Charlie Crist’s Election Eve Civil Union Flip-Flop

Charlie Crist, Florida Attorney General and Gubernatorial front-runner, has said that he supports civil unions for gay couples, but a recent statement from a Crist spokeswoman reveals a distrubing flip-flop on the eve of the election.

Crist_foleySaid spokeswoman Erin Isaac to the Daily Business Review: “Charlie Crist … believes that private individuals may enter contractual relationships with each other; however, he does not support the state extending marital benefits to nontraditional couples.”

The significant narrowing of Crist’s definition has upset Log Cabin Republicans in Florida:

“[Crist’s statement is] not what most gay rights supporters mean by civil unions…’Charlie Crist has adamantly said he supports civil unions,’ said Patrick Howell, an Orlando attorney who supports Crist. ‘He needs to put his money where his mouth is and get a constitutional amendment to create unions.'”

Does Crist really want to be drawing attention to his dubious positions on gay issues when allegations that he has had homosexual relationships are beginning to spatter across the media? Is it only so long before Crist becomes the next Mark Foley?

(via americablog)


  1. RJP3 says

    Gay Republicans make me sick.
    Closeted Gay Republicans are worse.
    Closeted Gay Republican Politician – can there be anything more selfish or self-hating in 2006 ???

  2. Larry says

    You know, I do not support people being forced out of the closet. This is a private decision that should be made when and if a person is ready.

    That being said, self-loathing hypocrites like Charlie Crist and Ted Haggard deserve every ounce of public scrutiny and outing they get. How can these people have the balls to try and dictate how people can live their lives and then in private do the same things they mandate against? I hope Charlie Crist either loses this election, or wins and is forced to resign before he takes office in some gay sex scandal.

    What a grotesque human being.

  3. Zeke says

    Yet the Orlando chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans is still claiming that he supports civil unions and trying to convince people that Crist’s latest statements have been misunderstood. They are still endorsing him based on his support for civil unions.

    These people are truly delusional.

  4. Wayne says

    Did anyone see American Dad on Sunday? It was all about the Log Cabin Republicans… hysterically funny and right on the money!

  5. Marco says

    I hope Crist wins and then every guy he ever fucked outs him on Wednesday so he has to resign (because you know he just would) before he even gets close to being sworn in.

  6. mark m says

    Can you imagine the amount of money certain hustlers are being offered this week by (fill in the blank with closeted public figure) to keep them quiet?

    If I were a publisher I would be offering a six figure book deal to anyone who could come out with the goods on this guy.