Former Australian Idol Anthony Callea: “Yes, I am Gay”

CalleaThree weeks after a Sydney morning radio host outed him, former Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea told the Herald Sun that it’s true.

Said Callea: “Yes, I am gay. I have no issue with my sexuality now, but it’s taken time to become confident with who I am and happy with who I am. I’m looking forward to living a life with no barriers and not having to worry about saying the right thing. I’m comfortable enough to come clean now. It’s a weight off my shoulders. If people have an issue with it, it’s their issue. It shouldn’t really be relevant to me being a singer and a performer.”

While a contestant on Idol Callea said, “I’m not gay. I don’t know why people say I am. A lot of people just make up rubbish.”

Callea said there were reasons he hadn’t come out earlier: “You learn from your mistakes. I was 21, 22 at the time. I didn’t want to be known as just the gay contestant from Idol. It was a very confusing time. I went through a stage of major depression. I hated myself. I had to see a psychologist. I wasn’t talking to anyone. My parents didn’t know what was wrong with me. But getting through that makes you a stronger person, it allows me to do what I’m doing now and not be affected by what’s said.”

He said he hoped not to be know as “gay singer Anthony Callea”: “I’m not ashamed of being gay, but it’s not in my nature to go out and promote it. I want to be known as a singer and as a performer. This shouldn’t change anything. I’m happy to be judged on my music, but I don’t think it’s right to judge people on their sexuality or their religion or their race or anything.”

Callea’s single “The Prayer” (see video) has sold more copies, more quickly than any record in Australian chart history.

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  1. rjp3 says

    While a contestant on Idol Callea said, “I’m not gay. I don’t know why people say I am. A lot of people just make up rubbish.”

    —- interesting … isnt that what allegedly BI Ian Thorpe just said!

    Good for this guy … he is young … unlike Thorpe who should know better by now.

  2. says

    it’s about time. It’s been a pretty open ‘secret’ in the industry. Congrats to Anthony and I hope he’s judged on his musical ability from here on in.

  3. Mike says

    “He said he hoped not to be know as ‘gay singer Anthony Callea’ ”

    Shouldn’t his real concern be “American Idol singer Anthony Callea”??

  4. John says

    Well..didn’t even know him til 5 minutes ago, but he has a great voice..Already downloaded his album at Itunes! That’s all that should matter…

  5. anon says

    Autralian Idol…

    Now all the fangirls will repeat the tired refrain that all the cute guys are gay! Don’t worry girls–a few get away from us!

  6. Jack! says

    Here’s what you get when you come out; 5 comments on Towleroad.


    There is absolutely no support for gay celebrities within the gay community. You are on your own. That is what this lack of response says. This very same thing happened to a Mexican singer several weeks ago.

  7. Kit says

    I try not to react to celebrities coming out when the only thing that pops into my mind is “duh”

  8. mark m says

    Jack! careful don’t bust a vein. It might simply be that this kid is not well known enough in this country for Towlies to get excited. If Brad Pitt came out, don’t you think the comments section would be full?

    I think it’s always a good thing when someone is open about who they are. But do remember that he blatantly lied about it (not simply evaded) before. So maybe the praise is slow in coming for that reason.

  9. gabriel says

    I love this song! Although it is a cover, he does a GREAT job with it.

    I think he made a great statement about why he didn’t come out. Kudos to him for acknowledging it now.

  10. el polacko says

    so he’s kind of a textboox case of what we’re been discussing lately : a gay man making denials and evasions until one day, finally, he ‘admits’ that he is. good for him for, as was noted above, working it out while he’s still young.. there’s little excuse for the older public figures who are still dancing around the question when asked.
    p.s. callea is a cutie-pie. now, let’s see some of the less-cute come out too. we need everybody.

  11. 000000 says

    Fine, he’s out now. That’s nice, but one Celine Dion is enough, and I’ve already forgotten him and his corny sound.

  12. says

    “Jack! careful don’t bust a vein. It might simply be that this kid is not well known enough in this country for Towlies to get excited. If Brad Pitt came out, don’t you think the comments section would be full?”
    Posted by: mark m |

    You’re in denial Mark if you sincerely believe that!

    Jack is asking a very legitimate question: “where are all the guys who demand gay celebrities to come out? here’s one who looks as hunky as the hetero celebs you love to gush about: some come out and rave about him being one of us!! c’mon do it! be the courageous ones now!”

    I think many are still in big denial about the fact that gay men are now hated by gay men. very much so..And that is the result of the Outing Church’s campaign to malign gay men and women in the closet (which I refering to in the Mika’s thread); but the result of that it has equated gayness with being a “weasel” by definition. Someone who’s afraid. And all of us have stood by, including our rights organisations, and allowed many to profit from maligning gay men, as long as they claimed that it was for the advancement of our rights.

