Andrew Anthos Death Inspires Reintroduction of Hate Crime Bill

Anthos2_1_1_1Sometimes it takes a horrific tragedy, in this case the cold-blooded murder of Detroit senior Andrew Anthos, to move people to action.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Senator Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit) says he’ll re-introduce legislation to expand Michigan’s hate crime statues to include sexual orientation. Similar legislation, of which Clarke was a co-sponsor, failed to pass last year. Hopefullly Anthos’ murder will inspire people to see that it needs to happen.

Said Clarke: “I believe Mr. Anthos death will be a watershed. It’s going to be successful.”

Clarke also vowed to give Anthos what he campaigned for for nearly 20 years — the lighting of the Michigan statehouse dome in red, white, and blue. Anthos cousin, Athena Fedenis, said it was his dying wish:

“One of the last things he said to me was ‘Promise me my dearest cousin,’ to continue the fight.”

Neal Rubin, of the Detroit News, has written a column about Anthos’ attempts over the years to get his message heard.

Sadly, it took a metal pipe, a crushed spine, and a man’s soul for people to finally listen.

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  1. Cory says

    “One of the last things he said to me was ‘Promise me my dearest cousin,’ to continue the fight.”

    That’s enough to make any grown man teary eyed. This world is a harsh place to live. Each human being creates the world we live in, and I will never understand why another human would want to cause pain to another. Never.

  2. Jack! says

  3. Cory says

    Jack: Thank you. It is a relief to see a productive message, and hopefully more commentators will be productive and active by making use of thos addresses. Thank you again.

  4. Bill says

    Extroadinarily sad it required this lovely man to be beaten to death for new steps to be taken to make possible changes in Michigan’s state laws. How many more of us across the country must give up our souls in order for this to be a national policy? Must we go state by state?

  5. Joe T. says

    Yes, good for you, Jack! (When you think of it, although 72 might be too old to have sex appeal for most of us, it’s not too old re. life these days. Anthos should have been able to enjoy another ten or twenty years).

  6. Da says

    Woah, it really feels like I’m dreaming right now..

    Cause I admit I was hoping that everything Senator Hansen Clarke is promising right now would come to reality one day, but I never in a million years envisionned it would happen this quickly..and in such a beautiful way.

    I think it’s definitively our turn to say this:

    God is good!!!

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