1. James says

    An apology from Ms. Hilton!?! I’m sure it will be earnest and heart-felt. Bigger fish to fry than the rantings of a rich girl.


  2. Anita Woodward says

    Who cares what she says? She is disgusting and vile. No apology that comes from her lips will be sincere. She is a terrible person and it should be left at that.

  3. Dave says

    Perhaps we should just stop paying attention to her completely. Coverage of her “outrageous” behavior only fuels her idiotic takeover of our culture. Let’s move on to more serious incidents of homophobia (a category in which I place the Isiah Washington scandal, as his attack occurred within a workplace setting and thus needs to be dealt with strongly by his employers)

  4. Pugzz says

    Oh come now. She’s just talkin’ street cuz it’s “cool”. Stupid YES!, but the context is just playing around.

    I doubt Paris dislikes gays or blacks. She certainly has many friends that are both.

  5. Jason says

    Just because something is “caught on camera” doesn’t mean it deserves an apology. What are the chances such an apology would be sincere? We’ve literally got video cameras everywhere in society now thanks to the cell phones and small digital cameras. Maybe the Bush presidency is getting what they wanted, with people spying on their neighbors and reporting anything offensive. I think the GLAAD needs to work on more important issues.

  6. David says

    I couldn’t agree more — let’s not pay her any mind and hope she goes away. Unfortunately, there are thousands of teenage girls who look up to her (God knows why) — an apology from her might be helpful to those kids who follow her gospel.

  7. KJ says

    Why do we care what Paris has to say about any given topic? Who gave her her 15 minutes in the first place, and why?

  8. says

    dumb! i don’t think she has to apologize. i’m sure many of us, if caught on tape, would say things as idiotic of this. glaad should apologize for being ridiculous.

  9. Anon says

    I agree she’s not being malicious, she’s just a dumb, flat ass ho with money. Still…mind your manners tramp.

  10. Rey says

    Can somebody forward this along to the fools at Christopher Street West who 2 years ago appointed Paris and her mother as Grand Marshalls of the Pride Parade?

    So many of my friends were disgusted and let CSW know but they just came back with a very cryptic – you’ll see how gay-friendly she is in upcoming months. In hindsight think they were just alluding to the release of her “dance” “album”.

    We didn’t even go back to Pride last year because the memory was just too gross.

  11. mark says

    I’m probably going to get slagged for this, but, in general, America is a sad culture these days. Of course it’s not just Paris Hilton, can’t blame her for everything now can we?

    But really, when it comes to Ms Hilton, what gives?

    Dare I ask why would you even watch that? Just to hear or see some inane excuse for celebrity say “nigger” and “faggot”?

    I had to sigh in defeat when Andy actually posted references to Ms. Hilton’s recent attempt at music. Should readers have cared?

    And (thank you for the reminder of her as Grand Marshall of a Pride Parade – yikes!), what they hell are people thinking?

    Maybe we should all regroup.

    Think about it, search high and low.

    Find someone with an iota of a redeeming quality to read and write about.

    I’d go on but then I’d have to chide myself for wasting any more time on such a sad excuse for public interest.

  12. Daniel says

    What an idiot. If only she had a job to be fired from. And yet, gay men all over the world worship her. Scary.

  13. dattexas says

    I don’t know any of my gay friends who worship her, but I believe Daniel is probably right.

    I’m sure she’s OK with gays. Not too sure about African Americans, though.

  14. Je says

    ^Well, she’s friends with Nicole who is half-black…

    Hilton is still a worthless human being. Who cares what she thinks?

  15. matt says

    In keeping with making sure people don’t misunderstand my comments:

    [sarcasm/joke]: Paris’s apology. “uhm, like back in the day, I thought those words were, uhm, hot. But thanks to GLAAD, who by the way are hot, I know now that it is, uhm, not hot. I love my fa…gay fans. You are hot. Don’t forget to watch the new season of the Simple Life.”

  16. says

    we end up smelling like roses when idiot-garbage talks like that.
    let’s not concern ourselves with anybody that’d pay any attention to that heap of skank.

  17. sam says

    Remember when she was on the cover of Out a while back, promoted as some sort of gay icon? I don’t know any gay people (or straight, for that matter) who care about her at all.

