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Neil Patrick Harris Publicist: He's Not Gay

Burtka_harris_1A publicist for actor Neil Patrick Harris has issued a statement following a report on Canada.com that Harris had helped his "longtime sweetheart" David Burtka land a role on the TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Here's the item that sent publicist pens aflutter:

"Nepotism is alive and well in Hollywood. Former Doogie Howser star Neil Patrick Harris, 33, recently got his longtime sweetheart David Burtka, 31, a guest role on his series How I Met Your Mother (airing Wednesday nights on CH). Burtka is an experienced theatre actor (he played opposite Bernadette Peters in Gypsy on Broadway and starred in the touring company of Beauty and the Beast) but also had small parts on episodes of The West Wing and Crossing Jordan."

The publicist reportedly claims of Harris: "He's not of that persuasion."

Pictured are David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris from a cast photo of a benefit performance of The Business done at the Ojai Playwrights Conference.

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  1. I like him better thinking he's gay!

    Posted by: cagequeen | Nov 2, 2006 11:32:26 PM

  2. I like him better thinking he's gay!

    Posted by: cagequeen | Nov 2, 2006 11:35:51 PM

  3. Yeah, well there was this one other thing that you never knew about and that's that my brother who whent to the same school as me and was in the same choir as me with this other guy who was in grade nine at the time and was totally gay who I fooled around with cos he was kinda cute, but that's not really what I'm getting at, anyway his old roomate who he moved out from recently with his new boyfriend was in New York for theatre auditions was in the back of a cab with Neil Patrick Harris and they totally made out, but this old roomate was all, I have a boyfriend. and his roomate was a boy.

    Posted by: dave | Nov 3, 2006 12:32:21 AM

  4. NPH I have no opinion on and perhaps even the publicist's post was bogus.

    Secretagentman I believe you.

    Posted by: EM | Nov 3, 2006 2:21:32 AM

  5. Secretagentman, why would Jake's people be in Toronto if he wasn't? And why are they talking about his personal business to other people at a major film festival? Based on the internet gossip they are the ones who don't want him to come out so why would they be talking so openly about it? Doesn't make sense.

    Posted by: TS | Nov 3, 2006 6:07:36 AM

  6. How desperate! Is this a gossip blog? This is getting weird.If you want fiction, then go to the Ted.C. Not here.

    Posted by: anon | Nov 3, 2006 7:45:51 AM

  7. TS, Jake is not the only client his 'people' represent. After a couple martinis,everyone yaps about everything.The stuff I've heard made me swoon, and I'm no neophyte.

    Posted by: secretagentman | Nov 3, 2006 12:36:53 PM

  8. SecretAgentMan, who is Jake in love with, according to his reps? Lance Armstrong? McConaughey? His cook friend in NYC?

    Please ignore the insane fangurls (why are they on this board?!). I want to hear more dirt about Jake.

    Posted by: Danny | Nov 4, 2006 12:21:09 AM

  9. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061104/ap_en_ce/people_neil_patrick_harris


    Posted by: anon | Nov 4, 2006 1:31:29 AM

  10. I guess was totally off-base with respect to TT. Back to the speculation board... :)

    Good for NPH though. I've always liked him in his various roles. It's great to hear that he's in a good relationship and is happy.

    Posted by: RJ | Nov 4, 2006 3:00:02 AM

  11. Well, now he's out. he gave the story to People Mag. And BTW for the person bent out of shape about the night the show is on, the person who outed him did so in a Canadian outlet. Shows aren't always on the same nights outside the USA

    Posted by: Dick | Nov 4, 2006 12:01:36 PM

  12. I guess he now is gay.... And "what" about Jake ..... What year is the 2006? I think Tab Hunter is gay have you see the phots? Jake G. well I think he is cute and I seem to be attracted to only gay men? I hope we all are having fun ..... Times have changed most people who play the part as they are seem to be having fun. The folks hitting the papers seem to be pretty sorry folks.

    Posted by: Alan | Nov 4, 2006 7:18:25 PM

  13. I don't think Secretagentman needs to reveal details of who's seeing who. That's up to the person in question to reveal.

    I hope that actors can be more open in future. It shouldn't matter if acting is what's supposed to count.

    I think NPH seems to be in a happy relationship and has a good career, not glittering, but so what? As long as he's content then that's all that matters!

    Posted by: anon | Nov 5, 2006 6:20:08 AM

  14. actually, yes Neil Patrick Harris IS gay. i read about him in this months issue of people magazine. plus it says on nndb.com. and david burtkas his bf.

    Posted by: kev | Nov 5, 2006 5:05:20 PM

  15. I hope Jake isn't in love with Lance Armstrong. I'm sorry but I can't STAND him.

    Posted by: Danny | Nov 5, 2006 11:03:49 PM

  16. In regard to Dave's Vicky Pollard reference: Very good! Ha ha ha.

    Posted by: phospheratu | Nov 11, 2006 3:10:56 AM

  17. Congratulations guys, I think you will enjoy a more relieve lifestyle. I have. It is so much easier. I struggled with it for many years as a professional, but life this life for yourself and not for the people who want to live it for you.
    Huggs and Great Success!!

    Posted by: Osmrn | Nov 25, 2006 10:18:39 AM

  18. All you fags, shut the fuck up! Go swallow a muffler. Get a life of your own. Let others live their life and live your own. It's obvious none of you have one. I hope all of you contract HIV.

    Posted by: IH8FAGZ | Jan 7, 2007 7:09:15 PM

  19. ^^ I see the fascist brigade has arrived at 7:09. Either that or Jake's Fanclub/mailing list president.

    Posted by: EM | Jan 13, 2007 5:03:55 AM

  20. Homosexuality is an abomination.

    Posted by: Dude | Oct 29, 2008 12:18:42 PM

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  23. I thought he was out of the closet already? I could swear he has discussed his partner in public, and Ellen show.

    Posted by: Jill | Mar 9, 2014 5:51:09 PM

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