1. Andrew says

    I have to say it, it’s just too easy.

    I want to hear more about his ‘pitching’ capabilities…

  2. miss dna says

    he’s yummy and what a DIVINE outfit… the perfect gear for hunting down gaybashers… we should have an entire squadron of him patrolling the streets…

  3. says

    I wasn’t so keen on him in the beginning when every gay boy and his father was all over him, but Chad White’s definately grown on me. Physically, he’s still not my bag but the guy takes amazing photos and carries himself very well. It’s good to hear he might have a winning personality to match.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Oh how we should feel so blessed. he tosses out a PR crumb to placate the gay masses. Oh how our lives are so much better that a straight model is honored by a gay fan base because gods that be know male models all have straight fans that propel them to starhood.

    Oh how truly blessed we all should feel

    NOT throw up some pics of openly gay models, thank you

  5. Brian says

    I don’t care if he’s gay or straight, and since I’ll likely never meet him I don’t care if he’s got a winning personality. I just appreciate his fleeting contribution to the measure of beauty in this decidedly ugly world.

  6. peterparker says

    Oh. My. God. That man has the most perfect body I’ve ever witnessed. Okay, now I’m a fan.

  7. orwoodsman says

    Basebal?! That’s a skinhead gaybasher costume kids! Looks like he’s ready to brain his gay fans.

  8. Buster says

    Of course the fact that he’s done-up as a gang basher (you don’t wear a leather arm guard for baseball and that bat isn’t there to conjure up Wrigley Field)is …. sexy?

    I mean, I get it — yes, he’s very hot …but let’s acknowledge that there’s something disturbing about condemning attacks by skinheads one day and fawning over stylized shots of the same thing the next.

  9. brainiac_amour says

    He’s a little too young for me. I like faces with a little more character – more lived in. The body on the other hand. Oo er.

  10. rudy says

    Admittedly he is beautiful but he is not the best body I have ever seen. For that you have to look to ballet dancers or swimmers. As someone whose job it was to assess bodies and their athletic potential (ballet company artistic director) Mr. White would not have made the cut. He has short legs and is knock-kneed. But baby he is, nevertheless, one whole basket of eye candy.

  11. Ren B says

    I’m even more attracted to him now he’s revealed that he can ball his eyes out. That’d be something to see.

  12. Da says

    I’m being cynical again, but who cares?! anyone would be honored to have people “buy” into them.

    Now hearing from an out gay model saying he’s honored to have gay fans would be fascinating!! :) and I’m not being sarcastic, cause the gay support so isn’t guaranteed for them.

  13. Bart says

    I love meaty thigh that move the way they would seem to in that bikini photo. Guessing he ha a small dick. Bottom!

  14. jimmyboyo says

    Fangirlhater Thanks

    Da, I totaly agree….an out an dproud gay model saying they love their gay fan base would be great

    Orwoodsman and Buster ^5 to both of you…it is stramge to one day freak out over skinhead bashers and then do a model up as a skinhead gay basher and we are expected to drool…

    Oy Vey

  15. Michael D. Fein says

    Hey Brandon, I like your sense of modesty. If you’re really hotter, why not treat us all to a pic of your most excellent hotness. Ya know? For some reason, I actually believe you.