Rush Limbaugh Smears Michael J. Fox, Mocks Parkinson’s Patients

Here’s a wrap-up of the Rush Limbaugh/Michael J. Fox stem cell campaign ad controversy in which Limbaugh smeared Fox, accusing him of acting and exaggerating the effects of the disease.

Clockwise from top left, the campaign ad for Claire McCaskill, Limbaugh’s radio rant, MJF’s interview with Katie Couric, and finally, maybe the most heinous image of all, a video of Limbaugh physically mocking Parkinson’s patients. What a pig.

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  1. Nathan says

    Hey Rush, maybe I’ll get a radio show so I can immitae a fat, stupid, drug addled moron who’s washed up and pathetic. That should make good media, no?

  2. bambambam says

    Considering Michael J. Fox’s first political TV ad on stem cell was for ARLEN SPECTER, a Republican — Why is Specter leaving him out to dry with the wingnuts mocking his disease?

    711 Hart Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    Tel: 202-224-4254

    Here’s Specter’s number. Let’s all call and ask Specter if he agrees with Rush that Fox, who made a TV ad for Specter in 2004, was exxagerating and acting in the McCaskill ad of 2006?

  3. says

    I love his interview with Couric.

    His arguments are clear and he is so reasonable…

    in comparison to that a$$wipe Rush… it’s amazing.

  4. Phil says

    The conservative movement is sick, and I don’t think there’s anyone around willing to try to heal it.

  5. vapmd says

    I did not know Rus is doctor and his behavior is like he under influence of somethings,do’nt you think so too

  6. Jason says

    Email Alren Specter and ask wehre was all the right-wing outcry when Michael J. Fox did an ad for him about biomedical research.

    Also ask why it is OK for celebrities to advocate for right-wing causes but not for left causes.

  7. Jason says

    Email Arlen Specter and ask him where was all the right-wing outcry when Michael J. Fox did an ad for him about biomedical research.

    Also ask why it is OK for celebrities to advocate for right-wing causes but not for left causes.

  8. Jonathon says

    Apparently no one here actually wants to hear the truth.

    1. Rush was illustrating, not mocking.
    2. Embryonic stems cells have done nothing provable so far.
    3. Democrats are using sick people to push their agenda.

    Stop attacking Rush, and debate the facts. Any of you that think he was making fun of Fox are proving your ignorance beyond doubt.

  9. says

    Considering Rush himself claimed random blindess for loads of sympathy and was then revealed to have been made hard of sight through an addiction to oxycotin…

    …he’s worthless.

  10. the truth says

    I can’t believe you people would accept the crap I just read without making any effort to validate it.

    If you actually listed to Rush (you know, you don’t have to agree with him to listen – it won’t hurt), you’d know that he wasn’t “mocking” Parkinson’s victims. He was demonstrating what he saw Michael J. Fox doing. AND Fox himself admitted that his movement were a medication problem; which, again if you’d heard Rush, he stated Fox’s movement in the commercial were the result of acting OR not taking his medication. Rush only missed in that Fox was overmedicated, nut undermedicated.

    You know, if you left-wingers would make some effort to gather facts before making an opinion INSTEAD of forming a flawed opinion then finding crap to support you, you might gain a realistic perspective on things.

  11. Michelle Batiste says

    I have the greatest respect and admiration for Michael J. Fox. He is not only drawing attention to stem cell research for the advancement of medicine to cure terrible diseases, but has responded to a public fool (Rush Lumbaugh) with incredible grace, and class!

  12. InCiter says

    Fox is pathetic for letting himself be used for a cloning bill unrelated to his illness. I guess Canada has given us one of its dimmest.

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    The fat bastard reminds me of Ernst Roehm. I saw him before the war in Berlin when I was doing Dietrich impersonations for the Nazi pigs…I’m sorry, I always have nightmares about Nazi pigs when I see Rush Limbaugh.

  14. jimmyboyo says


    Thus the need for financing to study stem cells

    Adult stem cells are too painful to retrieve and show even far less promise than fetal stem cells.

    All great inovations had some kind of govt financing or influence helping it along.


    A new study just showed that after viewing the MJF ad the support for fetal stemm cell research jumped from 78% support to 83% (a 5% point jump)

    it also showed that self identified republicans who were planning on voting republican in Nov dropped………DROPPED!!! 10% points. that is huge and thus why bat Buchanan on scarborough’s show said that this commercial will be pivotol and probably will ensure the loss of the senate to the dems.

    PS Jonathan….Nancy Reagan widow of your sainted Ronald Reagan supports fetal stem cell research

  15. Marco says

    Jonathan, you’re speaking the truth?

