1. noah says

    As I understand it, this is the first time that two NFL teams headed to the Superbowl will be coached by African-Americans. It’s nice to see such a change in the NFL, which has had a lot of trouble in hiring minorities for coaching and administrative positions.

  2. rudy says

    Noah, the NFL’s “lot of trouble in hiring minorities for coaching and administrative positions” stems from the fact that minorities were not offered these positions not from a lack of qualified candidates. I second your approval of the change, however. It is always good for someone to be judged on merit rather than being excluded due to prejudice and bigotry. Slowly our world is changing but I still believe that it is going to be a very long time before a professional athlete admits that he is gay. (Although we have seen some examples in women’s sports.) We cannot even get retired athletes to admit they are gay. I am looking at you Sandy Koufax and Carl Lewis.

  3. Zeke says

    Noah, this will be the first time that ANY team with an African-American head coach has gone to the Superbowl.

    It’s awsome that this year BOTH teams have African-American head coaches.

    Both of these men are class acts and they happen to be good friends.

    As a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, I give 99% of the credit for our Superbowl championship to Dungy. Gruden walked into a Superbowl ring that was earned by Dungy.

  4. RB says

    Sorry for the absence of “quality” in this post, but GO PEYTON! Being a big Vols fan I have to pull for Peyton who just happens to be a demi god in Knoxville!

  5. Kurt says

    After feeling like it was going to be another NE cakewalk, that 2nd half comeback was all the sweeter. Go Colts!

  6. susan says

    hey, Brady – “just shake it off. rub some dirt on it or somethin.”

    love me some peyton manning. it’s OVAH, bears!

  7. joe b says

    I’ll pass on the bears. If there’s a group of fans that’s made up of poorer sports or more malevolent, I’d be surprised. “Bears finish what katrina started” was just one of Sunday’s examples. It’s not as though every team lacks ignorant, small minded, petty, uncouth jackasses for fans. Philadelphia comes close and the Saint’s have their share. But Bears fans are by far the nastiest.

    Go Colt’s!

  8. Harrison says

    Since I could give a hoot about the football, I have to comment on the Daughtry.

    Normally, I love me some Chris Daughtry, so I hate to be this obnoxious and superficial, but what the heck is up with that facial hair??

    Oh well. I’m still swooning.