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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #118

LETTERMAN TOP 10: To coincide with the White House Correspondents Dinner, David Letterman presents the Top 10 moments of George W. Bush.

ROSS THE INTERN: A newly svelte Ross visits the Country Music Awards.

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: Presents an award to Jennifer Aniston at the recent GLAAD awards in L.A.

JASON LEWIS: Demonstrates how to melt chocolate.

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  1. Letterman: I'd laugh if it weren't so embarrassing. Ugh. Two more years... two more years...

    Ross the Intern: HYSTERICAL. Loved it...

    Jake Gyllenhaal: Gave me goosebumps. Just wish the rest of the world would be as accepting and intelligent. Good for them...

    Jason Lewis: After his rather negative comments about kissing another man, I'd just assume ignore this "surfing the gay wave" for screen time 15 minute famer...

    Posted by: Cory | Apr 23, 2007 5:26:46 PM

  2. 'twas a SMOOCH! y'all.
    And there you have it.

    Just two more years and we'll be done with this sorry excuse of a president. SIGH

    Posted by: moi | Apr 23, 2007 5:53:07 PM

  3. Ross the Intern is just perfect...

    As for the Bush Top10, I am reminded of the newpaper cover headline "How can 50,###,### be so stupid" you think they ever got an answer?

    Posted by: Mark | Apr 23, 2007 6:14:06 PM

  4. Andy thanks for the clips, all four were great. Glad to see your computer is up and running.

    Letterman's was a piss. I thought the same thing about Bush though I heard a comment on Jon Stewart the other day. He said it's only 1 1/2 years, the day after the election the transaction will start. Plus his balls are tied in a knot, thanks to the dems taking over congress.

    I love Ross and I'm happy to see him getting all the support he does from the stars he interviews.

    As for Jason's kiss comment. I thought the same thing Cory, when I heard it. Then I remembered hearing an actor describe a sex scene with a hot actress. He said it was not pleasant, that it was hard doing a love scene in front of so many people. I guess I have to cut Jason some slack, I don't go for blonds but he is a hottie.

    Posted by: patrick nyc | Apr 23, 2007 6:31:52 PM

  5. Aniston clearly didn't prepare anything to say, and frankly, looked like she didn't give two craps about the award itself.

    Posted by: nuflux | Apr 23, 2007 7:03:42 PM

  6. Dear,

    Please help me understand. One of the production staff was worried Ross would be gay-bashed by an attendee, presenter, audience member/guest; WHY IS THIS AMUSING??????????? WHY WOULD YOU POST IT SANS COMMENTARY????????????

    Posted by: lexxicuss | Apr 23, 2007 7:55:02 PM

  7. I'm sorry but Ross the Intern is the gay Stepn Fetchit.

    Posted by: Dan | Apr 23, 2007 10:36:55 PM

  8. Is it me or is Ross camping it up a bit more lately? He can be funny, particularly when he displays his sharp wit.

    Posted by: anon | Apr 24, 2007 2:43:16 AM

  9. Not to nit-pick, but why is Jake (who is usually perfect) chewing gum while presenting this award?

    Posted by: peterparker | Apr 24, 2007 3:32:08 AM

  10. jay leno's only comfortable with the most feminine of gay guys, so i'm in agreement with lexxicuss; ross is the stepin fetchit for the straight community. the visibility is nice, but haven't we been the joke too long? lee chew

    Posted by: lee chew | Apr 24, 2007 8:00:45 AM

  11. I find myself embarrassed by Ross the Intern. Does that make me a bad person?

    Posted by: Michael W. | Apr 24, 2007 9:51:51 AM

  12. I think it's natural to feel embarrassed by Ross the Intern. He's exactly what, in my youth, I tried (with mixed success) not to be: blatantly effeminate, obviously gay--the "stereotype", in other words. He would have horrified me. Now, however, a bit removed from those vulnerable days, I salute him for working his flamboyance, along with his wit, in unlikely settings. It takes balls to do that. I get the Stepn Fetchit objections, but I've also got to admire Miss Shania Twang for holding her own! He's loving every minute of it.

    Posted by: Ernie | Apr 24, 2007 11:17:28 AM

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