Advertisers Abandon Ann Coulter, as do Some Newspapers

The list of advertisers that have abandoned Ann Coulter’s website is growing at a steady rate. Net Bank, Verizon, Washington Mutual, AT&T/Cingular, Dollar Rent-A-Car,, University of Phoenix, Sallie Mae, LasikPlus, Power Chord Academy, Gulf Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau,, and Yellow have all abandoned the right-wing pundit’s site following her hateful remarks at the CPAC conference, according to Daily Kos.

CoultergeistSome papers have begun to drop Coulter’s column as well. The Lancaster New Era, a daily paper, told readers it “halted publication of Ann Coulter’s syndicated column following her crude characterization of presidential candidate John Edwards as a homosexual at a public appearance on Friday. Coulter’s use of name-calling, sarcasm, and overstatement in her columns too often detracts from the arguments she seeks to make. …Lancaster County residents of whatever political view — conservative, moderate, or liberal — deserve intelligent discussion of issues. Ann Coulter no longer provides that.”

Michigan Liberal reports that the Oakland Press also says they’ll no longer carry Coulter’s column.

Andrew Sullivan received an email from the American Conservative Union. Sullivan reports that the group won’t say they’ll disinvite Coulter from speaking at CPAC next year, and won’t condemn her comments:

“ACU and CPAC leave it to our audience to determine whether comments are appropriate or not. “Ann Coulter is known for comments that can be both provocative and outrageous. That was certainly the case in her 2007 CPAC appearance and previous ones as well. But as a point of clarification, let me make it clear that ACU and CPAC do not condone or endorse the use of hate speech,” said David A. Keene, ACU Chairman.”

As Sullivan notes: “Why can he not just say so and disinvite her in the future? The answer: because the base would explode. Coulter is central to a core element of the conservative movement today.”

The Human Rights Campaign finally piled on yesterday, calling on folks to “remove Ann Coulter from public discourse” by contacting Universal Press Syndicate, the world’s largest independent newspaper syndicate. They’ve provided a handy webpage to do just that.

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