1. yoyomo says

    I loves me some Alan Cumming. Saw him in Cabaret and he was wonderful.

    Congraulations to them both!

  2. David S says

    I met Alan in a bar in Austin with another (real) friend of mine who was working on a movie with him and was showing him around. So I see my friend and say hello and then I turn to his friend and it was Mr. Cumming.

    So I stare at him for a second trying to figure out how I know him and then it clicks and I just blurt out “I loved Titus!”

    /starstruck idiot
    //he was very nice

  3. Michael W. says

    Alan Cumming is a doll baby! A doll baby with a dirty mind and a permanent mischievous, shit-eating grin on its face… I love him!

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Cumming’s only true love is himself. Best of luck to all of them in their threesome.”


  5. sneakfreak says

    It’s true. Alan and Grant are good friends of mine. Just spent some time with them in London – which is when they announced their engagement. Our friends and I couldn’t be happier.

  6. jeff says

    Okay, look, I know I should be open-minded because I am gay, but if we’re fighting for equality and gay marriage, shouldn’t we also be of the mindset that marriage is a committed relationship between two partners?

    While it is lovely that gay celebrities are taking up various governments on the ability to wed, shouldn’t we share our hearty applause for those couplings that are, indeed, true couplings?

    Having notoriously promiscuous Alan Cumming (give me a break if you think otherwise; trust me) and whore-mongering Elton (again, trust me) – unrepetant philanderers – announcing nuptials gives the “other side” way too much ammo to once again trumpet gays’ inability to stay monogamous.

    Not to say marriage is necessarily “sacred” (I’m not self-loathing, afterall), but, really, we should kind of show some respect for the institution before we, um, shit on it.

    Sorry, Alan and Elton, to use you as scapegoats. I hope you’ve both found true love.

  7. Daniel says

    Jeff, what makes you think that either Elton or Alan Cumming are not in commited relationships?

  8. 24play says

    Jeff, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    Gays will treat the institution of marriage with just as much respect as straights do.

    You are self-loathing if you think gays have to prove themselves worthy of marriage. Straights don’t. Why should we?

    It’s a civil right, not a privilege. And monogamy is strictly optional.

  9. Ron says

    I know lots of gay couples who’ve been together for decades. Far longer than any straight couples I know.

  10. gay is the new straight says

    Well said 24PLAY, just what I was thinking. Just because you are in a committed relationship or marriage doesn’t automatically assume you are monogamus, whatever works, whatever works.

  11. Banditcoot says

    Great to ANOTHER BRIT PERSONALITY who is out and proud and not afraid to be what they are!!.. shame this doesn’t happen with more American MALE celebrities..

  12. Banditcoot says

    In response to JEFFs comments.. I too don’t belive in “marriage” for either homo or heterosexuals as it is an outdated concept which is still being championed by outdated and in some cases extremely homophobic institutions. The difference between a “religious” marriage and a “civil partnership” for couples of either sexual persuasion cannot be overstated, all “marriages” SHOULD be “civil partnerships”.. and religion should be kept out of it all together.. just think about it, what relevance does that ceremony, (honour and obey etc.).. have in todays society. Churches should stick to saving souls and keep their beaks out of peoples private lives.
    And the point about monogamy and promiscuity.. again what the heck does that have to do with a civil partnership??.. No referal to sexual exclusivity is part of the process so any couples who wish to have “open” sexual relationships within their partnerships are perfectly within their rights to do so. It seems JEFF would like us to conform to the Heterosexual stereotype of marrying, having a “committed” relationship and then divorcing within 6 months, so we can move on to ANOTHER “committed” relationship…
    If anyone is denegrating Marriages and partnerships, it’s these serial HETEROSEXUL espousers who seem to currently dominate hollywood and the media and are setting a reall great example for all..

  13. EM says

    A few observations…

    Congrats! And Alan looks totally rajjed in that pic! Way-hey!!! That must have been some party!

    If Jeff thinks straight people aren’t philandering whores (including the minute they’ve put rings on fingers) then he doesn’t understand people as a whole.

    As celebs, how do we even know that these stories about celebs ‘philandering’ aren’t blown out of all proportion anyway? We don’t. Quite often, the internet is it’s own worst enemy for gossip as ‘fact’.

    Alan is talented, and keeps a lowish profile but enjoys his fun. Even if he fools around, who’s to say his partner doesn’t and they both consent to that? We don’t know.

    Whatever, I wish them all the best. I think it’s good for people to have a true rock to get old with because fame and fortune doesn’t last forever but real love and friendship can last a lifetime and those are really what we’d all like to have at the end of the day. I hope they can make it work.

  14. Tyler says

    I loved him on the L Word…I always think of Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream when I see him smile…chacun a son goût