Towleroad Guide to the Tube #78

EVAN LYSACEK: His winning long program at 2007 figure skating championships.

JOHNNY WEIR: Child of Nazareth. Weir, spooked by Lysacek’s stunning program, fumbled into 3rd.

JANE FONDA: Her first anti-war rally in over 30 years.

DAVID BECKHAM: On being a prince in the Disney campaign.

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  1. Nikko says

    Lysacek was perfect technically but bland artistically….reminds me of Todd Eldrige. Blah. Technical strength is important, but should take a backseat to artistry, ideally fusing as one like great skaters Michelle Kwan, Lu Chen, and Oksana Baiul(though technical gusto is clearly not her strentgh- but the artistry, magnificient!).
    So my hats off to Johnny Weir. It was still a nice skate. Lyacek seems like the typical straight stiff male-yech.

  2. bambambam says

    Word up, Nikko. But I do think that 10 years later, choreography will help Evan possibly do something worthwhile artistically. Certainly, Evan’s not Elvis Stojko, who basically won in the sport as an un-artistic athlete. Think of it this way: for every asymmetrical spin by a male skater, there is the spirit of Toller Cranston in it. Just like for every extra note sung by a male singer, there is the spirit of Luther Vandross in it.

    Unfortunately for Johnny Weir, he’s no Toller Cranston. I hate that he was bullied for being gay, but he was rightly called out for being arrogant, and now he is thrown under the bus for the more “mainstream” appeal of Evan. That nags at me, especially when asshat Rudy Galindo piled on in the bullying because she felt crowded offstage by Weir. The whole thing is fucked. We need gay heroes who just concentrate on their fucking craft, and everything else will follow.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    When will gay guys stop self hating by loving on Bekham? Vic the wife unit has been publicly photographed toting around Dianetics quite often. They have never denounced L Ron’s and scientologies teachings that gays are mentally disabled and “sick” that thye can cure.

    Stop hating yourselves by supporting such celebs

  4. Barton says

    Beckham is H-O-T!!!

    They are really did a great job of setting up this second attempt at introducing Beck and Posh into America’s pop culture scene. Remember two years ago when they came and nobody even cared.

    As for Beckham coming out, not necessary. He has the same team working for him (now) that Tom Cruise has. That’s why you’ve been seeing more and more of them over the past year. Also, keep an eye out for Will Smith………hmmmmmm.

  5. WickedScorp says

    Did anyone else find it amusing that the skating broadcast on Saturday used any opportunity to shoehorn in the ‘fact’ that Evan Lysacek and Tanith Belbin are ‘dating’? Interesting considering that he trains and lives mostly in Los Angeles, California and she trains and lives just outside of Detroit, Michigan.

  6. jimmyboyo says

    So a not so attractive football coach heads up an anti-gay group meeting and my fellow gays flip out……BUT a pretty boy celeb’s wife carries around a copy of dianetics and they never denounce the anti-gay teachings of l Ron Hubbard and scientology and it is a-ok because “Behkam is hot” as one has said.


    F Behkam and his wife till they openly denounce the anti-gay teachings that L Ron and scientology espouse.

    otherwise you are a hypocrite for an attractive person.

    LOL what jokes we are as a community

  7. Roscoe says

    Evan Lysacek is straight?! This entire time…LIES! Fantastic performance though. He looks a lot faster and stonger compared to the olympics.

  8. mark m says


    LOL. My husband and I noticed the same thing. I kept mocking the commentators by adding “Evan is currently having hetero sexual relations, let’s cut to a shot of his lovely girlfriend.”

    The same was true of Michael Weiss and his baby-popping wife. Every time he skated it was “Father this, father that, wife wife wife wife.”

    One thing I would like to point out concerning Weir – has anyone noticed that he never connects with the audience? As artistic and talented as he may be, he leaves me feeling cold. He has a very Russian quality, which I find appealing but his crowd skills are sorely lacking.

  9. WickedScorp says

    Johnny is a couple spastic arm movements from junking his current coach, Priscilla Hill, and taking up with Tatiana Tarasova. From the catastrophic costumes to the grating musical choices, he has had a serious case of Russian envy for quite some time now; something I DO NOT appreciate.

    The Russians are great jumpers but miserable artists and Evgeny Plushenko is their czar. That hacky albino quad-ed his way to undeserved gold for years, passing off insipid posing and schizophrenic arm thrashing as artistry. Everything outside his jumps lacks quality, something he shares with the majority of his compatriots.

    Johnny is better than that and needs to find his own style, something that suits his personality, which would help him find that connection to the audience. He’s too stoic when he skates. He seems bored, almost annoyed. It’s really a shame because he is by far the most polished male skater on the circuit in years. When he’s on, he moves through his program like liquid.

  10. m5 says

    hi, how are you guys, i am just here because i would like to know if Evan lysacek is or not gay. i am so confused, sometimes he seems to be but sometimes he does not. so please if anyone knows, please let me know. thank you

  11. Shar says

    I am looking for a skater by the name of Danny Duran. Has anyone seen him? I lost track years and years ago but would like to reconnect.