News: Madonna, The God Gap, Wal-Mart, Pittparazzi

road.jpg The average American with HIV now lives for 24 years at a health care cost of $600K.

Pittpapaparazziroad.jpg Brad Pitt turning the tables on the paparazzi?

road.jpg What’s behind the narrowing of the “God gap” in the recent election? “Religious liberals contended that a concerted effort by Democrats since 2004 to appeal to people of faith had worked minor wonders, if not electoral miracles, in races across the country. Religious conservatives disagreed, arguing that the Republican Party lost religious voters rather than the Democrats winning them.”

road.jpg ABBA legends Agnetha Faltskog and Frida Lyngstad to record with Madonna on follow-up to Confessions on a Dancefloor?

road.jpg Culture Club postpones its reunion tour after Boy George labels band’s new frontman Sam Butcher “dreadful.” Said drummer Jon Moss: “The only person George loves is George. He’s like a nightmare ex-wife.”

Jones_1road.jpg Gay escort and Ted Haggard exposer Mike Jones exposed himself in 1998. Boy Culture has the NSFW goods.

road.jpg Conservative Christians urging Thanksgiving boycott of Wal-Mart over an “affiliate” link on a gay organization’s website.

road.jpg Lobby Congress to pass the Defense of Britney’s Marriage Act: “One of the arguments opponents of gay marriage make is that every child needs exactly one mother and one father to grow up to be a healthy adult. Isn’t it clear that Britney’s and K-Fed’s children also need a mother and a father?” Federline threatens release of Britney honeymoon sex vid


  1. Ulrich says

    There’s an error in the AP story on HIV costs… it says “the average annual monthly cost of care is about $25,200″ but the word “monthly” is extraneous and misleading.

    Later in the article they say “estimated the annual monthly cost of care at $2,100″ where I believe the word “annual” is extraneous.

    The media is going to jump on this to point out how much money each patient is “getting” if they have coverage, without realizing that it is comparable with cardiovascular disease, and may even be less than diabetes.

  2. david says

    i knew it was only a matter of time before you posted about the average lifespan of someone newly diagnosed with HIV. unfortunately, this is lazy journalism. this average is based on both people who regularly take their medications and lead a healthy lifestyle, and people who don’t. i was 26 when i diagnosed HIV positive, and i doubt i’ll be dead at 50. in fact, i might be dead tomorrow from a car accident or at 39 from cancer or 58 from heart disease, or at 87 from drowning. these articles are depressingly inacurate.

  3. John T says

    If these articles are depressingly inaccurate, care to point us toward one that is accurate, or explain why you think the one cited is inaccurate? (Claiming to be confident that you’re better than average is not a convincing explanation of why the concluded average is incorrect)

  4. peterparker says

    John T,

    David *did* point out why the figure is inaccurate: because he believes it is the average number of years of life after HIV infection of both people who seek medical treatment AND people who do not seek medical treatment for their HIV infection. If David is correct about that interpretation of the article, then, yeah the figure is misleading.


  5. Leland says

    More hack “journalism” by the AP. Pathetic that their articles are still run blindly by thousands and thousands of newspapers and Websites around the world.

  6. Rad says

    Wal Mart is changing their holiday greeting from “Happy Holidays” to “Merry Christmas”. It was when Wal Mart decided not to also add “…unless your a heathing faggot, then roast in Hell”, the Christian Conservatives decided to boycott….

    Conservative Christians boycotting Wal Mart? We see how that hurt them in the past with sales of “Brokeback Mountain” last year.


  7. PSMike says

    Until every single health issue is discussed exactly in tandem with estimated health care costs, this article is pointless. Frankly, most people over the age of 60 are going or cost us far more than they’re ‘worth’ or that they contributed in taxes. The only people who should be covered by health insurance are straight men between 30-45: Certainly not their families (childbirth, annoying women’s health issues, etc.). Not younger, because young men are stupid and drive fast, party too much, and in general get into trouble. Not gay men because the article above shows how our irresponsibility costs all of us deserving types. Oh wait! we’re heading towards a country of uninsured anyway..unless you were born prior to 1945…and time wil take care of all of them. Hurray!!!! Free Market at it’s best!!!

  8. david says

    John T: did you bother to read my comment, or just focus on the fact that I didn’t blindly agree with the article at hand? As Peterparker stated, I pointed out that the average is based on ALL people currently living with HIV. As with any disease, HIV affects all types of people; responsible adults, newborn babies, drug addicts, sexually promiscuous people, rich and poor, etc. I think it is lazy and inaccurate to report that the average life expectancy for someone who contracts HIV is 24 years because no other disease gets this kind of “cap” on living. When someone is diagnosed with lung cancer, often brought on by years and years of smoking cigarettes (which, lets face it, everyone now knows CAUSES CANCER), the focus is on beating it. Why then, with HIV disease, are we focusing on when someone will die? None of us know when we are going to die, and I think we should instead focus on how people who are infected with HIV can plan to live full, “normal” lifespans now with a combination of new medicines and a healthy lifestyle rather than basically proclaiming “24 YEARS TO LIVE!!!!” on every website in the world. That is what I mean by depressingly inaccurate.

  9. Je says

    The Democrats as a party have moved much much further to the right – the Democrat of today is the moderate Republican of yesterday. There was a time when nationalized health care and a much more progressive tax system was part of the Dems platform – not so today. Yet it still remains a much bigger tent party.

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