The Stewart-Whites of SF: Real Family Values

Stewart_4Great piece in the SF Chronicle about Gregory Stewart and Stillman White who have been together for 26 years and have adopted 5 children of color, ages 6 to 13, from broken homes since 1999:

“When Stewart and White first met their boys, the children were embittered and rejected, bereft of love, abandoned by their biological parents and betrayed by caretakers. A few were at risk from the outset, prenatally exposed to alcohol or cocaine and forced into detox as infants.

All but David, who was adopted as a baby, suffered constant upheaval, switching families and schools frequently. All survived many cruelties and indignities.

They were wanted by no one. But Stewart and White saw them as beautiful children with unlimited potential.

‘The kids came to us confused,’ says Stewart. ‘They did not trust adults — and why should they? Adults told them one thing and did something else. These kids have been through lives that most of us can’t imagine. It is amazing they can do what they do today.'”

Stewart will be installed next Sunday as the first openly gay minister of the San Francisco Unitarian Universalist Church. A committee interviewed more than 30 ministers before unanimously electing Stewart to the post.

Anybody who thinks gays shouldn’t be allowed to adopt needs to read this story, and watch the video.

The forever family
Finally home: A white gay couple wanting a family. Five children of color needing a home. A San Francisco church seeking a minister. Done.
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