    1. Rush was “illustrating” the effects of Parkinsons? What a crock of shit. I don’t remember him “illustrating” those symptoms after Fox’s 2004 ad for Arlen Spector.

    2. I suggest you google Embryonic stem cell research and find out about its promise before you claim idiocy like you have above. I do, however, love the wingnut argument against it. “it hasn’t cured any disease yet.” Yes, so let’s just give up. We can’t cure cancer with stem cells by 2007, so we might as well quit.

    3. Arlen Specter and Jim Talent are not Democrats, but Fox and a patient who benefited from adult stem cell research was featured in both the aforementioned Republicans campaigns. Also, I think MJ Fox is quite capapble of making decisions on his own. I don’t think Nancy Pelosi had a gun to his head while filming.

    How you can defend Limbaugh and claim you have the facts on your side would be hilarious if it wasn’t so shameful.

  16. Jonathon says


    “Adult stem cells are too painful to retrieve and show even far less promise than fetal stem cells.”

    ‘Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.’

    In this case, trying to sell a controversial, unproven medical procedure that cannot seem to get much venture capital support, perhaps?

    Also, I couldn’t care less what Nancy Reagan thinks.

  17. says

    Such a nice bunch of folks! You people are so mentally lame-brained it’s impressive that you have the cognitive abilities to find the letters on your keyboards, form actual words, then post them here. I can say with a high level of confidence that most of you people here w/your left-winger ideologies are not only an emotional & financial drain on the American society, but likely your friends & family as well. RUSH IS THE MAN, YOU WILL NEVER BE…!!!

  18. gruvsf says

    It’s pretty funny how your right-wing blow hards can even claim that we have “flawed” opinions. Just look at the last six years and tell me that the GOP in power didn’t have any “flawed” opinions.
    I can’t imagine a drugged addicted conservative blow hard can even criticize someone who has a serious disease that even the wife of the right-wingers’ only hero, Ron Reagan, has called for more funding to cure.
    How do you wakco right-wingers look at yourselves in the mirror every morning?

  19. Marco says

    WOW. Towleroad Wingnuts are in a frenzy today. Accussing the left of lying and not having the facts on their side while defending Rush Limbaugh is just too fucking rich.

    And Alfred, his anal cyst was more of a man than Rush will ever be.

    LOL. Seriously, I must be taking crazy pills.

  20. jimmyboyo says


    Nice of you to ignore the last part of my statement. All studies have shown that adult stem cells show LESS!!! promise than fetal stem cells.

    Almost every single last major inovation and or buisness in america at one time or another recieved either direct financial support from the US government or were themselves invented/started in a government lab (mostly millitary labs……OT fun trivia Super Glue invented in Pentagon lab as a liquid stitch for the battle field…..) It would be easier for you to list inovations not stimulated by the government in some way.

    Alfred Yawn
    sorry, but your nazi fantasies of rush busting into your room at night and making you his boy toy aren’t going to happen…..Rush has troubles getting a hard on and must use tons of viagra

  21. FunMe says

    my, my this is the 1st time I’ve witnessed so many trolls on this blog.

    Pretty funny that they are here for the stem cell research topic.

    About 60% of America is for stem cell research. trolling around here especially isn’t going to reduce that number at all!

  22. Anon says

    Rush fans read Towleroad??

    This is all about a tight Senate race and nothing about medical research. Rush would never had mentioned this if the Senate were not hanging in the balance.

  23. says

    I guess all people with “ugly” diseases (Parkinson’s, cancer patients undergoing chemo, people with advanced HIV, etc) should just hide so we don’t have to see them. We should prevent them from expressing their opinions, their hopes, their dreams. At least this is what Rush and his defenders apparently want.

    Oh, and we should just stop all scientific research because, hey, you don’t know if it will provide any useful information. Let’s just go back to the days of alchemy and superstition.

  24. jimmyboyo says


    scroll up

    I site a study which shows why they are trolling around here

    This commercial is devestating to them. Pat Buchanna admited it the other night. Call him a Nixon crook, a crazy wako, rabid conservative….But he sometimes admits to the truth

    A new study showed that AFTER viewing MJF ad the support for stemm cell research jumped from 78% to 83% a 5% point jump

    Self identified republicans who said that they were going to vote republican in Nov DROPPED…..DRPPED!!! 10% points

    the latter being the most significant

  25. jimmyboyo says

    Oh and Pat Buchanan admited that this ad will most likely loose the senate for the repub party

    the hosue is already lost to them…it is just a question of by how much….it is down to the senate

  26. Jacqueline says

    Although I do not agree with desrtoying embryos for the sake of medical science and i despise the fact that Rush “imitated” Michael’s movements, I do believe in the first ten amendments of the Constitution called the Bill of Rights. We all have a right to express ourselves freely even if it does seem offensive to others. With that said, Rush did what he did to stir up controversy and boost ratings for his show and Michael is honestly trying to help people with this terrible disease.

