Ambrose Olsen Goes Chasing Waterfalls in New A/X Campaign


Ax3_2Creative director Tom Jarrold and the folks at Armani Exchange have offered Towleroad and its readers an exclusive first look at images from its forthcoming Summer 2007 “Pool Party” ad campaign, featuring models Ambrose Olsen and Vinci (whom you may remember from the reality show 8th & Ocean).

The campaign was shot by photographer Tom Munro in an outdoor studio and, given the focus of Ambrose’s gaze, may cause a few racy daydreams (or accidents) when drivers catch a glimpse of it on the backs of buses next month.

A few more images from the campaign, also featuring Alessandra Ambrosio, can be seen over at Made in Brazil. Victoria Bartlett styled the shoot, with hair by Neil Moodie and make-up by Mark Carrasquillo.


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  1. Brian says

    He’s super hot, but those sunglasses are ridiculous. They look like those weird glasses you get after cataract surgery.

  2. daveo says

    Those superdark big shades are the deal right now. It seems like all the big labels are hitting that look hard – I’ve seen em from Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Louis Vuitton.

  3. scientitian says

    Pretty pictures without a doubt, but I don’t see them selling much more than hotness. We have a white v-neck t-shirt…and big sunglasses…and wet jeans that are mostly obscured! I suppose it’s all about forming that positive association with the brand.

  4. says

    Well thank you Armani Exchange !

    ps The model looks like Rocco Siffredi (fortunately he hasn’t been beaten by the fugly stick.)

  5. Rad says

    is the water suppose to come out quite that hard? I mean… there’s cleaning, then there is CLEANING.

  6. PC says

    Normally I don’t go for wallpaper advertising, that is, advertising with no concept or cleverness. But these ads somehow do it for me, probably because of the composition, cleanliness and, ahem, subject matter.

  7. 24play says


    There’s a female model in many of the other shots from the campaign.

    You’re welcome to her shaved pits.

  8. peterparker says

    Raze: Shave the model’s pits?! Have you lost your mind?! That is the sexiest pit I’ve seen in a loooong time. The only thing wrong with the picture is that they didn’t show both pits. Shave the model’s pit, my ass!

    And Scientitian, of course they are pushing the t-shirts. Fashion labels make more profit on underwear (like white v-neck t-shirts) than any other items they sell.

  9. tc says

    it’s bad enough the air brushing that goes on in ads you want shaving of a little patch of hair..and I agree he’s got some beautiful,kissable lips! yum!!

    what I find sexy about this as is the water coming out of that guy’s jeans and you get a glimpse of his crack..very sexy!.everything else is bland to me…but thank you A/X