    Like Joan Rivers said, “I don’t talk about her. What has she done?”

  18. ricardo says

    if one could take it as theater, yet, even that gets put into question these days amongst people who have actually questioned something other than a manner in which one can strategically present their winking dowager snatch….events of the absurd or manners of presentation are difficult to experience within the realm of police thought or erroneous and drab productions that have come to edify nothing i’d want to include on the welcome mat of intelligent or humane port of entry seeing that there are people doing service however ugly in different locations — such a joy to return to pockets of septic fields of staggering waste….just as, some stories are rather easy to fabricate. using these words to sound ghetto whereas there are many other experiences with these woven into the fabric if you’re really trying to communicate something. yet, do people often participate in that form of interchange these days — with many being sucked bone-dry by their techno gadgets?? much as, the infrared camera gimmick one more time — just as theater of the absurd or quality theater in many cases beyond celebrity mouthwash or academic parochial wincing — welcome to the gulag of drab runway.

  19. Da says

    GLAAD is willing to issue a statement for a word uttered in a some stolen, obscure private video, but remain suspiciously silent when homophobic slurs and abuses are perpetreted by supposed members of our community..including a certain other ‘Hilton’ who isn’t even deserving of a mention for the general vileness of his enterprise.

    GLAAD makes me sadder and sadder everyday.

  20. soulbrotha says

    I find this all very interesting:

    Hardly ANYBODY knew who Isaiah Washington was before his controversy. He was just “that Black actor” seen once a week on that show with the “Mcdreamy” Patrick Dempsey. Isaiah couldn’t catch a cold, yet alone attention until he made his comments that were reported third hand by an unknown source. He was burned at the stake long before anybody from Grey’s Anatomy even substantiated the story. There was no tape of him saying it, but people assumed it was true anyway and went after him with a vengence.

    Now along comes Paris who unlike Isaiah is televised, written about, talked about, worshipped, gossiped about, blogged about EVERY MOTHERFUCKING DAY! EVERYBODY knows who SHE is! Her every move is recorded. Ignorant slut that she is, she still has more power and inluence in her jeweled pinky toe than Isaiah will ever have in his entire life.
    And yet everybody wants to give this rich bitch a pass because she is nothing but an ignorant slut. Umm, yeah, an ignorant slut with influence and power. She has called Black people niggers before this tape. It was reported and dropped cold.
    Why the fucking double standard? Is it because what Daniel said is true? So what if she gave a fake apology. You were convinced that whenever Isaiah apologized it would be fake, but you still wanted it! So what’s the difference with this ‘ho? This is some hyporcritical bullshit right here.

  21. peterparker says

    It amazes me that someone as skinny as Paris Hilton can still manage to take up so much more space on this planet than she actually deserves. Maybe somebody will pop a cap in her ass sometime soon.

  22. Mike says

    Paris Hilton is a racist, homophobic piece of trash. But since she has money and designer clothes nothing is expected of her and her apology. Where is your boycott? Where is your outrage? Oops, I forgot, she’s a friend of gay men so she gets a pass. This is why gay americans will never be taken seriously. YOU DON’T STAND FOR ANYTHING!

  23. gene says

    How about this idea:

    We don’t ask Paris for an apology.

    We stop talking and writing about her.

    She goes away.

    We forget she ever existed.

  24. FizziekruntNT says

    Soulbrotha and Peter Parker, I love you both! HAHAHHAah.

    I agree with Soulbrotha about the hypocrisy and yet, if we were all just lucky enough, somebody WOULD pop a cap in her skank ass.

    On the flip side though, Isaiah Washington actually HAS character and worked to achieve something, no matter how shallow. I suppose that’s why it’s so sad and frustrating to hear stupidity from that direction. Paris Hilton is nothing but a sperm donation petri dish experiment gone awry. Even flour mixed with water will grow something if you leave it alone in a dark warm corner somewhere.

  25. jon luddite says

    Does anyone ever understand any of Ricardo’s posts?? I think it’s really just Leland after a few too many appletinis.

  26. el polacko says

    sure, in some ‘ideal’ world nobody would give a crap what this skank does or says.. but in this imperfect world we’re living in, her every move and utterance is all over the ‘news’ .. and ask a teen girl who her role model is (sigh). so, isn’t what an organization against defamation should be doing is pointing out when some famous and popular skank calls gay men ‘faggots’? or should some people just get a pass ?

