the bow, sometimes it’s the ribbon, sometimes it’s what’s inside. I just thank Andy for posting it all and letting us make up our minds.

  34. FunMe says

    I’m not even a size queen, but I got to say, who cares if Jake’s photo and his cock shows through his pants and no underwear.

    Jake’s a celebrity. He KNOWS there could be a camera lurking anywhere, especially in NY and LA.

    I think it’s FUN to have this photo in this post. I welcome it.

    Nice to see that Jake might not be that big and maybe he’s gaining a little weight, so what! He’s still cute. He’s a movie actor that many people know about. And perhaps he is gay. He will come out in due time if it’s true. Either way, love the photos!

  35. Robert In WeHo says


    if you’re gay and a Republican, you are a homophobic, self-loathing person who needs major psychological help. It’s called second-class citizen syndrome collaborator-boy and you’ve go it…

  36. Miss Kitty says

    Christ, lighten up you uptight prudes! We’re not at church or your mother’s having Christmas dinner! Why is it only appropriate for junior-high-age people to openly appreciate crotches? I hope when I’m old I still have the desire to appreciate fine crotches! Stop obsessing about how other people act fearing how it reflects on YOU. You’d be a lot less miserable if you stopped worrying and pontificating. This site has always had a mix of the serious, light and sex charged stuff. If you don’t like it, stop tormenting yourself and please f*ck off out of here already and go change your bookmark to

  37. Rickie says

    Hmmmm… Last time I checked this was still Andy’s blog, right? And therefore he can post whatever the hell he wishes… If you don’t like what he posts or offends your delicate sensitivty, I’m sure Andy will be more than happy to refund your all the money you paid to help the creation of this site and compensate the terrible torture you suffered to force you to visit hi site, look at this picture and leave a comment… WAIT A MINUTE!!! This site is free, so those who complained are, in my humble opinion, just worthless examples of inferior beings.
    Priorities, priorities, priorities… when I don’t agree with something i paid for at least promised to get and get an unfair treatment, I complain… in this case, this post is so amusing that I chose to post this comment becasue i had nothing better to do while waiting for an important phone call. Ooops… there my life calling me to get back to it… C’ya!

  38. Jerome Shipanik says

    a great picture and thanks for posting it. There is never enough of Jake and can’t wait till his next movie comes out. It would be nice if he did the Harvey Milk movie….but….I doubt it….

  39. a foreigner says

    Andy- I usually enjoy your blog as a terrific source for queer-related politics and fun and frivolous celebrity fair. This in depth Jake bulge analysis is gratuitous, however, and makes me consider replacing your web bookmark with one of your contemporaries.

    Posted by: Jason H. | Oct 24, 2006 7:46:27 PM

    It’s comments like this that remind me afresh, post-Native American America was “founded” by legions of Puritans. One can never, ever, escape history, or its pernicious legacies.

    Religions really are the Roots of ALL EVILS.

  40. Marco says

    Hear hear Miss Kitty.

    Some of y’all sexphobes should lighten up, worry less about acting with class and propriety, and enjoy your sexual desires, wherever they lead your eyes to linger, or at least let the rest of us do so without your sex-negative bleating.

    Gay republicans? Feh!

  41. Bobby says

    Be a man. Be a woman. Be yourself. Be safe. Just BE who you are and stop telling others what they should be. As long as they ain’t breaking laws, leave’em alone. The problem with some Americans is that they want everyone else to be exact replicas of everyone else. We are gay. We are different and to act as if we aren’t is the greatest denial and the greatest diservice to our rainbow colored people.

    Cheers to diversity, but “gay republicans”? I have to agree, what kind of self loathing must you posess to associate with people who want to keep you from ever marrying your partner and who would push you back into the closet faster than you can say Judy Garland?

  42. Michael D. Fein says

    To paraphrase Dick Cavett who in the sixties made a now famous introduction of Jayne Mansfield……”Here it is; Jake Gyllenhaal.”

    (Man, am I dating myself.!)

  43. belgianboy says

    A picture is worth a thousand words, ain’t it? I write fan fiction online in the “Brokeback Mountain” forums, usually about Ennis and Jack but sometimes also about Heath and Jake getting it on (so-called real-person slash).

    Those photos secretly taken of Heath nude on the BBM set and splashed all over the internet provided me with more than I needed to know about his manhood: he’s got an average-sized uncut dick and a handsome set of balls.

    But I have been unable to confirm what I suspected, that Jake is probably circumcised, if for no other reasons than that he is an American male and his mother is Jewish. My stories suggest that he is cut. Maybe when I get the dvd of “Jarhead” I will know for sure, but in the meantime, these photos will do.

    In the name of research and fictional veracity, thank you, Andy!

  44. christian says

    He’s a dude, which means he has balls. Ofcourse he going to have some what of a bulge down there. Now you can kinda tell that it’s his skin hitting his pants. So thats kinda wierd and stupid. What if his dick moves and is hitting the zipper that would hurt. I have onaccidently hit my dick with the zipper when I have pulled my pants up and it does not feel good.

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