    But the result is here: whereas coming out was once an act of triumph over the opressing establishment, it’s now being made a shameful process and an act of capitulation. Which makes those who come out “damaged goods”..And I contend that it’ll take years to undo the damage that has been created by this mentality of directing our hatred towards our own, instead of attacking the system that would free *all* of us from ever having to hide.

  13. soulbrotha says

    Officer Barbrady, I declare Shenanigans!

    Why is this guy being applauded for “coming out” AFTER he was outed?? My guess is that he would have STILL been in the closet had they not done so.
    And I agree with 000000. This song sounds like every overwrought Disney tune I have ever heard. And his singing is as bland as a rice cake. NEXT!

  14. anon says

    DA: I think your idea is a bit nutty. Non-celeb gay men come out under very trying circumstances every day. Just ask that marine guy from Iraq featured on TR. It’s the hypocrisy that is damaging. Makes him look bad and then us bad because only men who “get caught” are famous enough to get coverage. I don’t think people are castigated for being closeted if they are unknown–or sellouts when they come out. If you are “famous” these days you just can’t hide, it’s part of the package–do everyone a big favor and stop lying.

  15. joshua says

    So, let me get this right…..he came out, he did it at a young age. He did it publically. I’m betting those he was close to he had already come out to. But he’s not *honest* because he didn’t say he was gay sooner. What is soon enough for some of you? Age 2, or maybe 5 or 9? What age…please enlighten us.
    I’m gay, but guess what? It’s not who I am, it happens to be a part of the whole picture, and to be hinest, not that big a part. I tend to avoid a lot of gay people, why? Look above…..we gays are such a supporting group of hypocrites.
    DA and Jack are asking a legimate question, and making legitimate points. Read this blog on almost any given day and you read a lot of snotty, mean things being said about people, and mostly about other gays. But, let some str8 hunk say something in public or have his pic taken and the same batch of snotty, super gays are coming in their jeans, why is that?
    I read people on here say….why can’t more gay actors play gay parts….why is it always str8 guys…..then when a gay actor does play a gay part, it’s night of the long knives in this blog.
    I don’t even come close to knowing another persons soul, so to say it’s right or wrong to come out or not isn’t a judgement that I can make, and neither can any of you. We all have our unique situations and our own make up….and we all march to a different drummer….whats right for you, may not be right for me and vice versa. It’s not my place or yours to out another person, thats invading anothers privacy, and playing with their mental and sometimes physical well being. I’m just happy to see them come out, even if they have denied being gay for 40 years or 4 years….it’s not the timing, or whats convient for you or I that matters, what matters is that the person was finally able to be comfortable with THEMSELVES and come out.

  16. Jack! says

    Mark M, why the f*ck do gay men have to lie about their sexuality? Because society doesn’t accept it that’s why. If society accepted it there would be no need for hiding. I don’t blame any gay person for being closeted. I UNDERSTAND why they remain closeted. It is a tough decision coming out. When someone is ready to come out they will.

  17. mark m says

    Jack, I simply offered up a suggestion for why some people here may not be so quick with their praise. Another possible reason is that people are more prone to speculation than they are congratulation on matters of coming out/staying in.

    You’re so certain that the reason is apathy and I’m merely challenging that assumption. I do not, however, hold him accountable for what he’s said in the past because he’s young and I certainly remember what that was like.

    But seriously, you need to chill. You’re not among enemies here.

  18. says

    “Haha! Stupid fangirls are wrong again!”
    Posted by: FanGirlHater |

    C’mon, don’t be so hard on the fan girls! heh I had no idea either to be honest.

    I once reviewed him as one of the top 5 male voices out there, and noted that he had a sensuous, almost animalistic stage presence, which I had never seen in a young pop male singer before (most tend to be a little ‘stiff’, or at least not as engaging physically)…But I thought maybe Anthony was just uniquely “hangups-free” (in a metrosexual kinda way) which goes to show you never know with people’s orientations.

    Here are some more funky performances by him, he shines more in this genre imo:

    I’m Walking Away

    Hurts So Bad

  19. says

    Joshua, I share your sentiments..but don’t let a minority taint your idea of how gays are. ok, I should have nuanced my opinion that ‘gay men hate other gay men’ a little, cause the reality is that the posters here represent only an infinite minority of views in the community -and I know this for visiting sites with younger gays-..but I always point intolerance within the community, cause to me it’s one of the bigger problem that we have, even bigger then the haters..

    Mark M, it’s a done deal, and you turn out to be right I’ll take back my words 😉

  20. RP says

    Will Young from the British Pop Idol (the only one I like to came from these atrocious shows), this Callea kid from the Australian Idol, Clay Aiken(, RJ Helton, & Jim Verraros) from American Idol… anyone else noticing a pattern here???

    My bet is Sanjaya is next.

  21. Tim says

    Gay or not, he is still shorter in stature than Kylie… and that is quite an achievement!

  22. sexy_bitch says

    Anthony Callea is soooooooo hot when i was 12 i saw his pix and i was like hot hot hotty he is smoken oken alright and this pic i would die over