  27. jimmyboyo says


    your point would be valid if embryos were being destroyed

    These fetuses are from Fertility clinics and are being tossed into the trash

    We are actualy saving them from the trash can and wanting to put them to good use

    These embryos would be going to the local dump otherwise

  28. Marco says

    I am sure if stem cell research could cure impotence, drug dependency and obesity, Rush would leading the charge and raising millions of dollars for it.

  29. kabamabam says

    Tee hee. Someone googlebombed the story and it’s top of the Google news train on the story…so a lot of the closeted wingnut Foleys out there clicked, got an eyeful for themselves with the ads here and then hit and run with these troll posts.

    Don’t forget to call Specter and ask why Fox was exaggerating and acting in the Democratic TV ad and NOT exaggerating and acting in the Rethuglican ad?

    711 Hart Building
    Washington, DC 20510
    Tel: 202-224-4254

    And will Specter now return the $2000 Fox contributed to him and also start mocking Fox’s Parkinson symptoms, too?

  30. The Ghost of Jacob Marley says

    The Left doesn’t dare enter into a debate using only facts. Seems odd to me that the Left can call people fat, morons and hate-mongers and make fun of the fact that someone uses Viagra but God help anyone who makes “fun” of someone the Left admires. The hypocrisy of the Left is astounding. For instance, in Maryland there is an ad the the Left is boo-hooing over that depicts Ben Cardin as someone who will raise taxes, take away guns and, apparently, will party at the Playboy mansion. In the ad, a white womans says, “Call me sometime.” The Left and the Dems have gone nuts over this. They call the ad racist because of the white woman telling Ben to “call her sometime.” Aren’t we supposed to be a color blind society these days? Why does the Left see this a racist? What’s wrong with a black man dating a white woman? How is this racist? Here’s the kicker though; in the same state of Maryland, the Republican candidate, Michael Steele, was pelted with Oreo cookies by some Left wing “geniuses” while he was campaigning. Hmmm…who are the real racists? The Left in made up of holier-than-thou, hypocritical, narrow-minded pinheads who’s days are numbered. You’re all losers in everything you do. You can’t enter in the arena of debate without distorting the truth and your armament of insulting names. Just read the above posts and look at the hatred pouring out towards Rush Limbaugh – a man who is nothing more than a radio personality and who has the same freedom of speech as Michael. J. Fox. You morons!

  31. MICHAEL says

    Are you all stupid, getting caught up in political parody at midterm election time, or what? Fact, embrionic stem cells do not nor have they ever worked! Period. Adult stem cell research shows promise, without controversy. MJF put his own dumbass out there and now will pay the price. So just shut up already.

  32. Rascal says

    Regardless of where you stand on the research issue, Limbaugh’s antics were desperate and childish. Fox should absolutely be fair game for criticism on his politics, but not for his physical status. It was schoolyard bully behavior and it was ugly, sad, and indefensible.

  33. Brian to says

    Wow. What vitriol! No, embryonic stem cells haven’t produced clinically viable results yet, but the government hasn’t allowed the research to rule it out yet. Let’s let the scientific inquiry continue, and if it turns out that embryonic cells aren’t useful then the research community will jettison the idea on their own.

    And telling people to “shut up already” or calling people names does nothing to help make a point. Rush Limbaugh deserves the criticism he’s getting, but he’ll get over it. No one’s suggesting that he be arrested or killed. Calm down, people.

  34. Marco says

    Thanks Jacob Marley for that pants load of a post. Let me know when you who claims the left doesn’t argue with facts care to bring a fact into your argument.

    You’ve got the wrong state and candidate regarding the racist “call me” ad you mention.

    Rush Limbaugh lies so much, to print all of his blatant falsehoods in one post would crash the server. You’ve got to be kidding us – Rush argues with facts?

    Your Oreo cookie incident is a myth. A MYTH. No one can corroberate or produce any evidence that it even happened – including those who attended where the oreos were allegedly flying. Just because Hannity mentions it over and over does it make it real.

    I also find it hysterical that you attack the left for name calling, then let loose with a litany of Bill O’Reilly’s favorite attacks.

    We’re losers? Only in bizarro world of easily led, talking points fed wingnuts like yourself.

