John Barrowman Burns up Screen with Torchwood Kiss


Via AfterElton comes this romantic clip from the last episodes of this season’s BBC series Torchwood starring John Barrowman, who recently wed his real-life partner Scott Gill in Wales.

Torchwood is a spin-off of the popular series Dr. Who.

Torchwood2 Torchwood3

Torchwood5 Torchwood4

While I’m not sure of the plot here since it’s only currently playing across the pond, it looks pretty great.
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Wonderful Clip from Torchwood [after elton]

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  1. Bruce says

    Remember when he played the fictionalized version of JFK, Jr. So hot on Central Park West. Couldn’t act to save his life, but he didn’t need to. Actually, none of those actors could act to save their lives. Was really sad when that trash-tv show was taken off the air.

    Loved that bitch blond actress who went on to marry some rich Wall St. guy. What a waste of “bad acting” talent.

  2. says

    The plot (and here be spoilers) is that Barrowman plays Captain Jack Harkness, leader of the shadowy Torchwood Institute. He and a companion are thrown back in time to World War II where he encounters…Captain Jack Harkness (played by the scrumptious Matt Rippy), the man from whom he stole his identity and with whom he will share that marvelous kiss.

    I’ve been watching all season (bless BitTorrent) and this episode was the best to date. I was teary and, as a longtime Doctor Who and British sci-fi fan, so proud. If I could travel back in time and tell my 14-year-old self that one day men would be kissing on a Doctor Who show, I’d probably not believe myself, but it would have made my early-teen geek self more hopeful for the future than you can imagine.

  3. says

    In fact, *every* regular on Torchwood is bisexual, and Barrowman’s long-term love interest on the show is one of the supporting *males*.

    Imagine if Angel’s long-term love interest was Xander. Yeah–Impossible, I know.

    If Torchwood makes it into the pages of Entertainment Weekly (et al) when it eventually premieres on US TV, this will be the reason why.


    Just caught that episode on BBC Three – regular widescreen TV beats youtube anyday for this kind of story.

    Rippy makes his character smoulder throughout…

    Anyway, for those who can get BBC Three, this episode – No. 12, Captain Jack Harkness – repeats tonight and again on Thursday.

    BBC Three schedule:

  5. Ben says

    I’m living in the UK right now, and I’ve caught a couple of episodes of “Torchwood,” and would watch regularly if the bastards had got digital channels on the common room TV.

    Scott, is the long-term love interest that hot Welsh guy, Ianto?

  6. says

    is the long-term love interest that hot Welsh guy, Ianto?

    That has been the implication, yes, but I don’t know anyone’s ever come right out and said so.

    And “that hot Welsh guy”? Come on, is there any other kind of Welsh guy?


    Also, Torchwood has been confirmed for another season and has been promoted to BBC Two. The way it works on the BBC is that BBC One is the channel for prime-time, uber-popular, mainstream, big-viewing numbers programming.

    BBC Two is (or traditionally has been) the channel for lower-audience, slightly off-beat or narrow-interest programming. But BBC Two is as widely available, and known and respected, as BBC One.

    BBC Three and Four (recently launched digital-only channels) are for experimental comedies, dramas, etc. that are targetted to, and can succeed or fail for, various and disparate niche audiences. Also, BBC Three and Four are available to fewer households and are still considered by the masses to be channels for (and by) the London set.

    So its fairly progessive to see that the Beeb are moving Torchwood towards the mainstream – the only worry is that they tone it down. There are claims that they did this when Little Britain moved from BBC Three to BBC One.

  8. Rob says

    What a sweet, beautiful scene! I cannot wait for Torchwood to begin airing in the States. I was never a Dr Who fan until the latest series began and now I’m completely hooked. I especially enjoyed 1st new series epsiodes with Captain Jack! C’Mon ScFiChannel…I need more Jack now!

  9. tc says

    the BBC knows how to do it RIGHT!..almost everything they do is done with a touch of class……we need to just annihilate american TV…except grey’s anatomy

  10. says

    What a truly beautiful clip. So very sweet and so very sad. As they start to dance I found myself weeping. A brief moment that literally transcends time and space. As an aging member of the “pansy tribe,” I am always thrilled at these romantic instants.

    As always, high marks to toweroad for exquisite taste!

  11. Dex says

    I have GOT to start watching this show. I just recently became a ‘Doctor Who’ fan (thanks again, BBC America!)and now I’m going to have to catch up with ‘Torchwood’ ASAP.

    PS: I’d have John Barrowman’s babies. All over my face.

  12. Mark C says

    Possibly but seeing as Russell T Davies is the producer of Torchwood and the creator of QAF he should be allowed to steal from his own creation. Beautiful moment regardless.

  13. says

    Steve, You’re so right. I watched that with a sense of deja vu, but couldn’t place it. That was it, though: it’s just like the QaF scene with Brian and Justin dancing at Justin’s prom.

