Gay Rapper Deadlee: Homophobic Eminem Picks Easy Targets


I’ve mentioned openly gay rapper Deadlee here before. Now, CNN’s Ted Rowlands talks with Deadlee about his efforts to combat homophobia in Hip-Hop. Here’s a bit:

Deadlee: “I think an artist actually has a responsibility too. There’s a deal, like I said, that whole song with Eminem (with the lyrics that go) ‘I hate fags? The answer’s yes’? If he would have said that same thing, like, ‘Do I hate blacks? The answer’s yes’, ‘Do I hate Hispanics , the answer’s yes’, I think Eminem would be dead today. I think he’s trying to pick on the people who he thinks are weak, and can’t defend themselves. And I’m kind of stepping up to the game with all kinds of homorappers and saying, we’re not weak, we can go head to head with you in the rap game, and even in a political stance, and say we’re here. You can’t be picking on us. It’s so easy for peope to say ‘I hate gays’. It’s the one group of people that it’s still okay to hate on.”

Good for Deadlee. He’s organized and is headlining the Homorevolution Tour 2007, beginning in March.

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  1. 000000 says

    Apparently all he wants is the equal footing to be as appropriative of criminal posturing as the mainstream rappers. The lyrical content is horrid on both sides.

  2. Perspicacious Critic says

    I think Deadlee should have elaborated his last point: “I know a lot of gay rap artists who use the ‘f’ word, but I think we can [say] it, because we’re gay, and I think that’s our right. We can use that word; just as black [rappers] use the ‘n’ word, I think we can [say] it.”

    I think what Deadlee is trying to say is that when gay rappers use the “f” word, it’s not used in a bigoted manner, but more as words of endearment, irony or, at “worst,” jest between gay comrades (similar to how black rappers tauntingly use the “n” word in a verbal joust), unlike how, say, Eminem uses it, which is most likely homophobic.

    I say “most likely” because, to be fair, Eminem COULD BE Howard Stern-ironic. (Remember his Elton John duet?)

  3. Da says

    I absolutely love Deadlee, he’s a very sensitive guy on his song “Good Soldier” even though he’s very much gayngsta rapper.

    000000: I don’t agree at all that the lyrical content is the same, or else you have not listened to the rappers from the Homo Revolution tour!! Here is a suggested list for you to sample on their myspaces, you’ll be surprised by what you’ll hear guaranteed.

    1. Deadlee – No Fags Allowed; Gaypac
    2. Soce – I Am (So Gay)
    3. Smut Stud – Cheating In Your Man
    4. Delacruz – Gay Pride
    5. Tori Fixx – His Own Thang
    6. Q Boy – Q Boy Is Just So Fly; I Am
    7. Johnny Dangerous – Pump Ya Brakes
    8. God-Des & She – Lick It
    9. Melange Lavonne – Sick Sad World
    10. Julie Fucking Potter – Straight Bitches

  4. 000000 says

    I didn’t respond to rappers from a tour. I assessed the commentary of one performer. I’ve heard enough of the others to know that the gay rappers bore me while the others offend me to high heavens.

  5. says

    I hate to say this, but I think that the word “fag”, especially in hip-hop and urban culture, is starting to mean “strange” rather than refering to men who like having sex with men. Not to say that Artists like 50 cent, DMX and Busta will ever belly up with Rosie or Ellen, but we have to give props to Emenin for performing with Elton John a few years back. He is smarter than you think.

  6. Joe T. says

    Cincinatti: well…their images are certainly well-crafted. I’m sure Eminem and others have someone else writing the lyrics and they invent a past-hard-life etc.

  7. Omar says

    I believe that the use of the word ‘Fag’ or ‘Homo’ is a way to reach to other young male fans who also use that word. It’s that common thread that keeps young boys to listen to their music. It’s so interesting how ignorance sells records… hopefully one day these rappers will have more substance to rap about then what’s on the exterior. All of it is hype and in the long run Eminem or 50 cent are not going to be contributors to music and will not go down as legends. That’s just universal law my friends. So this is just a phase and there will be a new wave of understanding and it will change. Trust that it will and it will.

  8. 000000 says

    Give PROPS to Elton John? That pr stunt at the Grammys was the most blatant show of disloyalty I’ve ever seen. He went out of his way to validate the use of hate speech at his own expense. Then again, the opressed always adopt their own demonization. And since when is slang for “strange” an effective insult? We all know good and well that the epithets in hip-hop are meant for more venom than that.

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