  35. Hayze says

    Rush needs to get his hearing fixed… Oh Wait he already did. Rush does not understand. Until you live with someone who has this disease, there is no understanding of what the family endures. Just like if you have not lost any loved one in this stupid war, you don’t understand why I want a troop pullout. Until Mr. Rush has lost a loved one or lives with a person with this disease I suggest he keep hit Fat, Bloated, unedcuated trap shut. Maybe he should ask his buddy Tom delay how it feels to be looking in from the outside because he danced a jig a few years ago when Tom Daschel was voted out of office. What goes around comes around Rush. Go Dem’s

  36. Hayze says

    Maybe MJF should sue Rush for slander and Liabel. Rush seems to be Dr. Rush so let him feel what a Malpractice lawsuit feels like.

    Look, anyone who thinks Limbaugh is right on this one either has their blinders on or cannot think beyond any republican Psychobabble rhetoric they are being fed thru their blow hole. Rush is wrong and should issue an appology not only to MJF but to eve person who suffers from this disease. These Republicans not only believe in God, they believe they ARE GOD.

  37. a foreigner says

    Some observations from a non-American:

    1. The MJF ad will prove to be the tipping point for this year’s mid-term election. It’s sincere, heart-wrenching and will win over those moderate and sitting-on-the-fence republicans;

    2. Thanks to their lack of religio-ideological burden, European and especially Asian countries like China, South Korea, Singapore are leading the race in stem cell research. For those Americans who are still doubtful about the benefits of stem cell research, please take a minute and look what’s happening overseas. The rest of the world (Asia & Europe) are investing vast amount of resources in such research, and that can only mean one thing: it holds tremendous promise for medical breakthroughs that would save lives and reduce sufferings.

  38. mark m says

    The number of Rush Trolls (get it, get it, it’s like RUSS trolls only…..nevermind) who have posted here is a reflection of how scared the right is.

    Good. They should be.

  39. jimmyboyo says



    please do the minimum amount of research necessary before posting.

    Adult stem cells show LESS promise than embryonic stem cells. Every single last study shows this to be a FACT. facts are not unicorns dancing around in our heads….they are REALITY

    Embryonic stem cells have show to cure BALDNESS in mice. In science, all you need is 1 thing to disprove a hypothesis, and your hypothesis of stem cells not being show to cure anything is FALSE

    I repeat

    Scientists have already shown that YES embryonic stem cells when injected just under the skin of bald (induced) mice = GREW HAIR

    I predict that when that info gets out more and spreads around……receding hair line Rush limbaugh will demand total government funding of embryonic stem cell research.

    Scientists have also shown that embryonic stem cells injected into the spinal columns of purposefuly sliced (handicapped) spinal column mice….they were able to regain mobility by a large percentage. the embryonic stem cells turned into spinal column stem cells and healed a large part of the damage.

    Now another study purposefuly done by wingnuts, I am sure, took human embryonic stem cells and injected those into the brains of mice where they formed tumors. The wingnuts jumped on this bandwagon but PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!! No tumors in the bald mice to hairy mice experiment and no tumors in the spinal cord experiment….the tumors happened when injecting HUMAN stem cells mice. The first 2 experiments utilized mice stem cells…..let’s talk about frankeinstein scientists…i submit wingnuts with an agenda injecting human stem cells into mice to try to make a point that any 1st grader would understand was sooooo flawed

  40. jimmyboyo says


    For your reading pleasure and stomach turning anger

    Wyoming Republican congress person Barbara Cubin went psycho on a diabled person in a wheel chair. This hate and anger towards the handicapped is prevelant amongst neo-cons (RB there is a little nod to you as a non neo-con republican whom I do not wish to tar with these types in the republican party)

    Recently Cubin when confronted by the Libertarian in the debate with some facts, threatened to slap him if he wasn’t in a wheel chair.

  41. Robert In WeHo says

    Sadly, as I was watching the Michael J. Fox interview with Katie Couric it dawned on me that Michael J. Fox is probably entering his last stage of Parkinsons and probably wont be with us much longer. It speaks to the strength of his character that he is choosing to use what time he has left to advocate for the betterment of humanity unlike his detractors on the right who have nothing but hate and anger to offer the world.

  42. jimmyboyo says

    Robert in Weho

    sadly Yepp

    I personaly would like to see the Christopher Reeve kids make a commercial stating how much their father fought for stem cell research and how much he supported Liberal politicians who supported stem cell research.

