Matt Damon’s Wet ‘n’ Wild Initiation Ceremony


Earlier this week I posted a few Matt Damon mud wrestling screencaps from the new Robert DeNiro film about the birth of the CIA, The Good Shepherd. Here’s the actual clip, which also features Matt Damon in his first simulated watersports scene. I don’t expect it will be up for long.

“Getting pissed on is personal, Mr. Russell, I take it very personally.”

See the earlier post for a bit of background on the clip.

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  1. Big Dave says

    So the film’s director says to Matt Damon, “Uh Matt… would you be willing to strip down and wrestle a bunch of hot naked guys in the mud?” Matt said, “You bet!” Then, the director asked, “Is it okay if one of the extras urinates on you?” Matt responded, “Sure!” Then, the director asked, “Would you also be willing to lie naked on a table while more hot guys ‘initiate’ you?” Matt replied, “I can hardly wait!” Seriously, Matt Damon is an Oscar winner. He doesn’t need to do scenes like this. Makes you wonder…

  2. scotto says

    Given the unlikelihood that I’ll go see this dreck, anyone know what his character’s traumatic secret is? Is he hot for daddy?

  3. Leland says

    How do you know it’s dreck if you haven’t seen it? The scene discussed is simply a variation of a fraternity initiation hazing, and I urge anyone who knows what the “trauma” is NOT to reveal it and spoil the film for those who are interested in seeing it. More people [and respected critics] think it’s a great movie than those who don’t, so I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it who likes serious films of intrigue to go see it. Out gay “Newsweek” critic David Ansen compared the first half of the film to “The Godfather” in quality.

    I swear to Fuck, sometimes I think I’m reading Datalounge rather than Towleroad. Is 2007 going to be the year of The Snarks?

  4. Da says

    Wait, wasn’t the urination scene simulated? if so, it’s like playing a criminal or a rapist on the screen. It’s all an actor’s job..

  5. mark m says

    Leland, I’m glad you enjoyed it. But the majority of critics would disagree with you. It’s 55% on rotten tomatoes (60% is required to be a critical success).

    If you enjoyed the film, you should recommend it, but it’s not necessary to belittle others on Towleroad who don’t share your enlightened taste for cinema.

  6. Charles says

    I couldn’t help but notice that Matt doesn’t seem to have any genitalia in the shot where he’s laying down to reveal a secret.