Daniel Craig to Execs: Give Bond a Gay Scene


Daniel Craig has reportedly requested that studio execs “modernize” the Bond series by including gay scenes as well as full-frontals “to please both his male and female admirers” (like Dame Judi Dench).

Said Craig: “Why not? I think in this day and age, fans would have accepted it. I mean, look at (British TV series) Doctor Who – that has had gay scenes in it and no one blinks an eye.”

I hate when these items come with no attribution (par for the course for Contact Music) but it did give me the opportunity to post these caps of the gripping “torture” scene from Casino Royale which was more about Craig’s glistening musculature than the brutal action being taken on his nads.

If you haven’t seen the new Bond flick, it’s pretty fantastic.


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  1. mark m says

    Craig’s body is certainly showcased several times in the film, but the appeal is that Casino Royale is one of – if not the best – James Bond film to come out in decades (94% on Rotten Tomatoes).

    Notice Craig did not say Bond would be in these gay scenes. But there’s no reason why his CIA counterpart Felix couldn’t be gay and Bond could flirt with him in the way Bond flirted with Moneypenny in the old series.

    I’m all for a bisexual Bond… I just don’t think that’s going to fly with the masses.

  2. jmg says

    I realize that Daniel Craig can be a bit…distracting, but I must say I thought Eva Green was just as breathtaking (well, almost).

  3. Gary says

    I enjoyed Casino Real very much, and did think it was the best JB film in decades. And I’m all for his attempt to bring the gay element in (along with the full frontal!), but wonder how they will hold onto a PG-13 rating. Usually the moment any film shows a man’s tackle it is a NC-17 rating. What hypocrisy.

  4. says

    All I have to say about that testicle torture scene is that I thought it was unrealistic (which I accepted). If a man were really hit like that, not only would he probably vomit, or faint, but the testicles would have likely been fragmented from the trauma. Anyone else agree?

  5. Thomas says

    Glad someone is mentioning the exceptional new “Doctor Who”. Does gay America know that it’s helmed by the guy who created “Queer As Folk”? It’s brilliant, and while it doesn’t have *tons* of gay content, it has enough gay content treated as “normal” to make it really captivating. John Barrowman got his own television show out of it.

  6. yummy says

    I just knew I loved Daniel Craig, and now I know why. Not only is he gorgeous, but he also has a keen intellect!

  7. Steve says

    Actually, the movie wasn’ that good. Other than the scenery, the story was all over the place.

    As for Daniel Craig, it’s his body people are attracted to, not his face. Watching that movie gave me a headache. Every shot of him was different. Finally realized that it’s hard to shoot a man’s face that isn’t classically handsome. It gives you a headache to have to re-focus each time he comes on screen.

    As for Eva Green, she’s a knock out.

  8. Feces says

    Um… consider the source. As Andy points out, this story comes from ContactMusic which is known for TOTALLY FABRICATING stories & quotes.

    Just keep that in mind & try not to get your hopes up.


  9. says

    Well, if Daniel Craig needs a volunteer for his gay scene plot, I think I could be coaxed to engage in some hot, on-screen, steamy action as the newest Bond Girly Man. I can be holding some top-secret information that I’ll only give up when he gives up…

    well, I’ll leave the details to the screenwriter.


  10. Gino says

    Good to hear Daniel suggest this. And it’s another reason why Europeans are better than us Americans (in someways).

    I can totally see Bond using his sexuality to get what he wants from women AND men. He doesn’t have to BE gay to flirt with some evil-but-hot villan (like Le Chiffre in Casino Royale–sans the nasty eye) but I think a good 00 would use whatever it takes to get the information and get the job done.

  11. Gino says

    Jake, I agree to an extent.

    My friends and I figured this scene was one reason why Bond sleeps around so much—he can’t have kids.

    There is little way his testicles would be working after that torture. And frankly I’m surprised that scene was in the movie. And then Le Chiffre was going to cut them off and feed it to him?! Yikes.

    There is a lot of homoeroticsm there, but the whole concept of this scene is very disturbing…

  12. whatever says

    Gay blogs only prove that even we can argue over anything. What could possibly be wrong with a much loved fictional charecter who has always been hetero to now have both hetero and homo interactions. It is great, and it is a positive sign of the future that a new movie star would say this. We should all hope that it turns out to be true.

  13. jessejames says

    “All I have to say about that testicle torture scene is that….” ….clearly our hero has brass balls! Or maybe Steele?

  14. says

    All Daniel Craig is doing it “working” the gay community. He and we all know that there will NEVER be a gay scene in a James Bond movie. He’s never going to break into a room to find 2 guys kissing or fucking.