    I would then DARE Rush to bad mouth the legacy of Superman

  43. dave says

    I’ll never understand gay Republican conservatives. Entangling themselves in a philosophy and party that preaches hatred and abandonment of those who are different seems hypocritical. The Republicans didn’t give a damn about people dying of AIDs. Instead, they used it as a wedge issue to drive voters to the poll. Bush and company are now leaping on the NJ decision to scream about activist judges forcing gay marriage on America. While in Tennessee, the GOP is running blatantly racist ads to bring out the closet KKK vote.

    Rush Limbaugh is part of the Republican propaganda machine. Pointing out Limbaugh’s hypocrisy isn’t a personal attack as much as revealing the insincerity and cynical nature of his messages.

    Frankly, for too long, people in the center and left have stood by while extremists bullied, lied, and cheated to achieve their political goals, all the while wrapping themselves up in the Flag, God, and apple pie, even though they were happy to shred the Constitution in the process.

  44. RB says

    Ok, Jimboyo, I have wanted to stay out of this one as I like Michael J. Fox as an actor. No one my age wants to remember him for anything other than Family Ties or Back to the Future! I truly wish nothing but the best for him and would not attack him personally, however, I do not fully agree with him on this one. Perhaps I am not as good as Hillary at riding the fence on a hot topic, but I am in the middle here. Most importantly, I am NOT qualified to speak to this issue as I am not scientifically informed.

    I do, however, agree with stem cell research. I do not agree with amendment 2 in Missouri which basically allows for cloning. Not an option!

    In regards to MJF turning his sights to Maryland, check out this counter ad for the repub Michael Steele…

    I think that MJF is pandering and I am not a fan of pandering. There are still unanswered questions, in regards to my understanding, regarding stem cell research causing tumors in Parkinson patients. Again, the main reason I stay clear of this is because I am NOT a scientist and do NOT fully understand all pros and cons of the research. I do believe that we could benefit from the reseach and know that privately, stem research has gone on in the U.S. for years. In regards to public or private funds, NO CLONING! Other than that, I support the research, not MJF’s plee.

  45. Blair says

    God bless you, MJF.

    Rush, I hope you choke on your vicodin and die. You are one sorry son of a bitch. Someone who claims to shine a Christ spirit and can still mock a person who is ill can go straight to hell.

    I shit better turds than you.

  46. jimmyboyo says

    hey hey robert in weho

    Thank you for yesterday saying you had my back, but there has been a reconciliation between RB and I… don’t go there. Also I personaly like prunes. :-)

    RB I am not aware of all the details of the missouri bill. Hmmmm clonning. Now if true, that would alter this particular debate a bit in Missouri. I stress in Missouri.

    I recieved an e-mail from the Webb campaign saying that MJF will be in virginia campaigning with WEBB on Nov 2. I have no problems with MJF spreading himself around. Stems cells should be a national issue.

    On the national scale I do not think MJF is pandering, especialy since he did a campaign ad for 2 pro stem cell republicans back in 2004.

    On the Missouri case, I am big enough to aknowledge you might have a point. Thanks a lot……………splghhhhhhhhhhhh ­čśŤ (supposed to be me sticking my toungue out at you) I am now going to have to spend a rainy friday night in front of the computer doing research. Thanks. :-( Well, it is a rainy night and it is cold. maybe I will thank you for motivating me to stay home instead of catcing a cold while heading off to a bar. :-)

    Anyway; did you notice in one post I tried to stress a difference between a gay republican like yourself and neo-cons. I am trying to abide by the peace accord. :-)

  47. jimmyboyo says

    12:38 a.m. now technically Saturday morning.

    I did the research instead of braving the cold and rain to go to a bar. My Mr. Right better have not been out tonight or I am going to blame you RB for making me do this research instead of meeting him. LOL

    First, on the premise that not all republicans are bad I shall refer to all that is bad in the republican party as neo-cons and if you want you can call everything that is bad about the dems as the DLC (hillary’s bush lite people….LOL)

    Anyway; those neo-cons (repubs who are against stem cells) who are against Amendment 2 have smudged the facts quite a bit.

    Yes, Amendment 2 does allow Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer on pg 4. But the reason/ basis/point behind this is because embryonic stem cells that are derived from one’s own genetic make up would be less likely to be rejected.

    Now this does take 1 great point away from dems on “we are just using embryos from fertility clinics that would end up in the trash anyway.”

    BUT what it allow is for the taking of ovum from fertility clinics that would end up in the trash anyway (when ovum are harvested from donors for the use by non fertile women……the hormones given to the donor causes the release of multiple ovum vs just 1 usually up to 10 on average to be harvested at one time. Many of these harvested ovum do not get stored and used in fertility treatments. They end up in the trash) Ovum are unfertilized eggs

    Ok….please bear with me. I am not a science text book writer.

