Shootout at Studz Gay Bar in Orlando

Studz_shootoutReports out of Orlando describe a dangerous shootout last night as an armed intruder attempted to enter the Studz gay bar on Mills Avenue at closing time when an employee was taking out the trash. The bartender at Studz pulled out a gun and exchanged gunfire with the intruder, who then fled. The bartender was shot in the melee and taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries.

Said an investigator: “The suspect fled the scene, possibly into a vehicle. We have searched the area and have not located anybody at this time.”

No additional details were immediately available.

Last June, two gay men were attacked and robbed while leaving that city’s Parliament House nightclub.


  1. rjp3 says

    Parliment House itself has fixed itself up and so has the shady neighborhood. My first trip there after midnight back in 1997 was my first real trip into a ghetto – scary stuff. Cops with dogs busting prostitutes in run down hotels. Drug dealers on the sidewalks. Not nearly that bad in 2007. I have always assumed it an easy target for crime but it has always been fine while there. I think there is a “suburban” way to get there from the opposite direction from the highway. When traveling with locals they go that way.

    I would still not for a minute walk off the property at night – not even to go to a near by gay bar. NEVER. Would not even walk to my car in the side parking lot at night.

    BUT … hook up there are memorable with lots of hot men.

  2. Patrick W. says

    Finally!! One of our own has SHOT BACK.

    Maybe it wasn’t a gay-bashing, but rather a simple robbery. Either way, this is the sort of story I’ve been yearning to read.

    I hope the bartender recovers fully…and I hope the public at large begins to see that it’s gonna start to get potentially deadly for the attackers now.

  3. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    ….”it’s pitiful how U.S. citizens have the perverted right to bear firearms, but not to marry the ones they love.”

    Err, here in New Jersey we have the right to marriage (well, civil unions) but not the right to bear arms to defend ourseleves. Jersey a tough state for firearms, almost Draconian for handguns and is one of the few that grants no civilian concealed weapons-permits. Here, that brave bartender would be in a state prison hospital-ward while his friends scrounged-up a cool-million cash bond.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    Patrick I agree

    I sincerly hope the bartender gets better. Every gay bar should have a gun under the bar closest to the front door. Imagine if that one bar where the guy went in with an axe had had a gun.

    This plus the news from last week about the basher getting a black eye from the guy he tried to bash is a good sign that we are standing up for ourselves.

    When irish americans, italian americans, etc felt that the Waspy police system could not and would not protect them…they protected themselves. I am not saying that we need to have a bunch of gay mafia wannabees, but we do need to defend ourselves. There are far too few police in america to begin with let alone police wiling to stand up and protect our freedom, lives, etc.

    Take martial arts classes, make sure your places of buisness are secured with firearms if necessary (at least a baseball bat), and fight back. Defend your lives and the right of the community to exist.

  5. says

    Studz bar is no where near the Parliament House, and in a neighborhood that is quite a bit better. There have been a rash of business break-ins (near Studz), both gay and straight owned.

    The bartender will be just fine. He went home from the hospital the next day. Shaken up, sure, but he’s a good kid and will come around.

    Now, he just needs some target practice. 😉

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