  14. Je says

    Has anyone ever noticed that when two guys kiss it often tends to look…strange? Don’t get me wrong, it’s hot, but there always seems to be some kind of subconscious struggle for dominance resulting in some…dissonance.
    Just thinking out loud…

  15. Lucy Katz says

    As a Brit and lucky enough to see the first season of Torchwood, i have to say it is an excellent show, with a good mix of Sci Fi , Action and Drama .. If you liked the new Doctor Who then you will love this, If you did not Like the new Doctor Who then you will still love the show , Its a lot darker at times than Doctor who with more of an adult theme.. the Plot of the show from which the kiss comes from mainly features Captain jack being stranded in 1941 and meeting the real Captin jack??

  16. John says

    I believe Russell Davies, the creator of TORCHWOOD, was quoted as saying that this show would have a heavy sexual content, and that all the regulars would have some same-sex action. From the episodes I’ve seen, there’s been a same-sex kiss in just about each episode.

  17. says

    The way things go is that BBC will release the DVD when the series finishes (like how they do with the Dr. Who series) and you guys should be able to buy it off the BBC shop website. Get the Dr. Who series 1 (the new one) for Captain Jack/John Barrowman’s debut. He appears in a WWII air force uniform which is totally hot :-)

  18. Daniel2 says

    This guy is electric on stage and one of the best things to happen to musical theater in decades…masculine and sexy and amazing voice…..and he CAN act…as an Equity working actor of 32 years I think he rocks and so do most of his working peers….and as an extra bonus he is gay and a decent person…go figure…move over theater queens… it’s about time we had some gay theater kings sharing the limelight!

  19. says

    Ah this is where the sudden jump in my traffic came from!

    I’m sorry to say guys but Torchwood will be a big disappointment for you when it crosses the pond. This episode has been about the only decent one in the whole series, and that’s mainly helped by the smouldering hot Matt Rippy. How can the team behind some of the best British TV of recent years, Dr Who, produce such trash. It’s been great ideas, poorly executed for the whole series.
    Hopefully the writers well get their act together now that the show is being “promoted” to BBC2 for the next season.

  20. says

    I tuned out of Torchwood early on because it was basically crap. But tuned in for the finale because there was some pretty good pre-publicity buzz about it.

    Definitely the best I’ve seen. Pretty damn good to watch.

    Kudos for not making a big out of it. it wasn’t a big ‘gay’ kiss. it was just a kiss between two people with a lot of emotional baggage.

    Is everyone in Wales bi?

  21. says

    >> you guys should be able to buy it off the BBC shop website. <<

    Guys–You can only do this if you have a region-free DVD player. If you don’t *know* if you have a region-free DVD player, then you DON’T have one, and the discs will not play for you.

    That said, for those who *do* have region-free players, Torchwood Series 1 vol 1 is currently available.

    BTW, I totally agree with the posters who say the show is — at best — hit or miss. And when it misses, it misses *hard*.

    It’s quite derivative of a number of other shows and movies, most notably Angel.

    The action is sometimes hokey (“Countrycide”). The sex is often gratuitous. The “Fight Club” episode was horrifically bad.

    That said, there were several very good episodes (“Greeks Bearing Gifts,” “They Keep Killing Suzie,” etc) — and I haven’t seen the final two yet.

    My impression is that, by the end of the season, the show was possibly in the process of getting its own head of steam going (rather than subsisting on cheezy rip-offs of other, better shows and movies), which would be for the best.

  22. ohnoes says

    ALSO! Even if you DO have a region-free DVD player, your TV has to be able to handle PAL television formatting (we use NTSC over here in the colonies).

  23. says

    This is an amazing show!! Was never a big Dr Who fan but Torchwood is great!! Plus More Info on John Barrowman !! Kudos to him for not playing his character as a limp wristed queen like they’d expect in the states…

  24. Scott says

    If you get the region two dvd’s. there are plenty of software programs that will unencrypt region two and allow you to watch the show on your computer…….I just saw the first five episodes that way, and enjoyed them greatly. It is not a great show, but certainly well written and enjoyable….the gets better as it goes along, with the Fairy’s at the Bottom of the garden episode the best….

  25. Mike says

    A decent region-free DVD player will output PAL or NTSC, per your configuration. That’s been so, for years now.

    And as Fawkes indicates, the show is, disappointingly, crap. Read ‘Behind the Sofa’, which is a blog portal for shows like Torchwood, related to Dr Who: its reviews of the show are more entertaining than the show itself


    See i have a daughter called christine she watchies torchwood when she saw you two kiss she was very glad .because gay means your very very happy. got to go now christine is kissing a stranger.bye kayxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  27. Mary says

    Those two actors look great with each other. I’m amazed at how easy it is for me to watch a same-sex couple kiss. It actually doesn’t look that different than watching an opposite-sex couple kiss. I know you’re thinking “well, DUH!,” but it still surprises me how quickly I accepted this when it started to be shown on TV on a regular basis. My attitude now is something to the effect of “some guys kiss girl, some guys kiss guys. And that’s life.” I guess it’s called evolving!

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