    One venue of research is to take these excess ovum and taking a cell from a patient. The nucleus is removed from the ovum and discarded. The nucleus from the patient cell is inserted into the ovum. Now technically this is the starting point for making a “clone” But not really. There is a lot more. A ton more to go from that to a Dolly (first full grown cloned animal)

    This new ovum is thus much like a fertilized egg in that it has 48 chromosomes as vs 24 which an unfertilized ovum would have. The genetic material in it is the patients….it begins the process that all fertilized eggs do. Cells start to divide and within the first 10 days you can harvest stem cells derived from the exact genetic material of the patient and thus less likely to be rejected. The harvested stem cells are then coaxed into reproducing more stem cells in petrii dishes which are still all derived from the patient’s own genetic material

    Now here is the issue. If one views a 10 day old embryo as a person then I can understand, though totally disagree with, your position against Amendment 2.

    BUT if, as I and many others, you do not view a 10 day old embryo as a full on human being then it is perfectly acceptable and after harvesting the stem cells the embryo can be discarded.

    Technically one could take the 10 day old (after stem cells harvested) embryo and try to get it to attach to the wall lining of a uterus and via a lot of intervention on the behalf of doctors (in vitro pregnancies are not as simple as non invitro pregnancies and must be monitored and tweaked or they end up as miscarriages anyway) one could technically gestate a child that would have your genetic material a so-called clone. I say so-called because what few of the masses realize that even with your exact genetic material to start with it would not be a clone in the classical sense. Look at Identical twins for example. The uterus said embryo would grow in is different from your mother’s and thus different levels of hormones and nutrients delivered to it which do affect genes and how those genes manifest certain traits. A ton of environmental factors would take affect causing said embryo to be somewhat different from you. Identical twins are different in a lot of ways despite having the same genetic material due to chance and environmental factors in the mothers womb. Now your so-called clone would be in a different uterus years if not decades away from the same uterus you were born from etc.

    So yes and no it allows for cloning

    It does allow for Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer with good scientific reason. It does not necessarily forbid some mad scientist trying utilizing said 10 old embryo for cloning purposes. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missouri law does NOT currently forbid cloning. Thus I at this moment if I lived in Missouri and with the proper equipment and supplies could clone a person or animal. This amendment seeks to finance stem cell research….stem cell research is already legal. Now what the Missouri legislature needs to do is specifically pass a law to forbid cloning. Otherwise even if amendment did not pass, I could still go to Missouri and clone a person. What I think you RB are partly concerned about is government financing of cloning…what is done with the embryo after 10 days (actual time…..un frozen).

    Based on this

    Amendment 2 should pass thus allowing financing of stem cell research in Missouri, and then the state legislature should pass a law forbidding specifically cloning or at least non gov financing of cloning.

    Maybe the amendment was not written in the best way, but neither is the opposition to it being done in the best way. If the true fear is cloning then outlaw cloning because anyone and their mother can legally clone in Missouri at this time.

    Has the Federal US government illegalized cloning at this time within the borders of the US? I am sure gov funding of clonning is illegal in the US at the moment. thus actualy Missouri does not have to pass a law on that, but only on outlawing clonning if the opponents are being truthful about their reason for opposition (which I doubt many fundies are being)

  48. jimmyboyo says


    and when the legislature, if it can, pass a law forbiding clonning in missouri….it needs to be a specific law outlining the deffinition of clonning as from the 10 day period (after harvesting stem cells) on…..

  49. RB says

    Ok, so I am impressed with the research and my defense to Robert In Weho!!!! Hopefully your Mr. Right stayed in last night as well and you missed out on nothing.

    I have always supported stem cell research and have no problems with full funding of said research. I have sated that here. I agree with your assessment that the law could have been better written and I KNOW that the opposition is using scare tactics as well. I do not approve of that anymore that MJF’s ads.

    I am not in support of any legislation that opens any loop holes for potential cloning. I simply cannot support that. I do try to educate myself before I vote or post and I did that on amendment 2 yesterday, although not as extensively as you have. I feel as though that “loop hole” was placed purposely in the legislation and I have personal issues with that.

    I hate coming out against amendment 2 because you automatically get labeled as “against” stem cell research and I am NOT. I am just against the potential cloning.

    I appreciate your research! I will do some of my own and return later. NOW I have to spend my Saturday morning staring at the computer and doing my own research. Thanks…LOL

  50. says

    I don’t think what Rush was trying to say was insensitive, it was simply uneducated. He hadn’t seen MJF exhibiting symptoms like that before; unfortunately, before speaking, he failed to educate himself about it. In a following segment, Rush apologized, said he’d apologize to MJF (I don’t know if he did that), and tried to make it better. All you can ask of people who say uneducated, hurtful things is for them to apologize and become educated – it seems Rush did that.

