Adam Sandler and Kevin James’ Wedding Photo


New key art has snuck out of the film industry confab ShoWest in Las Vegas for the July film I Now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry. In the film, Sandler and James play firefighters who pretend to be gay in order to receive domestic partner benefits. Let’s hope this comedy, set for release in June, treats the subject with the respect it’s entitled to, given the fact that there are still many who aren’t allowed to receive such benefits, much less the greater benefits of marriage.

Let’s hope it’s not another Boat Trip.

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  1. Alec says

    I can see this film becoming a great boost for people against granting gay people rights.

    Don’t allow gay marriage or same-sex benefits of any form because *obviously* straight people will immediately start taking advantage of the laws.

    I can’t actually see how this film could treat the subject with due respect, but I’m hoping it does do it somehow because I never imagined Sandler as being anti-gay. =(

  2. Alec says

    Just read a review of the film at IMDB and apparently it’s pretty ‘homofriendly’. Look forward to hearing more about it and seeing it when it comes out.

  3. says

    I have indeed heard Alec’s argument before. And it’s been the subject of TV sitcoms too. (I’m not implying that this is Alec’s actual opinion.)

    The response is that the same opportunity for fraud exists in straight marriage as well – shall we ban it too?

  4. MW says

    Heterosexual marriage could be used in the same way. The reason why it normally isn’t is that there are all kinds of other things that come with marriage on top of the benefits.

    Anyway, hope it’s a good movie.

  5. Joseph says

    I think I read somewhere somebody had read the script and that it was, indeed, gay-friendly. And Sandler has been gay-friendly in his previous films (especially Big Daddy).

  6. says

    the larger unopened can-o-worms is the immigration-thru-marriage aspect to legal gay marriage.
    that’s sure to fire-up the right-wingnuts more than spousal benefits.

  7. adamblast says

    Sorry, but the comedy’s central premise seems to rest on the idea that there’s “reverse discrimination” around that makes it advantageous to be gay. That’s patently false and dangerous to boot.

    This is like that dumb comedy where the white guy got blackfaced up to go to college. As if it’s “easier” to be black financially because of scholarships and grants.

    Offensive premise. I’m sure they don’t intend the movie to be a slap in the face to gays, but it can hardly be anything else when 99% of gay couples *don’t* have the partner-benefits they’re touting, and our relationships are defined as 2nd class in most state constitutions.

  8. GIOVANNI says

    Sandler’s movies are usually gay positive in some way so while it’s unlikely they are actually going to fall in love by the end of the movie( ala GREENCARD) I bet it’s not going to be a freak show either. The King of Queens is pretty hilarious and also has a diverse cast so I am down with Kevin James as well.

  9. John says

    Can anyone say COMEDY? Does everthing have to be socially relevent with this blog? Oh, I get it. Only if it has to do with the male body does it become important. Shallow, shallow, shallow, people. Sometimes I think that I’m the only person over 30 who actually reads this blog….
    Rock on Kevin James– as an aside, I’ve always wanted to be a 10 inch tongue in is boxers!

  10. Justin... says

    “but the comedy’s central premise seems to rest on the idea that…”

    If you have time to get upset about a premise then there’s a picket line for ‘The Last Temptation of Christ” you should be in.

    “I’m sure they don’t intend the movie to be a slap in the face to gays, but it can hardly be anything else…”

    ADAMBLAST, ‘I know you’re gay because’ you’ve come to a conclusion BEFORE even SEEING the film.

    Adam Sandler has a pro-gay agenda and that’s why even after watching CLICK (more like “CRAP”), I still love him.

    If you ever watched BIG DADDY in a crowded theatre full of teenagers you’ll know why – and you’ll know the EXACT scene. He basically BERATES the audience for expressing disgust at the sight of two men kissing. Watching it on DVD isn’t as powerful.

  11. says

    Dunno if the DVD is available over there, but check out “Strange Bedfellows” starring Michael Caton and Paul Hogan (Crock Dundee).

    “Two ‘very straight’ old timers (Hogan and Caton) have to learn how to pass as a loving gay couple after falsely claiming same-sex status to take advantage of newly leglislated tax laws.”

  12. adamblast says

    Talk about irrelevant, Justin… What does “Last Temptation” have to do with a damn thing? And of course I haven’t seen it, nor have you or anyone else. But the plot of this film is that a couple can get better treatment pretending to be gay than by being straight. Douchebag idea, and damn insulting. Gay couples everywhere are fighting for crumbs, and this movie pretends we already have an invitation to the banquet.

  13. James says

    It has to be gay-friendly…. Lance Bass plays the wedding singer. I doubt he would do a movie that takes shots at the gay community.

  14. Justin... says

    Thanks for proving that gay people can be just as idiotic as the religious right. It’s a FREAKING PREMISE – you have NO IDEA what the film is going to be like.

    Seriously, if we’ve come to the point where we can get upset at the IDEA of an Adam Sandler film then we are fat with privilege.