    He’s just doing this for PR purposes and as for the “nude” scene that will NEVER happen, all we’ll get is a bare butt scene.

    I’m tired of people who feel Daniel Craig is “fighting” for us when in fact he’s just trying to our sexual attraction towards him.

  15. woodroad34 says

    Remember Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, the two gay killers from Diamonds are Forever? BTW, Daniel Craig is both handsome and sexy. With him, you’ve got a real man with flaws, not some playboy who happens to be a spy, e.g. Roger Moore (and to a lesser extent, Pierce Brosnan). If you want classically handsome, then you’ve got nothing but a pretty boy…just think (if you can) of Tom Cruise — yuck.

  16. says

    All Daniel Craig is doing is “working” the gay community. He as well as the gay community knows that there will NEVER be a gay scene in a James Bond movie. Let’s face it, James is never going to break into a room to find 2 guys kissing or fucking, not that that would be the only kind of gay scene but you get my point.

    He’s just doing this for PR purposes and as for the “nude” scene that will NEVER happen, all we’ll get is a bare butt scene.

    I’m tired of people who think people like Daniel Craig are “fighting” for us behind the scenes when in fact he’s just trying to use our sexual attraction in his favor.

    Fixed all the typos! Whoops!

  17. Pandora says

    I’ve been a fan of Danny Craig for ten years.

    Haven’t had a chance to see the new Bond flick.

    But from the stills…I’m lovin’ it already.

    Great actor.

    Check out these films:

    Love is the devil or The Mother.

    One of his best roles was in the mini-series from the mid-90’s called ” Our friends in the North”….absolutely heartbreaking performance from Danny Craig as the character “Geordie”. Loved it.

  18. mark m says

    Gris, if you want to avoid hearing homos speculate about Bond’s sexuality, STAY THE FUCK OFF A GAY BLOG.

  19. Karen says

    I’m a straight female and I vote ‘yes’ on both, please: (1) More full-frontal (enough with the double-standard on that already, OK?) and (2) Bondy gettin’ bizzy. I’d love to watch Craig flirting with Felix (or whomever else)! There’s something about this 007 that makes a bi-scenario believable and oh-so-sexy. How about a 3-way? Rawr!

  20. kk says

    just look at the way he walks in the movie.. he is sooooo gay…. and one scene showing off his armpits.. gay!

  21. kkisaloser says

    just look at the way he walks in the movie.. he is sooooo gay…. and one scene showing off his armpits.. gay!

    Posted by: kk | Nov 29, 2006 8:27:02 PM

    Your sad lil’ post… gay! =P

    Whatever. I think making Bond bi is pretty awesome, but I doubt most hardcore Bond fans would like that. I get the feeling that they would make a huge stink out of it like they did when they first found out that Daniel Craig was the new Bond.

  22. Rob (lrdarystar) says

    1) Daniel Craig isn’t a pretty boy. He’s sexy and has a great body and maybe some might find him ruggedly handsome. I, well.. I don’t find his face that attractive but that’s not what it’s really about.
    2) I’d have to agree Pierce Brosnan is classicly handsome. I never found him sexy though.
    3) Wouldn’t a pretty boy playing Bond be more like Tom Welling or some such thing? I imagine 20 to 30ish with boyish features and less-muscled body.
    4) I don’t know how I feel about Bond doing a bi or gay scene. I’d enjoy it in a sexual way. Sure would be hot…but I’d rather Bond be Bond and be true to the character.
    5) I liked the movie but it really was all over the place.

  23. steve says

    Is everyone else forgetting that the guy playing felix is so not up to scale with DC on the ‘hotness scale’?

    I wanna see 2 equally hot men at it.

    Oh and what’s so gay about arm pits KK?

  24. Josh says

    I agree. Daniel Craig has brought an element of sexiness back into the francise. Expoit it bitches!!!!!!

  25. Rassybeds says

    Daniel Craig is not classically good-looking. But he’s more realistic for that IMHO. I find him VERY hot!
    He’s also has played at least two gay roles prior to becoming Bond. It’s nice to see an actor appreciating being found attractive by his fans whoever they may be. It’s also good to hear that Daniel takes a 21st century approach to the role. I’d rather hear comments such as this than the occasional homophobic crap Mr Brosnan came out with.
    And don’t attack a straight actor for cultivating a gay fanbase. After all it’s a lot more honest than a straight pornstar being gay for pay…

  26. John says

    If this is true then Craig should be fired as Bond.
    How ridiculous he is to even suggest this.
    This should be his only outing as Bond if this story is true.

  27. Marc says

    Ever since I heard about Rupert Everett’s dream of doing a 007 flick, it has been my ambition to be the obligatory Oriental Bond boy. God bless you, Daniel Craig.