    MJF sounded great in the interview with Katie Couric. He has always seemed like a genuine person, even before his disease set in. Couric, of course, tried to get MJF to attack Rush, but MJF stayed focused on the positive and on the subject, and I was really impressed with that.

  51. RB says

    Ok, jimmyboyo I have done some research and stand by my opposition to amendment 2. For me it is simply based upon ANY potential cloning because I am opposed to the “manipulation” of life period. And my explanation, I know, is going to open a whole new can of worms. Just remember, I am in favor of stem cell research. I do NOT oppose the research just the potential cloning.

    I cannot support the practice of embryo eugencis or cloning because I feel we are moving into dangerous territory! Medical technology is advancing rapidly and I believe that we will isolate a genetic predisposition for being gay at some point in the future.

    An estimated 10 million girls have been “selectivly” aborted in the last 20 years in India, and surveys estimate somewhere between 70 and 90% of fetuses with Down’s syndrome are aborted as well. If we allow the “loophole” for cloning and the common practice of embryo eugenics grows we could see more parents searching for ways to ensure the “perfect” child! I cannot support that.

    If in fact we do find the “gay” gene or anything that could potentially predispose the child to being gay, how many selective abortions will take place then? What about prenatal “intervention” of the fetus to reduce it likelyhood of being gay? We already have conversion therapy now. What makes anyone think that development of some sort of conversion prenatal therapy or gene manipulation could be next?

    I believe that gay is hereditary, personal thoughts only, as I have a gay brother, one lesbian and three gay cousins within four generations of my father’s side of the family. If we can isolate the “potential” for being gay, it will place the gay community at odds with cloning, embryo eugenics and selective abortion.

    As a community, we support abortion on demand. I do not. Again, I am NOT anti-abortion! I simply want regulations that prevent my fears. It also places me in stark opposition to Hillary as my daughter should NOT be able to have an abortion without my knowledge so long as she is a minor! She cannot have her teath cleaned without my concent so why in hell should she be able to have an abortion?

    I could see some Christians currently oposed to abortion suddenly “considering” selective abortions or other manipulation of life through cloning as soon as they can wrap their minds around the idea that they are “saving” their potential gay child from hell eternal!

    So there you go. I MAY be out there and I am sure that someone here will tell me, but I am far to conservative to allow any potential manipulation of life. I feel there are simply too many risks involved and that is my opinion. If anyone disagrees it will not be the first time that I have been called delusional on towleroad. LOL

  52. art star says

    Ignoring all the political arguments on this thread (not even going to go there), can we just talk about how much that Katie Couric interview breaks my heart? Just… sad. Can’t-see-the-screen-through-the-tears sad.

  53. patrick nyc says


    First of all to end your post with a LOL is just plain stupid. This subject, even your comments, are nothing to laugh about. Your second sentence says a lot about your argument.

    ” For me it is simply based upon ANY potential cloning because I am opposed to the “manipulation” of life period. ”

    If anyone has manipulated anyone or anything in this country it is Bush and the neocons, the war in Iraq is top of the list, followed by the gay bashing over gay marriage. The bill in Missouri clearly states that any laws concerning stem cells will have to abide by laws passed by the Federal Government. Great posts Jimmyboyo by the way.

    As for this fear of cloning, unless they plan on cloning Bush, Rove or Limbaugh we have nothing to fear. Johnny Depp or Jennifer Aniston I would approve of though. If anyone thinks that cloning will become widespread, they are more clueless than I thought. It would cost a fortune to do so and those who have the money can do so outside the country if they wish to anyway. The only real fear is if they try to do so with Bush, Rove or that windbag Rush.

    I’d like to end by saying that it is a shame that Rush has not been convicted of his using his maid to buy drugs, something he has railed against for years. He is, as Al Franken put so well, A big fat stupid idiot. I wonder why we are getting all these pro Rush and GOP posts lately, are they targeting gay sites before the election you think?

  54. Damon says


    ” All you can ask of people who say uneducated, hurtful things is for them to apologize and become educated – it seems Rush did that.”

    The man has enough history of saying and doing uneducated and hurtful things enough to fill a college textbook.

  55. Zeke says

    I am impressed by BOTH Jimmyboyo’s AND RB’s comments. They both bring up very valid points to consider. After reading their thoughtful comments I realize that I have a lot more research and contemplation to do before I can solidify my position on the matter.

    I fully support stem cell research but I need to give more thought to my feelings on how it should be accomplished; and more specifically how it should be funded, regulated and supplied.