  27. PARISHILTON says

    I don’t owe any of you ridiculous f*ggots anything. Deep down you wish you had my life. Just remember that the next time you hand over your card at one of my namesake hotels. Thanks for your donation.

  28. Daniel says

    Wait a minute–isn’t GLAAD demanding an apology? Ineffectual as it may be it’s not really a pass. They jumped on this faster than they did the Washington issue. I agree that GLAAD is pretty useless but unfortunately they seem to be the only outlet the press goes to.

    Unlike Washington who has a show that can be targeted, Hilton doesn’t really do anything. I guess we could protest the parties she goes to, or the clubs–we could demand that they stop paying her to come to their events. I also think because Hilton is such a bimbo we tend to dissmiss everything she says.

  29. Beth says

    I wonder what Ma and Pa Hilton think about their two equally hideous daughters. That is if they remember who Paris and Nicky are. They were probably raised by nannies and brought out for special occasions. That said, I now know why animals eat their young.

  30. says


    “heres a dollar for you, girl… go and buy yourself some dignity”


    cannot be! you are already worth a dollar! forget it! go back in the bus! buh bye

  31. CristyLove says

    Hey–all you always coming on this site to accuse gay men of hypocrisy–do you go on African American sites to accuse them of hypocrisy for not getting upset when a black man says “fag”? Did you go on and accuse them of hypocrisy for getting more upset at Michael Richards than Isaiah Washington? Honeys–I think we’re all having lots of double standards here.

  32. patrick nyc says

    One more example of how useless GLAAD is and why most gays and lesbians think they are a joke. While I don’t think the Hilton trash deserves a break, she is a joke to all but young girls, whose parents show the lack of skill in raising them, and silly queens.

    The Hiltons prove that you don’t have to live in a trailer to be trash.

    The Hilton sisters are in a race with the Bush twins on which can be more pointless and vapid, I vote for all four. Yes it’s a tie.

    You know what would be really hot? Dipping them in honey and dropping them in Yellow Stone Park. Bear season is coming soon. That’s hot.

  33. patrick nyc says

    One more example of how useless GLAAD is and why most gays and lesbians think they are a joke. While I don’t think the Hilton trash deserves a break, she is a joke to all but young girls, whose parents show the lack of skill in raising them, and silly queens.

    The Hiltons prove that you don’t have to live in a trailer to be trash.

    The Hilton sisters are in a race with the Bush twins on which can be more pointless and vapid, I vote for all four. Yes it’s a tie.

    You know what would be really hot? Dipping them in honey and dropping them in Yellow Stone Park. Bear season is coming soon. That’s hot.

  34. Brandi says

    It doesn’t matter whether or not her apology is sincere, what matters is that this issue be brought to light and if she is made to apologize, it will be more than this. I mean… I hadn’t even known she had done this until I read someone’s blog. This kind of stuff should not be allowed at all. and she is no better than anyone else to where she shouldn’t have to apologize.

  35. maria Alcantara says

    the saddest thing about this video is that they were caught on film with no real dance moves whatsoever. in fact, noone in that video can dance. i’m offended!

  36. soulbrotha says


    I don’t know about you Miss Honey, but I damn sure DO go to African American sites and call them whatever they need to be called when the shoe fits. I don’t play that hypocrisy game.

  37. Da says

    One more example of how useless GLAAD is and why most gays and lesbians think they are a joke.
    Posted by: patrick nyc |

    If you want to read some great insights about GLAAD from someone who worked for the organisation check out Jasmine Cannick’s blog.

    She also speaks about GLAAD from a Black lesbian’s point of view, and touches on race relations as well. She’s slightly controversial but I think she has some brilliant perspectives on things.

  38. Dr. Pat says

    The problem with Paris Hilton is that she was born.. I guess she isn’t getting enough attention from Mommy and Daddy. She reminds me of a q-tip with a mouth. Sorry q-tips are useful.

    Just a thought.

  39. Pot Kettle says

    “Good for you Soulbrotha–I don’t see much about it on any message boards I go to.”

    Cristy, please. Maybe that’s because you only see what you want to see; what only fits your narrow view of the world.