Charlie Crist’s Election Eve Civil Union Flip-Flop

Charlie Crist, Florida Attorney General and Gubernatorial front-runner, has said that he supports civil unions for gay couples, but a recent statement from a Crist spokeswoman reveals a distrubing flip-flop on the eve of the election.

Crist_foleySaid spokeswoman Erin Isaac to the Daily Business Review: “Charlie Crist … believes that private individuals may enter contractual relationships with each other; however, he does not support the state extending marital benefits to nontraditional couples.”

The significant narrowing of Crist’s definition has upset Log Cabin Republicans in Florida:

“[Crist’s statement is] not what most gay rights supporters mean by civil unions…’Charlie Crist has adamantly said he supports civil unions,’ said Patrick Howell, an Orlando attorney who supports Crist. ‘He needs to put his money where his mouth is and get a constitutional amendment to create unions.'”

Does Crist really want to be drawing attention to his dubious positions on gay issues when allegations that he has had homosexual relationships are beginning to spatter across the media? Is it only so long before Crist becomes the next Mark Foley?

(via americablog)