Ricky Martin: Life is Too Short to be In the Closet

Ricky_martin_shirtlessWhile touring Mexico City on his “Black & White” Tour, Ricky Martin was asked about the recent coming out of Mexican pop star Christian Chavez (whom the Associate Press calls Christian Sanchez). Chavez told fans he is gay in early March after pictures of the singer marrying his partner in Canada in 2005 surfaced on the internet.

In a letter on his website, Chavez wrote: “I don’t want to keep on lying and lie to myself because of fear, I love what I do and singing is my life, my passion. I would never dream of doing anything else. I feel bad for not having shared this withall my fans before, as they are the ones that worry and it is because of them that I decided to be honest.”

Martin said of Chavez: “Life is too short to live closed up, guarding what you say. [Christian] has to be free in many aspects. I wish him much strength.”

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  1. says

    Or, of course, there’s always the chance that not everyone is gay, gay, gay all the time. Is it merely wishful thinking to claim attractive, stylish men as part of the “family” or merely perpetuating stereotypes about gays by claiming he “seems gay”? Not saying he is or isn’t but that it’s his life and his choice [to discuss or not discuss his personal life].

  2. Olderguy says

    I is indeed ricky’s choice to discuss his sexuality…i too, get sick of everyone assuming or wishing that some hot men are agy…but if you look at your average/typical college theater and music department…AND..do the math….? Enough said, while not ALL actors and singers are gay by a long shot….you gotta remember folks ” what makes you think fame or moving into the REAL world would change the statistics that existed and still exist in college…..many of those studs ARE indeed gay or messed around…Ricky stories abound fron when he was in Le Miz….and working acotrs usually know what is up….gossip is just gossip but in a small corner of the acting world the truth IS know about Mr. Martin…and it is nice……

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    As long as you don’t bash or insult openly gay people (and in Martin’s case even appear supportive) you don’t have to come out of the closet. If the guys “in the closet” and on the DL treat us right we should leave ’em be.

  4. anon says

    At some point you are too old for the fangirls, so why hide it any longer. Honestly, Barry Manilow has sex appeal? To whom, 60 year old women? Do 15 year old girls know who Ricky is? Do they care? It’s el-nutso.

    Nice shot! He can photograph well, can’t he.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, there’s an exception to that “coming out” stuff. If you are the type of “in the closet” or DL guy who complains that openly gay men are too effeminate or stereotypical (God, how I hate that misused word) then; yes, you do have an obligation to come out, or even be “outed” Your visibility will disprove the very steretypical behavior you accuse the “queens” of perpetrating. Y’all rough boys will restore the image of the Masculine Homosexual Man–the noble Spartan brute…ooooh, chile’.

  6. Leland says

    The closet is our worst enemy. Worse than AIDS, worse than Religion, worse than any homohating Republican or Democrat.

    Yes, each individual’s circumstances vary and it’s absurd to expect everyone to come out the moment they realize they’re gay. But the message must be “come out as soon as you can”—and “career” excuses don’t count.

  7. atheist says

    I find it baffling that guys like Ricky Martin who are allegedly in the closet, make these ridiculous statements. They’re just digging themselves a hole. If you are closeted and just cannot bring yourself to be open and honest, then for pity’s sake, please just keep schtum rather than make statements which you know will suggest that you are straight. It is unconscionable; it is one thing to make “no comment”; it is quite another to talk about how important it is to be out when he himself won’t come out. Unless of course, Ricky Martin really IS straight…..

  8. soco says

    Some of you want to know if Ricky has sex with men. The reality is that it is not any of your business if Ricky Martin has sex with men or not. Your curiosity is perverted and it seems like you are begging for him to be gay.

  9. anon says

    Ah no, when popular people come out it counteracts the notion that we are a bunch of wackos in the minds of the general public and it is an act of bravery too. When popular people stay in the closet it reinforces the notion that being gay is somehow wrong. There is, I think, very little direct interest in their actual sexual activity. Ted Haggard and Mark Foley’s sex “acts” were just proof of hypocrisy, not fodder for our insatiable sexual appetites.

  10. Soco says

    I don’t expect Ricky Martin to expose his sexual life, such personal thing, because there are morons who support “the notion that we are a bunch of wackos.” Ricky has already responded to them by letting know that his sex life is no one’s business. Ricky’s response could not have been clearer.

  11. el polacko says

    just as it is with str8 folks, nobody is asking for the details of what goes on in their bedrooms, but they make no secret of their orientation. there’s NO excuse, outside of internalized hatred, for gay men to not do the same.

  12. soco says

    I like Ricky Martin’s music and dance moves. I see him as an artist and a great performer, not as a hero. To me is not a matter of keeping his sexual orientation a secret. As his sex life is no one’s business, nor is his sexual orientation.

  13. stephen says

    “Your curiosity is perverted”

    You’re darn right it is Soco

    I want to know if Ricky is gay, so when if i ever get to meet him i won’t hesitate to try and seduce him

  14. Robert says

    Ricky’s statement was beautiful. If only more people felt this way. Afterall, it is 2007. Being a “gay” recording artist is not a problem as long as you bring in the bucks.
    Elton John, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Kd Lang, Luther Vandross, Barry Manilow & Johnny Mathis are good examples.

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