    One thing that I am most certain of however, is that Rush Limbaugh is a rude, thoughtless, arrogant, hypocritical, blowhard shill for all things neocon.

    Thanks Jimmyboyo and RB for your food for thought. And THANKS, by the way, for your civility in this discussion.

  56. RB says

    I forgot to say thanks for Jimmyboyo for making the distinction between me and the “others”!!! I appreciate the nod…

    (RB there is a little nod to you as a non neo-con republican whom I do not wish to tar with these types in the republican party)

  57. jimmyboyo says

    zeke thanks for your post.

    MJF is on This Week with George Stephenopoulos.

    Not an exact quote but something he said was profound

    It is at a dangerous point of shut the doors, shut the windows, and hide in the dark. Do not let us see you suffering.

    At one point he hit a “sweet spot” of his meds kicking in and jokingly did flail his arms and legs and laughed. Rendering criticism into a joke is a GREAT debate tactic. That one really turned Rush into a fool

    The camera just pulled back and MJF’s legs are constantly twitching up and down.

    So very sad.

    George just ended the interview with “we asked Rush Limbaugh to come on, but he declined”

  58. jimmyboyo says


    I just found my candidate for 2008 and need to pimp him


    Retired General Wesley Clark

    His just doing a commercial for Ned lamont the actual Democrat candidate in CT, the stuff I remember about him in the 2004 primaries, his tireless campaigning for dem candidates across the country, his progressive stance on a lot of issues, and most especialy his 100 year vision


    A politician who actualy has a 100 year vision for America.

    Oh, and that he saved 1 million albanians from genocide, the former head of NATO which will help restore our alliances, and last but not least

    He is a cute older man. :-)

  59. Cory says

    A FOREIGNER: Exactly. Your post was the most intelligent, calm and educated of ANY of them here. It absolutely amazes and sickens me how the religion has blinded so many people from the truth. The left, the right, who cares? All this is doing is creating hateful, ignorant people. This country is killing itself and we’re all too caught up to see it…

  60. jimmyboyo says

    Over at Daily Kos in the thread dealing with MJF’s apperance today on George Stephenopoulos’ show

    Someone brought up a very great point.

    Ireland, Korea, China, Japan, etc are all going gung ho with financing embryonic stem cell research. When they perfect it and are able to cure all manner of problems……….will these anti-embryonic stem cell politicians and voters swear/ take an oath that they will NOT seek such treatments………..

    A poster over there suggested asking in front of news cameras

    “Sir/ madam do you publicly swear an oath right this moment to NEVER ever seek treatment based on emrbyonic stem cell research that will be perfected in a foreign country due to america’s not doing the research?”

  61. Luis says

    God, am I glad I’m not American. If this is the way some of you treat fellow country men who decide to voice an opinion on an issue that concerns them, but also thousands of Americans and people worldwide, just because he also happens to be a celebrity; if some of you call yourselves Christians and pray to God and then display a lot of Christian “tolerance” and treat people as animals, just because they decide to voice their opinion, with their own money, in their own time and who just happen to be a celebrity; if this is the best example you can give the world, then we’re in real trouble.
    And yet, I’ve been reading Andy’s blog for the past year. It is no doubt a left wing blog, or it seems so and yet even right wing people can voice their opinions here. That is democratic, which is not what one can say about some comments on MJF illness and political decision.
    As someone wrote Nancy Reagan and her son supported John Kerry’s position on stem cell research. I know, I know, she’s obviously gone senile and her son is most certainly on democrat’s payroll or on drugs or something…
    Please, if you don’t have anything intelligent to say, don’t. Democracy is also knowing how to voice your opinion respecting your opponent’s. Remember Voltaire’s supposed comment: “I disagree with you, but I will give my life for your right to express your opinions!” That goes for anyone on the left or the right of the political spectrum.
    Meanwhile we, on the other side of the world, just watch in dismay how anyone can be so humiliated and rudely caricatured, because, like you and me he has an opinion and he just happens to be a celebrity, whatever in this day and age of reality tv that can possibly mean, but that would be another thread.

  62. R. Wolf says

    Alfred, if you are so convinced Rush ‘is the man’ why don’t you explain why you believe this instead of insulting the mental abilities of everybody who defends an optimistic, kind man? Rush went too far when he imitated Michael Fox’s symptoms. Even if it’s an onset of his medication, he still needs to live through it every day of his life, unlike you and Rush, who sit back in a large, comfortable leather chair, criticizing people who want to save others from diseases.

    ~R. Wolf

    Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, it’s about how to dance in the rain – Taylor Swift