Johnny Depp May Play Freddie Mercury in New Biopic

DeppmercuryJohnny Depp is reportedly being considered for the starring role in a new biopic about the life of Freddie Mercury in development by Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions according to Queen guitarist Brian May.

Responding to an inquiry from a fan on his website about the rumored casting, May responded: “Discussions are at an early stage …. I don’t know where this story came from, but I think someone in the media, as usual, has taken a punt … of course these opportunists have little to lose … who cares about truth these days? Certainly not the tabloid press. But you’re right about one thing … Johnny Depp is fantastic. He would be a worthy counterpart for Freddie on screen. I don’t think I can say any more right now.”

Seems like an excellent choice to me. However, he will need to grow some hair on his chest.

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  1. Non of your business says

    He’ll also need to grow four extra teeth… And who’s gonna play Bri? Find a tall dude with more hair than can fit onscreen who knows how to even hold that guitar…

  2. Rad says

    If Depp can bring half the performance to Mercury as Kilmer did to Morrison, it will be exceptional!

  3. mark m says

    I hope this is true. Depp is the finest actor of our time, in my opinion. I can imagine he would embrace this role with his usual gusto and flair.

  4. la mexicana says

    OMG! I adore Freddie… I can’t think of a better person to play him than Johnny Depp. I do wonder if he can sing… Freddie’s singing was epic. Maybe they will use Freddie’s vocals and Johnny will lip synch. Anyway, if Johnny is attached to the project, it will no doubt be awesome.

  5. Robert In WeHo says

    Depp is a complex, engaging and unique actor who always creates challenging larger than life on screen characters, He is a singular talent, unique, visionary, personally modest and seemingly un-phased by his remarkable success. Depp is a perfect choice to play Freddy Mercury who was, in real life, as complex and dynamic an individual as the fictional characters often are that Depp creates in his films…

  6. says

    depp’s going to have to fill his mouth with horses’ teeth and act rather gimpy to pass as freddie mercury.
    perhaps george michael is skivvy enough.

  7. Dex says

    What’s with all the Freddy Mercury hate? “Horse teeth”? “Gimpy”? Whatever.

    Johnny Depp OWNS every role he’s ever taken and this one would be no exception. I Hope he gets it.

  8. says

    this only serves as a reminder of my damn faulty gaydar. I was a huge Queen fan in my youth, but never once wondered over Freddie’s sexuality– only the ever-presence of his dick in those lycra numbers he’d wear. And then I’d change the record and put on Bette Midler.

  9. queen_18 says

    no one could embrace the role as well as Depp. Sacha B Cohen could never live up to the part, it would be an absolute discrace to cast the wrong person to play a god like Mercury. Depp is the only person who could fill his shoes. if he isn’t cast in the role you will have many many dissapointed viewers.