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CNN Censors Footage of Bill Maher Outing Ken Mehlman

As noted by some of Towleroad's readers in the comments section, CNN edited the west coast feed of Larry King Live and cut out Bill Maher's comments outing RNC Chair Ken Mehlman. Thanks to John at AmericaBlog for the clips... First clip is the original, second is the edited version.

Who is CNN trying to protect?

UPDATE: As you'll see the above video on the left is gone from YouTube. CNN sent out a cease and desist letter to YouTube, ordering them to take the uncensored version down. The uncensored version is still up at the Huffington Post.

Shame on CNN.

CNN censors Bill Maher, deletes Larry King Live segment where Maher outs GOP party chair Ken Mehlman as gay [americablog]

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  1. Yep youtube has pulled the uncensored one due to copyright but they somehow feel the edited one is not a copyright problem. Youtube is part of the problem now.

    Posted by: scottyferguson | Nov 9, 2006 6:37:14 PM

  2. the problem is this:
    cnn's can be named in a defamation suit if doesn't have factual information to back up the claim. we all know that most new stations lump in fact and opinion all the time, but due to the high profile of the target, a suit is highly likely. they probably would win, but don't need the bad press or financial burden of a suit.

    Posted by: marrijain | Nov 9, 2006 6:55:09 PM

  3. They always do that, sometimes people find out, others they dont.

    Posted by: | Nov 9, 2006 7:27:02 PM

  4. Sorry, I don't buy the "they're afraid of a lawsuit" theory. In my admittedly very superficial understanding of the law, essentially Mehlman would have to prove somehow he isn't gay, that Maher wasn't simply expressing an opinion [versus, e.g., the porn guy's culpability because he claimed he had direct knowledge of Tom Cruise being gay from having had sex with him], that Maher had malice, and that there was damage to him from the statement.

    CNN was simply buckling to pressure and bluffing and their own essential homophobia.
    See: Cooper, Anderson.

    Posted by: Leland | Nov 9, 2006 7:31:28 PM

  5. Bill just needs to shut up. When he talks about gays there is always a smirk on his face. He finds us amusing, like little children. Does he find messing with one's career and private life entertaining?

    I don't agree with most who sue because of a "gay" accusation but if Ken is fired and demoted because of morons like Bill, then he should sue. It is no one's right to out someone and put someone's life and job in possible jeopardy. I don't like that it is STILL this way but it is. I don't remember Ken preaching negatively from a pulpit about gays or voting for anti-gay laws so leave him be.

    Posted by: Mike | Nov 9, 2006 7:31:39 PM

  6. I hope Bill never shuts up. I hope he keeps talking and calling these hypocrits on their bullshit. Also, he has a smirk on his face no matter what he's talking about. His nickname could be McSmirky.

    Posted by: dbmcvey | Nov 9, 2006 7:51:43 PM

  7. ...and the left video is removed!! The censorship continues...I want to see it XD.

    Posted by: misa*key | Nov 9, 2006 8:36:16 PM

  8. I'm moving on to BBC.

    Posted by: Damien | Nov 9, 2006 10:15:06 PM

  9. Hmm..
    I don't think it was right for Maher to have made such a comment, and though I totally see where he's coming from, being tired of the hypocracy myself, perhaps this Ken person has internalized his homosexuality in such a way to promote the hatred of them. I think homosexuality is great, but definetly a struggle for someone to accept it, especially when in such an unaccepting position.

    I don't know.. it's complicated.. I could see how CNN would want to censor it.

    Posted by: Sinead | Nov 9, 2006 11:34:27 PM

  10. It was perfectly ethical to out Ken Mehlman. People in the private sector deserve their privacy, but public leaders live under a different set of ethical expectations, especially when they attain positions of real power.

    Mehlman is a national party leader who exercised power over many of our lives. He and his party raised same sex marriage as a national campaign issue, villifying us nationally as a voter turnout tactic. Not only did he support all the constitutional amendments villifying gay men just like him, but he also made campaign commercials portraying Harold Ford with sexually charged racist stereotypes to beat him in Tennessee.

    There is absolutely no reason that Mehlman deserves 'privacy' on this issue. He's waged campaigns on the private lives of all of us, demonizing gay men and black men - The public spotlight he was shining on others rightfully deserves to be shined on him.

    Why do people think that it's appropriate to hide the sexuality of someone who wants to make sexuality a political issue to campaign on? He's raised the issue himself.

    Posted by: SFNathan | Nov 10, 2006 12:20:37 AM

  11. Gawd...why is America so behind?
    Being GAY is such an non-topic in other counties.

    Posted by: Clara | Nov 10, 2006 12:44:34 AM

  12. I sent an email to CNN yesterday, asking for an explanation of their censorship. No reply yet.

    Posted by: soulbrotha | Nov 10, 2006 12:18:09 PM

  13. and now YouTube has taken down the original clip at the request of CNN, the copyright holder. isn't there an exception to copyright when it's a news item?

    Posted by: djr4000 | Nov 10, 2006 1:32:53 PM

  14. Outing someone who is gay, is not something i would normally agree with.
    But this individual has done his (or "her") level best to hurt "himself" and other GBLT people through his politics.
    He is a traitor to his politics, sexuality, family members and even himself.
    Like all politicians it has to be assumed that simply standing on the soapbox, will bring sellouts and compromises with the devil.
    He is a good example of this.

    Posted by: Kiwi | Nov 10, 2006 4:31:20 PM

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