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Vice President's Lesbian Daughter Mary Cheney Having a Boy

Vice President Dick Cheney revealed that his sixth grandchild, the first out-of-wedlock child for lesbians Mary Cheney and Heather Poe, will be a boy. He broke the news to ABC News Radio, the Washington Post column Reliable Source reported today.

Twomommies2_1_1Said Cheney: "I'm delighted I'm about to be a grandparent for the sixth time. I'm looking forward to the arrival of a new grandson."

When asked about the same-sex family's legal standing, Cheney said: "I think each state ought to have the capacity to decide how they want to handle those issues...And I obviously think it's important for us as a society to be tolerant and respectful of whatever arrangements people enter into."

Mary Cheney spoke about the child in February at Barnard College. She said: "When Heather and I decided to have a baby, I knew it wasn’t going to be the most popular decision. [points to womb] This is a baby. This is a blessing from God. It is not a political statement. It is not a prop to be used in a debate, on either side of a political issue. It is my child."

She also defended same-sex parenting, placing her at odds with the positions of the Bush administration's religious right-wing base: "Every piece of remotely responsible research that has been done in the last 20 years has shown there is no difference between children raised by same-sex parents and children raised by opposite-sex parents; what matters is being raised in a stable, loving environment."

The baby is due next month.

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  1. I hope the vicious cunt miscarries during a State Dinner in the East Room. And, I hope the janitor that has to mop up that slop sells the stem cells on Ebay.

    Posted by: Crixi Van Cheek | Apr 5, 2007 4:34:51 PM

  2. Leland, you convinced me not to forgive for that quickly. She still has a way to go.

    Crixi Van Cheek, that is cruel but funny too.

    Posted by: Jack! | Apr 5, 2007 5:58:32 PM

  3. Damn, Crixi!

    Posted by: Jason | Apr 5, 2007 10:48:08 PM

  4. They should name supreme court elected Dumbya as God parent since he thinks that he is God anyhow.

    Posted by: Mike | Apr 6, 2007 4:33:48 PM

  5. The sexist and anti woman comments on this board is incredible. Although I am not gay I can clearly see why some lesbians do not like male homosexuals. Mary made a choice to become a mother and I hope she has a successful pregnancy. Why would anyone wish for her to have a miscarriage that's a cruel and inhumane comment. Mary is living her truth and her life. Last time I checked people have a right to live their lives the way they want to. Did you ever consider that Mary is very close to her father? Blood is thicker then water.

    Posted by: Amanda | Apr 8, 2007 5:56:28 PM

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