Donnie Davies: Has Bobby Conn Pulled a Con?


Blog Good As You may have uncovered the man behind the “ex-gay” ‘The Bible Says’ video. One of the bands listed on the site as a “gay band” is Bobby Conn. Their website features the above photo of a band called The Glass Gypsies, featuring a man who looks very much like Donnie Davies.

Dan Savage at Slog did some further investigation and discovered that blog Newspeak found a review revealing the Glass Gypsies to be a band that does political satire. Savage also discovered some suspicious videos.

I think those that voted “The Bible Says” video an elaborate ruse may have something.

“Ex-Gay” Donnie Davies Speaks about “The Bible Says” Video [tr]
A Special Message from a Self-Loathing Closet Case [tr]


  1. patrick nyc says

    If the pig is trying to be funny, ironic or make a political statement he falls on all fronts. There are many in the far right who believe this shit and will use his video as a weapon. I hope Savage and others unmask this prick and hunt him down.

  2. JDG says

    I cant believe the above comments are serious! This man’s video was brilliant and hilarious. Satire can be an incredible tool of revealing the truth. I doubt that Christian Right groups would actually use this video to inform their following, especially since it is clear that this makes fun of their delusional and inhuman treatment of homosexuals. Lighten up!

  3. says

    Should a parodist/satirist ever be held responsible for those that don’t get the joke? It’s one thing to feel it wasn’t funny, but something else entirely to say he shouldn’t do what he’s doing because some nameless, faceless individuals “on the right” will mistake parody for actual sentiment. Following this retribution logic, both Stephen Colbert and Jonathan Swift should be “hunted down”.

    The thing is, he had us all going (well, many of us, myself included) and so many of us immediately went to a dark and hateful place, a place that can arguably be compared to where real, dangerous homophobes come from. So perhaps the take home lesson here is two-fold: yes, religious fanatics who twist the message of Christ into hate speech are loony and dangerous, but sometimes the knee-jerk, unreasoning hate comes from both sides.

  4. Rey says

    Besides, any right-wing nutjob who’d use this as an argument against gay people and equality would become a laughingstock once the origins are revealed.

    Bravo. I love this kind of stuff – even if it is sometimes a bit lame.

    But I’m still convinced k.d. lang’s foray into country was just a huge performance art experiment.

  5. RP says

    Maybe it was just an attempt to create a viral video?
    I say it should be over with. It got the attention it wanted. Now let’s move on to more important things.
    By continuing to discuss the video(s) we’re just playing the patsies “Donnie Davies” took us for.
    It’s time to wash our hands of it.

  6. werdna says

    Yeah, what happened to gay men’s love of camp? The incredible inability of some of you homos to appreciate this whole thing makes me a little ashamed to be gay…

  7. mark m says

    Ok it’s fake, but please. It is NOT brilliant. I’m so tired of gays here proclaiming this stuff to be genius. Stephen Colbert and John Stewart are genius. This guy is not.

    Makes me ashamed to be a lover of pop culture.

  8. LightningLad says

    Of course it was a fake. I could tell from the over the top lyrics.

    Some of you Marys really need to lighten up and get a sense of humor and a stronger sense of satire.

  9. Da says

    Definitively not brilliant nor nuanced.

    And no, it won’t change even if it turns out he was laughing at the expense of christian fundies. Still doesn’t make the opportunist any brighter or relevant. Next!

  10. Michael says

    Good As You has added new entries to their post (via Radar Online) that correctly identifies the person in the Bobby Conn photo. The misidentification is humorous to me because I personally know Mr. Starck and he is about ideologically as far from the Donnie Davies character (whether Davies is real or spoofing) as one could imagine. Hopefully people will begin to turn their attention elsewhere in their quest to identify the video perpetrator and leave Mr. Starck out of it.

  11. Jordan says

    Wow, how completely *not* shocking. The people with even a little bit of sense recognized right away that it was a joke, whereas the other side, looking for any excuse to play the persecution card (like fundamentalist Christians!), immediately went into bitchy rant mode. Amazing.

  12. AJ says

    Does anyone else think the above photo looks like Matt Lucas’ hypnotist character from Little Britain?

  13. says

    Has anyone noticed that the only people deriding this as “not brilliant or nuanced” are the ones who were, in fact, taken in by it? If it wasn’t convincing, why were you convinced?

    Bitching about it now only raises a banner stating that you didn’t get the joke.

  14. adam says

    I think those who are deirding the video as “not brilliant or nuanced” were more upset to be taken by it and, thus, respond with such negativity.

    I for one didn’t (don’t?) think this video was for real at all. I mean, do a google search on the man’s name, and he NEVER COMES UP other than in connection with that clip. He doesn’t exist people…it’s a joke. I can’t wait to find out which comedian “Donnie Davies” really is. Bravo to the actor…that’s some hilarious stuff!

  15. Da says

    Posted by: Matthew |

    Matthew, go back to my posts in the original topic and you’ll see that I said “joke or not, it is repulsive”..and my argument’s been that this doesn’t deserve the attention it’s given.

    So I’m not sure where your sense of superiority comes from just for figuring out it’s an apparent hoax?

    There are some of us who are having a discussion about this piece that goes BEYOND the question of whether it’s a hoax or not..or how quickly can one catch on to it. Call it bitching if you want, I’ll just refer to it as having opinions.

  16. says

    DA, this could quickly degenerate into a shouting match, so I’ll just concede right now.

    You are right. You have consistantly stated, repeatedly, over many posts, that this topic doesn’t deserve the attention it’s given. You win.

  17. mark m says


    My thoughts exactly. I have been recognizing the potential fakeness of this from the beginning, but I have failed to hear any convincing argument for why this subtle jab at parody is “brilliant.” Actually, I find the lovefest for this guy way more unsettling than anyone being taken in by it. I think it illustrates the “Intellectual” superiority of some here. The very model of pretense.

    Ok, some people GOT the joke from the start. You are to be applauded for being so savvy and cool! Thumbs up dude!

    When all is said and done, however, Davies is just a guy who succeeded in going viral. Just a shame he isn’t talented enough to say something worthwhile in the process.

  18. Da says

    Matt, there’s not enough substance in this story for us to win anything, sadly…which is the whole point, isn’t it?

    But I do like to defend people’s rights to express opinions that are unpopular..That I find important. Always. Other than that, I don’t always seem to take myself this seriously 😉

    Mark you touched on a good point: the spontaneous lovefest shown to this creepy stranger is rather unsettling!..and maybe worth looking into. But we shall leave that for another day.

  19. Chatterly's Lover says

    “Cards” are for poker. People can’t help how they are raised and if someone is evangelical Christian by background and they see this it only brings up pain and anguish for them. If you are not Christian or moved beyond your pain or never felt pain from religious castigators don’t hate on those who haven’t found a way to create their own happiness. It is indeed a process, sometimes life long.